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Quick Webelo II question for those with sons who have crossed over

How many "ceremonies" did your WEB II's have  

  1. 1. How many "ceremonies" did your WEB II's have

    • Two: one ceremony to award Arrow of Light (AoL), one for cross over to Boy Scouts
    • One: boys were awarded AoL and crossed over at the Blue an Gold Banquet
    • one ceremony, but not at the Blue and Gold Ceremony
    • obligitory "other" option

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Do/ did your WEB II's receive their Arrow of Light award *and* cross over to Boy Scouts at the same ceremony (i.e. Blue and Gold Banquest) or at separate ceremonies?


Our pack (last year) combined both events into 1 event and this year began talking about separating them out. But, politics has taken over and now they are talking about doing both for the WEB II's at the Blue and Gold. I'm just curious.

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My son isn't doing Cub Scouts right now, but I was Advancements Chair for his troop before we stopped. We did the Arrow of Light and promotion to Boy Scouts at the same time, but it wasn't at Blue and Gold. The Arrow of Light/Crossover Ceremony was at a park with a campfire. The Blue and Gold was a potluck held in the building we met at.


I think it depends on the pack, though, I doubt there is a wrong way to do it.

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AOL and Crossover usually as two seperate ceremonies in the same pack mtg, in early March. No other awards given out except rank advancements in order to keep it to an hour and a half (they'll be awarded in the den this month instead). There are some that won't earn AOL (joined in fall) and there are some that won't crossover ('young for grade' and mama doesn't want them with the Troop until they turn 11).



Sometimes AOL & Xover are done in Nov if we have a small den of boys that are 'old for grade' that have done it all with Webs and decide to move on to the Troop. They usually don't pick as elaborate a ceremony, and the Troop isn't able to turn out as many welcoming Scouts, but it goes well.


We've never crossed over at B&G, because it's too early..just starting Semester 2 in school and the parents and kids don't see themselves as rising 6th graders yet, plus we usually lose 3 Jan & Feb meetings for winter weather cancellations, and we haven't done Pinewood Derby .


Council would like us to cross in Feb, but we've always felt the better transition was in early March. The Webs are the big guys elevated into running the PD, which just pumps them up into seeing themselves as 'big kids' ready to crossover two weeks later. They have a week off due to public school spring break, then come back right into the Troop's spring camping season and have the opportunity to camp about 5 times before summer camp in early July. (public school is over last week in June). The timing really should be up to each group's needs, though.

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Both of my boys had two separate ceremonies. Why? The AOL ceremony is a huge thing where we lived, involving a bonfire, canoes with Native American dancers coming in on them, etc. It's already a 2 hour ceremony (but it doesn't feel like it because it is so much fun).The crossover is elaborate too but not quite as much as the AOL. All the troops are invited that have boys crossing in to them. We have a bridge we use, with the troops on one end to start, the boys on the other. Pretty cool too. Can't not imagine doing them in one night.

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My DS's AOL and crossover were at the Feb. Blue and Gold. He was the first cub scout in a new pack to receive the AOL and to crossover so we went with the standard one night event.



AOL was earlier in the night with the crossover following the dinner.



CO - We had a bridge he crossed over. The Cub pack stood on one side and the Boy Scout Troop on the other. DS wore his Blue Cub shirt when he began to cross, took it off in the middle (he was wearing a plain white t-shirt) and was handed his tan BSA shirt by the leader of his new troop on the other side of the bridge. We also had candles lit on the bridge supports that DS either blew out or lit as he crossed.

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Thanks everyone for your input. It is helpful to see that there are lots of ways of doing it. Our pack was going to have the AoL @ Blue and God w/ the other advancements and crossover in march, but because of politics, they are going to do it all in one night.


I'm a little disappointed because it will make for a very. long. night. but at the same time, that's one month earlier than we anticipated and I cannot wait for ds to be in the positive, spiritually grounded troop that he will cross over to.



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We have AOL in early Feb in a special ceremony and reception. Then the Blue and Gold is late February for the pack awards and the ceremonies for them. March is a Crossover campout where the entire pack comes to watch the boys join their new troops.

This way the WII's get to participate in Pinewood derby.

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