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Homeschool/Curriculum store in No. Va.?

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I don't know of any in the Springfield/Lorton/Burke area. There are a couple of teacher stores, but they don't sell anything homeschool-y, except maybe some Carson-Dellosa or Evan Moor (and you can see Evan Moor online, anyway).


I have an online friend who owns a store in VA I think; I will post to her with the link to this thread. It's called "Educator's Exchange."

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Well, depending on how badly you want to go to a homeschool store, you might try Laurelwood Books in Loudoun County http://www.laurelwoodbooks.com/. It is packed with homeschool material that you can look at and buy, but her hours are limited and it is not set up like your typical store. It is actually a huge warehouse type building where she shelves all the books she sells at conventions. I've gone there a number of times to browse, but things are not displayed like they are in a regular retail store. Definitely check out the hours and call ahead if you plan to go here. The warehouse is in back of her house, so she will often come and unlock it if you want to browse during off-hours as long as you call ahead.


Also, in Frederick, MD, there is http://www.homeschoolconnection.com/. That might not be too far depending on exactly where you will be in Northern Virginia.


I have shopped at Loudoun Learning and like looking around there, but it is a regular teacher store, so they don't really carry homeschool curriculum.



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We're going to be in Northern Virginia in a couple of weekends and I'd love to to know if there is a store there that carries a lot of homeschool materials/curriculum. There are a few different things I'm interested in but really want to be able to thumb thorough first.




I heard from my friend; here is her message:


"I am about 2 hours drive from Wash DC. Depends on where she is going, we may not be very close to her.


We also have limited hours (during the school year), so if she is planning a visit she should call first. Or email me directly at edexbooks@aol.com. The website is http://www.edexbooks.com/"



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