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Calling all Austin, TX residents! Please help me find some good toy and hobby stores!

Guest Alte Veste Academy

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Guest Alte Veste Academy

OK, I'm close enough to Austin to make a day trip when my parents come for Thanksgiving next week. My mom lives for Christmas shopping and I'm sick and tired of typical toy stores with 90% of toys I won't buy. What are some great (hopefully independent) toy stores where I can see some really great, unusual stuff. I'm particularly interested in seeing Haba and Quadrilla marble runs in person. Playmobil, huge Lego selection?


Oh, and due to the toy soldier thread reminding me that I'm in the market for toy soldiers, does anyone know of any great hobby shops where I can find some great stuff? We have a Hobby Lobby and I know where the Michael's is. I'm talking independent places where you can get the less typical toys.




ETA: Adding a request for homeschool stores because I don't think we have any of those at all.

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I've heard good things about this one:




And there's Toy Joy downtown. But it's pretty wacky. It's fun, but mostly novelty toys based on movies or video games. http://www.toyjoy.com/


Learning Express sometimes has some neat things. Though I tend to find better prices from online sellers for the things I like at LE.




There are a couple of Toys R Us locations around too. I think there may be one not far from the Sunset Valley Learning Express that I linked above.



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Kid Genius is fun.


My favorite that's closest to me is Kaleidoscope Toys in Round Rock.


Have fun!!!


ETA: There's a fantastic brand new Mardel's homeschool and Christian bookstore in the 1890 Ranch Shopping center in Cedar Park. Otherwise for homeschool stuff it'd be Teacher Heaven on 183 just south of Burnet Rd.

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Terra Toys for sure - they have exactly what you're looking for. I haven't been to Monkey See Monkey Do but S. Congress is fun so I'd check it out, too (Go by Big Top Candy Shop for hand jerked sodas, weird chocolate goodies like bacon dipped in chocolate!, and tons of weird candy. There's also a yarn shop across the street. Go go go:)). I also hear good things about Toy Joy.


I don't know how familiar you are w/Austin but plan your driving well. If you go to S. Congress - which might be good for a lunch break and to stretch your legs, set aside a good chunk of time to explore. Good food down there. Terra Toys and Toy Joy are small shops so they won't take as long. Check out the Bilibo at TTs. It looks like nothing but my kids pull it out for some reason or another every single day!


PS - last time I went to Anna's she sold mostly used toys. Nothing wrong with that or maybe it's changed but just a little fyi.

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