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  1. Thanks! I have been at such a loss. Now I feel like I have some options to consider
  2. I'm looking for some kind of workbook that my 6th grader could do independently and practice the rules of punctuation, capitalization, etc. We've gone over basics while learning grammar and writing but I can tell she needs more practice and explanation. Thanks! April
  3. I have always loved Flashcard Exchange, mainly because I could print my cards on index cards. It was so convenient! No cutting!! But now they have "updated" the site and done away with my favorite printing option. Are there any other sites that will allow you to print using index cards?? Thx:)
  4. I was wondering the same thing. Do you think WP has older copies they would be willing to sell or maybe something will come up in classifieds? Thanks!
  5. Awhile ago, there was a st about a great little book that teaches outlining. I have an 8th grader that has been through IEW materials and I'm just looking for something at will guide him through the traditional outlining process. At ideas? Thx!
  6. I've been reading reviews on Amazon and some folks seem to feel the newest edition isn't necessarily the best. Anybody have an opinion or experience? Thanks!
  7. My kiddies are 4, 8, 10, 14. I don't know if I'll ever give them unrestricted access to the tv. We don't have cable. We mainly watch Netflix and that's easy to monitor. We've lightened up on the 14 yr. old but he's still not allowed to watch anything he wants.
  8. I've been searching the for sale boards but can't find anything more recent than 2012. Maybe I'm searching the wrong words? I'm looking for the version of Hideaways in History that uses SOTW. Any ideas where I might get my hands on it? Thanks!
  9. Yes! Well, at least that's what I got. Thanks everyone:)
  10. Thanks. I got the relative pronoun part, too. So what do you have as the subject of the clause?
  11. It.s always dangerous when we make up our own sentences. Now we're stuck! I need help parsing the subordinate clause in the following sentence: John, whose last name is Doe, plays the drums. I have a guess but I want to check my work. Thanks!!
  12. I have to scan some spelling lists (35 pgs.) that are in a booklet printed back and front. I don't want to scan them one at a time, flip, then do the back side. My other printer/scanner let me rearrange them once scanned but I'm out of luck. Surely there's something I can do. Help! I have a ton of stuff to scan for my co-op. Thanks!
  13. I can't find the edit button either and I need to edit a post in For Sale.
  14. We're doing Omnibus III this year. It's our first time to use Omnibus. I bought some recommended resources: Western Civ., Art, Invitation to the Classics. The last two I imagine are just good references to have but I imagined that Western Civ. would be part of the lesson plans. I have the teacher CD but it just provides a reading schedule for the Omnibus text. On the VP website it has a document that gives page numbers for the different editions of Western Civ. according to what book is being studied. That'll be helpful. I guess I just imagined there would be more to the lesson plans on the CD other than "Read the book." Anyone have experience here?
  15. Thanks to all. I am all cleared up now. Thank you Pam for offering your set. I bought the book separately before I posted so I had to get the rest piecemeal.
  16. Okay, now I'm confused again. The picture shows a text, test forms and homeschool packet. Although test/text answers are provided in the homeschool packet, the solutions are not shown so I will need to purchase a solutions manual separately, right?
  17. This set seems a tad different from the ones I've used previously. It looks like I'll need the text, homeschool packet, and solutions manual. Is that right? Thanks!
  18. I have struggled for the past couple of years with the "grass is greener" syndrome. That's why I just want to plant my feet. DS is doing well (aceing his tests anyway) with Saxon. I guess that means it works for him. It's just confusing to read different experiences of students getting to college and being ahead/behind because of Saxon or being able to apply/not apply math concepts in science. I've read too mcuh:tongue_smilie: I just want a rigorous, thorough program that will prepare him for college math. I have no idea what he wants to study so he just needs a good math education. Thanks for all the replies. If Saxon will give him a strong background in math, we'll stick with it. If he needs further explanation, I'm happy to find another text to supplement or explain a concept.
  19. I really don't have any complaints about Saxon 5/4 and above. It's been great for ds. I look at the drill and review as good discipline, whether he needs it or not. I like that the pages are in black and white text with no distractions. I didn't give photos and color much thought until I saw my nephew's math book and I couldn't imagine how kids can focus with all of that business. Ds is doing many lessons a day this summer. We have to play catch up since we took so much time off for family issues this year. I know this may go against the original intention of Saxon, but I let him do the warm up, then as many lessons and lesson practices as he chooses (usually 3-5) and then do a mixed practice. If he makes 90% on his tests, I don't interfere. So far so good. That's why I'm thinking he's not really challenged and we need to pick up the pace in general. He's working on 7/6 right now so this pace might slow greatly in pre. alg. However, with the amount of review that is in Saxon, I might just let him keep going until it's too much and he feels a need to go back to one lesson/day. I just don't want him to have a weak background in math.
  20. I've been reading past threads about Algebra I to get a gauge on what people are using and it seems that many, who have used Saxon for the early years, choose another program somewhere around pre. algebra. Why? I know that some parents get tired of drill and kill or are concerned about the idea of built in geometry in algebra 1 and 2 but what else? Ds has been using Saxon for 2 yrs. and it's doing the job. He does well on the tests and the standardized testing he's done. He's not particularly challenged and there's a possibility I should scoot him along. Is Saxon a weak math program? I've even noticed that, particularly after pre. alg., companies that endorse Saxon in elementary go with something else.
  21. I forgot to say that for the no shampoo method, I scrub my scalp with the conditioner. I leave my hair alone. My stylist told me it's good to use a conditioner with something astringent in it for the scalp like tear tree oil or rose oil. Giovanni meets that requirement.
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