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  1. Honest question, would it matter if they were a Catholic company (not sure what that means, owners being Catholic doesn't mean the company is part of the church)? My sister-in-law worked for them for 3 years. My brother has taught one of their online classes and is working on a study guide for them. My SIL's brother-in-law (her sister's husband) is a teacher for them. I already answered about the denominations of several those very involved with the company/school. Cheryl Lowe is Catholic. If I recall correctly one of her sons is Methodist. Martin Cothran is an elder in the PCA. And there are several people connected with Southern seminary who teach or work for MP. But if you have the program, you've looked through it and find no doctrinal issues that you're uncomfortable with (which I can understand, I'm not likely to use an overtly Arminian/Dispensational theology program any time soon.), then does it matter that much if the company has predominantly Catholic authors/teachers?
  2. The prayers and hymns may be considered Catholic today, but they're the shared heritage of Protestants as well. Most of them were written well before 1517 and Wittenberg.
  3. Cheryl Lowe is, yes. Martin Cothran is Presbyterian. And there are students/former students from Southern who teach and write for them. They are "orthodox" (small o) Christian. And try to draw from historic Christianity which most major strands of Christianity should be comfortable with. "Mere Christianity" would be the term. :)
  4. Oh yes, Spring Break sounds awesome! I was really regretting that we didn't get a visit in before Christmas. Life is so crazy right now.

  5. You rock! :D


    I'm glad to have such a helpful, knowledgeable friend. We need to plan a "Spring Break" meet-up, if you don't mind a nursling tag-along.

  6. Happy Thanksgiving!


  7. Thanks :) I really wan't trying to blast her, and now I wonder if my reply is snippy. Ah, well.


    I'm seeing your other visitor messages, and I see I missed where you used highlarious in a post. I *heart* you for that, too :D

  8. I was looking at your signature and saw that you're expecting a Christmas baby! Oh, I just can't think of a better Christmas present than a baby.:D You take care of yourself, sweetie. :001_smile:


    oh, and I say highlarious all the time! :lol:

  9. Ahh shucks, I *heart* you too. :D


    I used dee-aitch the other day and thought of you!

  10. You used the word HIGHlarious in a post; thus I *heart* you. :D

  11. Can you invite *anj* also? She'd love to join us. I didn't see a place for other members to make invites, am I missing it?



  12. I would love to be invited to the Dark Side group if you don't mind. :)



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