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  1. Oh yes, Spring Break sounds awesome! I was really regretting that we didn't get a visit in before Christmas. Life is so crazy right now.

  2. You rock! :D


    I'm glad to have such a helpful, knowledgeable friend. We need to plan a "Spring Break" meet-up, if you don't mind a nursling tag-along.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving!


  4. Thanks :) I really wan't trying to blast her, and now I wonder if my reply is snippy. Ah, well.


    I'm seeing your other visitor messages, and I see I missed where you used highlarious in a post. I *heart* you for that, too :D

  5. I was looking at your signature and saw that you're expecting a Christmas baby! Oh, I just can't think of a better Christmas present than a baby.:D You take care of yourself, sweetie. :001_smile:


    oh, and I say highlarious all the time! :lol:

  6. Ahh shucks, I *heart* you too. :D


    I used dee-aitch the other day and thought of you!

  7. You used the word HIGHlarious in a post; thus I *heart* you. :D

  8. Can you invite *anj* also? She'd love to join us. I didn't see a place for other members to make invites, am I missing it?



  9. I would love to be invited to the Dark Side group if you don't mind. :)



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