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Allergic to sunscreen?

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Is anyone here allergic to sunscreen? If so, have you found one you can use?


I'm asking because my dd's face was dry and I gave her some moisturizer with sunscreen in it to put on her face. Within a few hours, her face was red and puffy and looked sunburned. It made me wonder, because this summer she got really bad sunburn even though she had applied sunscreen. I just figured she had not applied it very well, but now I am wondering if she got sunburn AND reacted to the sunscreen! Poor girl!


Anyway, I had some Eucerin for the baby, who also has very sensitive skin, so I gave her that for her face (should have started with that I guess!) and she did not react to it. But her face is still red and puffy from the other stuff. Anyone else ever have this happen?

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