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  1. Exciting news here! My dd (child number 3), who is only 16, wanted to graduate early and start college. She's been working really hard. She applied to one school - the one I'm attending for my PhD - and GOT ACCEPTED! This college is just about perfect for her and it will be fun to run into her around campus! She didn't apply to any others because we have no money. This way she can live at home and attend college, which is better anyway considering her age (she's not as independent as somebody's child upthread). I don't want to say the name of the school because this is where we live - sorry. It's a flagship state school. If I can manage to finish in 4 more years, we could graduate the same weekend! She wants to major in Germanic studies and learn older Germanic languages. She is planning on grad school also. I guess applying for one college is pretty common. If she hadn't gotten in, she had been working on a plan B of homeschooling college, I think. And the twin stuff twins are only 9, but that scares me. The complications and expenses of twins never go away, do they?
  2. Wow! Got 20 likes on a post. I feel clever, oh so clever...

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      Woo hoo! :D And now I can't get that song out of my head...

    2. cathmom
  3. It's funny this old thread got bumped, because the last time I talked to mil, guess what?! She brought up Brain Gym ***AGAIN*** and told me how beneficial it would be for all my dc, and we could just do a little every day, yadda yadda yadda. Good to know nothing has changed in 2.5 years!
  4. Will we ever all be well again?!

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      awww...get well!



  5. Just tired of seeing the old status.

  6. Forget a ban on guns - I just want a ban on mentioning them on Facebook!

  7. I agree with how that sounded - $600 is a lot of money to me, believe me! However, when tuition, fees, and room and board at my son's college averages $35K a year, $1200 is a drop in the bucket.
  8. I did this while a student; my son does this gives you pocket money. At my son's school, you can work 20 hrs per week max only during the semester, and he gets paid just under $9 an hour. That's only $600 per semester.
  9. If your calves are really, really tight, buy a roller. I got mine for $20 from my physical therapy place. It looks like this: After I used it every time I sat down for about a week and a half, my foot pain was gone and I was able to walk without pain for the first time in MONTHS! You just roll your calves on it to stretch them out.
  10. I'm sorry - I'm not very active on this board anymore. I hope you find people to discuss the topic with!

  11. I thought you were gone! I left too, only logged on today to check something out. Hope you're doing well!

  12. Yes. I should be doing the exercises every day with all my dc.
  13. I can see it for OT, with a child who seems to have issues in that department, but not just for everyday for all dc.
  14. My mil keeps promoting this brain integration stuff to me and I just don't see it.
  15. Thanks for stopping by my page!

  16. I did a presentation on this very topic for a graduate teaching class I took 2 years ago. There's no doubt that learning a foreign language can be very difficult for someone with dyslexia. I thought that I would require Latin of all my children (I made my oldest take 2 years in high school), but I can't see making my older dd do it. However, she really wants to learn Spanish and since she is a very strong auditory learner, I think she will at least be able to speak and understand it. What I don't know is if she will ever be able to read and write it (she has dysgraphia too, so that's another issue). She was just telling me that when she sees the word in Spanish, it actually makes it harder to learn. She can hear a word and know what it is, but if she sees the same word written out, she doesn't know what it is. This is very consistent with the testing she had done last year. One subtest was repeating back nonsense words, which she did very well, even 4 and 5 syllable ones. (The tester actually said she had never had a child score so well on that test.) But on the subtest of reading nonsense words, she could not read words on a first or second grade level. I have charts that I made for my Spanish class that we have been using. One has the numbers 1-31 with the Spanish written out. She says that having the number written out is not helpful for her at all. I am starting to wonder if I need to search out a Spanish phonics program in order to teach her to read Spanish. I always thought that if you could read one language, you could read any language with the same alphabet once you knew the pronunciation. I am starting to see that this is not the case. If my dd were not a strong auditory learner with incredible pronunciation and a desire and motivation to learn a language, I would skip foreign language with her and pursue a waiver for college. OTOH, some universities with FL requirements are starting to offer special classes for people with disabilities. UNC-Greensboro is one and I interviewed the professor who teaches it. You can take what they do and use it to adapt curriculum. Components include: smaller amount of material they are responsible for, spiral curriculum, lower expectations for spelling, active class, constant repetition, shorter readings, consistent formats, no surprises on tests, concepts broken down, direct grammar instruction (no "They'll pick it up as they go along"), required tutoring outside of class, computer based activities, songs and games, and less use of text. A traditional language classroom may be the worst possible match for a student with dyslexia! Spanish is great choice. French is very difficult for someone with dyslexia. German is a lot of grammar. As others mentioned, ASL or the Asian languages with characters may be really good options. But some colleges do not consider ASL a foreign language, so be careful. HTH!
  17. Thanks, Stacia! I just talked to him on Facebook and he is doing OK!

  18. Hi, sorry it took me so long to answer. I don't know of any online German children's songs but I am sure there are some. I would just do a Google search. I do have this book and CD set and I really like it, but it is $50. Alles Gute!

  19. I just wanted to say hi! Thinking of you!

  20. Hi yourself! Thanks for your encouragement!

  21. love that butterfly avatar! Did you take that picture?

  22. Very true!


    I am working on my NaNoWriMo and thinking I am crazy and should be in bed!

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