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Is this true about Costco?

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My husband and I were yelled at yesterday by a lady in the parking lot of Costco because we parked our Dodge Grand Caravan in parking spots that she said are designated for large vehicles.


My husband and I were laughing about how puny our van looked next to the SUV's and she over heard us and said something along the lines of, "that's why those spots are reserved for large vehicles -- not for small ones like yours!" Something like that.


I laughed thinking she was kidding. And my husband told me on the van that she wasn't kidding and was apparently annoyed.


We've been parking in these certain spots for 7 or 8 years. There's no sign. Yes, the spaces are big, but we always thought our van was sort of big until it sat next to the big guys yesterday.


The funny thing was that her truck was basically the size of our van. Not that big at all.


Life's too short, but just wondering.



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Our Costco has some short spaces (due to landscaping in medians) marked compact. However, some towns are moving to a mix of sizes to accommodate different types of vehicles. Generally, though, there are supposed to be visible signs if those spaces are restricted for one type only. Incidentally, there will probably be differences from place to place because many towns have their own rules about parking lot requirements that are applied across the board so it's unlikely that Costco or any other chain will have a consistent "this is how we build our parking"-it depends on what the local ordinances call for.


My response in such cases (when I think of it in time) is to smile sweetly and say, ohmygoodness, I didn't see the sign, where should I have been looking??? (Picture me craning neck to find the sign). If there is a sign I've missed I'll apologize and promise to do better next time, but if there isn't a restrictive sign that usually ends the conversation. Dh feigns deafness.


Maybe she's a large vehicle owner sensitive about the fact now that folks are downsizing or frustrated that it's hard to find a suitable place. Or, maybe she's a wanna be traffic cop. You're right...life is too short. Some people need to get a life, eh?

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