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Eastern Civ???

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I have a horrifically expensive text called "Byzantium: Church, Society, and Civilization Seen Through Contemporary Eyes" by Deno John Geanakoplos that I bought for a Kolbe class that we ended up not doing (a whole other story there...). It (obviously) isn't ALL of eastern civ, but, classically, it is a large chunk of it.


There are other, much less expensive, books on Byzantium that cover similar themes and which might fit the bill for you.


(still reeling over this book, obviously...)




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Check this out:


Internet Ancient History Sourcebook

from Fordham University. The goal is to provide organized access to primary text material, and the ancient history one incorporates a lot of art and architecture.


You will also observe that there are links at the top to medieval and modern history, and history of different regions/groups (African, East Asian, Indian, Islamic, Jewish, etc).



(from my post in this thread on history from a non-western perspective)

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You might want to pick out individually books on other parts of the world, e.g. Asian (esp China and India), African, and history of the Islamic & Jewish world. You might have to put those together instead of having it ready made for you. You might also look into something like this: The New Penguin History of the World by J. M. Roberts and Odd Arne Westad, i.e. something labeled "world history" instead of something just on non-western societies.


I found this list, I have no idea if it's a good one, but it might be a place to start for specifically textbooks, if you don't get any better ideas:



I'll be interested to see what other suggestions people have.

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We plan to use some Teaching Company videos on various cultures. I know they have courses on Chinese history, African history, Russian history, and Byzantium. (wish we had time for them all!)


There are usually recommended texts included in the course outline. I'm sorry I don't know of one all encompassing non-western text.

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