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So whenever I hit the note "G" on the piano. . .

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It could just be that your eardrums are vibrating in sympathy with a particular pitch.


True story: When I was in college, I started to notice that I was sneezing an awful lot during orchestra practice. When I started putting two and two together, I realized that the sneezes would almost always follow prolonged or repeated playing (by me, not the gal next to me, mind you) of the F above the staff. I finally worked out that I could avoid most of the sneezing by taking a decongestant before class/performances. It didn't seem to bother me as much when I was practicing alone, perhaps because I practiced standing most of the time, or perhaps because the small practice room didn't give the note a chance to "ring." The only thing I could figure was that that particular pitch caused vibrations of the fluid in my sinus cavities, and that the less fluid there was, the less likely I was to sneeze. People look at me like I'm wacko when I tell that story, but it's absolutely true!:blink::lol:


I hope you get over the ringing soon. It can be awfully distracting if not downright annoying!



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