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Secular Kindergarten Suggestions


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Guest Cindie2dds

I'm going to wholeheartedly second Oak Meadow! :)


ETA: I noticed what you are doing with your daughter in your signature. Is she the one you are wanting to do this with? We did Get Ready for the Code and DEL last year. If you are planning on sticking with the things in your signature, I personally don't think you need anything else. If you want to do an open and go fun program with your dd, Oak Meadow is great. My girls have really enjoyed school and they are ready to start the minute we get up. It's part of our daily routine. Feel free to pm me with specific questions.



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K doesn't have to be an expensive curriculum. Have you seen www.letteroftheweek.com ? This may work for you. Also, Five in a row is great. www.fiveinarow.com Just add math and Phonics.(If I had to start over with phonics I think I would just use Noah websters Reading Handbook as it is simple and effective) FIAR book titles are great and I have NEVER had trouble getting any of the titles from the library. www.homeschoolshare.com has some nice literature units and other unit studies.


That said, there are lots of elaborate programs out there.


Sonlight is nice(I used it for preK) but I will say I wish I would have purchased just the Instructor Guide and got the titles from the library as the cost of the program was just too much for me. They have Language Arts that you can add in. I used LA K and it was fun but my daughter already knew her letter sounds which is what they concentrate on at that level. I couldn't purchase the LA 1 instead because it was way toooooo much writing for her.(If I have to tweak something that much-it is not worth it to me)


You may want to look at winter promise.



Hope this helps,



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Continue with Fronline and ETC, add a math (Singapore is what you use for your oldest). Then, just add in FIAR. FIAR is wonderful. I've used it with two dc,, with and without lapbooking depending on my mood. They love it! I had to buy 5 titles but my library System had the rest.


SOnlight 4/5 is wonderful too but not as hands on. Since your dd attends preschool she will expect a little hands on during school time, and FIAR has just enough and you can add more from homeschoolshare.com if you want. They provide free lap books for FIAR.


We did Calvert K- it was ok but too easy academically and not that great.

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