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  1. I was grossed out so I threw them away immediately! I have since disposed of the pillows and covers. They were the cheap covers from WalMart that aren't paper, but close! There were tiny little holes in the "fabric". They seemed plugged with something. Oil? Everything is getting complete clean tomorrow.
  2. I found little brown balls of something inside my pillowcase COVER this morning. I don't know how long they've been there. They are in between the plastic-ish backing and the top of the cover. I've Googled bedbugs (freaky!) and I don't think that's what they are. They are ONLY inside the layers of the pillowcase cover. Nothing on the pillow, or the pillowcase, or the bedding, or the mattress, or the bed frame. We have, however, had an issue with mold on our windows lately. We need new ones. So, the question is, can these things be mold? I plan to throw away both pillows, covers and all. Has anyone else experienced this?
  3. He has to have PE to graduate and if he takes it at school he won't be able to take band. His mother wants him to continue with band because he doesn't play sports and he needs extra curriculars on his transcript. I did advise her to call the superintendent first. This whole thing was actually a suggestion by a school board member. Thanks!
  4. A relative of mine would like to homeschool PE only (her child attends public high school). Any good recommended programs for junior year? Thanks in advance!
  5. I am toying with the idea of having a day of encouragement for my local homeschool moms at a neighborhood church this summer. What would you like to see/cover/experience in a day like that? I would love to get a speaker, but have no idea how to locate one. ANY ideas are very appreciated! Thanks! Christine
  6. My kids have regular winter boots from Kohls. They aren't cutting it. Who sells the best waterproof winter boots for kids? Thanks in advance!
  7. Even though I always have the best of intentions, I NEVER utilize any materials that are MP3s, or PDFs for teaching. I purchase, download, begin to listen once, then abandon. I purchase, print, bind, begin to read, then never touch it again. If it isn't a real book in a traditional binding, forget about it. That just made my life easier.
  8. I grew up in the NW suburbs. There are TONS of activities and people. We now live in the SW suburbs as it's more rural. The NW suburbs are quite built up. I spent lots of time as a kid in Woodfield Mall. I went there recently and felt like I was on another plant, it had changed so much.
  9. I'm a Conservative Christian and I wouldn't be offended. I don't believe we should silence others' religious views just because we believe in something different. If a Satanic "prayer" was offered I'd think the person was a idiot, but that's not the same as being offended.
  10. I am watching what happens with the Convention initiative. It is the reset button many people are looking for. I hadn't heard about California. I think it's too far gone to fix.
  11. That is the funniest thing I've heard in a long, long time! And I mean funny.
  12. My digital camera broke and I would like to replace it with a tablet. I will use it primarily for taking photos and videos, surfing the internet, and acquiring apps for my kids. I am a Prime member already, and those free Kindle books always intrigue me (although, I have Kindle for PC on my desktop and still don't read them!) Anyway, is it worth it to shell out the money for an iPad for these purposes? I like the Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 because of its slightly smaller size than the full size iPad. Will I feel like an idiot holding up a full size iPad to take pictures and videos? I have also read that the Kindle has a better camera than the iPad. Any opinions are appreciated! (We don't have any Apple products-except for my kids' iPod Touches and I never do anything with them!)
  13. I haven't read all the responses, but I have to say *I* have no desire to mimic Europe in any way. Particularly not anything economic.
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