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Maybe someone can help me figure this out. My dd has a FB page. She's a teen and very aware of keeping her posted information general. She's not allowed to be friends with adults with the exception of a few people such as an aunt, grandma, and the mom of her close friend. Everyone else she's friends with are IRL friends from church or other places.


Recently, she went to a homeschooling event and one of her friends had taken pictures of many of the kids that were there. One of them had my dd in it. The picture was posted on FB along with all the others. My dd was tagged in the photo, and when she saw the photo, she posted a comment about it. So, now the picture has ended up on my dd's profile page. No problem.


I noticed that my mom, dd's grandmother, also commented on this picture. So, now the picture is showing up on my mom's profile page. Again, no problem, so far. However, then I noticed someone that my mom is friends with commented on the picture. And, that is where I'm confused.


We've tried to make sure all of dd's settings only allow her friends to view anything she posts, including tagged photos. How is it that the friend of a friend can see this picture? Now the person is perfectly harmless, so I'm not concerned about this particular person or photo. But, my mom is friends with over five hundred people, and quite frankly, I don't want pictures of us or anything else my dd might post being seen by all five hundred of them unless we've specifically given our permission.


Is there a setting that we're missing? Is it because this photo was originally posted by someone else that we seem to have no control over it? I thought because it was tagged by us, we could control it, but maybe it was also tagged by someone else and that makes a difference. I went back and rechecked, but I'm not finding anything that I can do different. So, why can this person who is not a friend of my dd see this picture?


Thanks for your help~


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Recently, she went to a homeschooling event and one of her friends had taken pictures of many of the kids that were there.


Your privacy settings don't control who sees this picture because the picture belongs to someone else. That person's privacy settings is what is allowing others to see and comment. He or she must have the pictures set so that everyone or friends of friends can see it. Also, your mom could have hit the share button which would put the picture on her page for her friends to see.


The best thing for your daughter to do is untag the photo. People can still see it (since the picture belongs to someone else), but random people won't be able to follow the tag back to her page.




Edited to add: I just saw Tangerine's post and did some investigating. You *can* control who sees pictures in which you've been tagged. Go to Settings->Privacy Settings->Profile->Photos and Videos of Me

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The good news is, every pic that a friend posts of your daughter that is tagged, will show up on your dd's page whether she comments on it or not. I like the tag feature. It lets me know what pics are out there of me. The bad news is, Oak Knoll Mom is right, all your dd's friends will be able to see it as one of her pics because of the privacy settings of the person who posted the pic.



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