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Need Another Curriculum Suggestion For 2nd Grade


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I have been thinking about ds(7)'s routine for this fall, and I would like to add some kind of reading comprehension exercises to his lineup. I found the typical worksheets with short stories and fill-in-the-blank questions and answers, but they seemed hardly exciting and kind of random. I would like to tie in to the classical method, if possible. Does anyone know of or have experience with something classical and exciting for reading comprehansion? Thanks again.


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I just noticed that the first book in the series "Inside Stories" is available for free on Google Books...here is the link...



I saved it to my harddrive! What a delightful surprise to find it free!:D


(Oh, just looked at it...it is only a preview...it covers "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" and "Charlotte's Web")



wife and mom to 4


DD 3rd grade

DS 2nd grade

DS Pre-K

DS Baby, crawling at 5 1/2 months

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I can't say that CLE is exactly classical but they do have a great reading program as well as BJU.


totally not classical, but we added the Pathway readers and workbooks this year to go alongside Sonlight Readers. I didn't feel like we were getting enough work on vocab, phonics, and reading comprehension. This set is SO plain--Amish--and looks like it's been typed on a typewriter. But really, the stories are sweet and my son enjoys the workbook; it only takes him about 10 minutes a day (we do 2 pages of workbook one day-the spelling/alphabetizing/other exercises; then the next, we read a story and do the comp questions).


We do this, then supplement with lots of good books, WWE narration practice, etc :)



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I have to say that I am really enjoying CLE's reading program. Grade 3 is fabulous. Grade 2 has a lot of thorough phonics reviews in the reading workbook - so that may not be what you are looking for. The phonics is great - but thorough! I have used Pathways in the past, and for grade 2 and from what I remember they also do a lot of phonics review. For grade 3 - the CLE is (IMHO) way better than PP. Lots of thinking, glossary/dictionary skills related, very thorough, great stories, questions on applying the story scripture, etc... No phonics in the reading subject. I am really loving it - and it's my 3rd grader's favorite subject.

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Moving Beyond the Page starts separating their language arts from the rest of the curriculum at the 7-9 level. It's not classical, but from what I have seen, it's very similar to the way I was taught in my G/T classes in elementary, and we learned the material well.

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Suppose the Wolf Were an Octopus? has great questions and very good books, stuff you're likely reading anyway.


For K-2, it uses stories like


Five Chinese Brothers

Three Wishes

Little Red Riding Hood

Three Little Pigs

Sleeping Beauty

A Birthday for Frances

Frog and Toad together

Town Mouse Country Mouse

Sylvester and Magic Pebble

Puss In Boots

Hansel and Gretel


and questions all over Bloom's Taxonomy, like



  • What is the Tooth Fairy's job?
  • Explain how the Tooth Fairy's problem came about?
  • What do you do if you need a little money once in a while?
  • Contrast the way the Tooth Fairy spoke to Oberon, King of the Fairies, with the way she spoke to Hogard, King of the Trolls.
  • Create another way for the Tooth Fairy to get around if she got too heavy for her wings to carry her.
  • Is this Tooth Fairy's plan a good one? Explain.


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