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  1. What columns have been added? I looked at it and don't see any difference except is says "REFUND" and "NO". That actually looks worse to me. And they took the dollar sign off the charges so it doesn't even look like money-- curious if this is actually going to help me or hurt me. I have not gotten a good response from my credit card company yet-- b
  2. . . . not to mention the science books they started pre-selling in October. I fell for it and bought a Chem book because I had been wrestling over our Chem choice for next year, and I was so at peace, this came right at the time I needed it and looked like my solution--to use Landry's book, online class, and do an intensive. They sold the textbooks in October for $75 each (marked down from $95) or the whole 6-book set for like $300 or so. THAT now, in retrospect, looks like a crazy last-minute money-making scam. It's the one thing I have hope for getting $$ back from my credit card company since it's a "tangible item" never received-- B
  3. That's weird. And I'm glad my MIL is not the only wacked one out there. b
  4. I wore a size 9 in 4th grade and I wear a 9 1/2 now :) I've only grown about 4 or 5" since then. So I slowed down a lot after about age 10. I hope my boys' feet stop growing soon--my 11 and 13 year olds are each about 5'6" and wear a men's 11 shoe, yikes!! B
  5. Following-- so far the only high school level books DS1 has done have been Saxon math-Alg 1 completed, 1/3 of the way through Alg 2. I was uncertain about whether or not we should use them, but it has gone really well so far-- b
  6. Funny--this is one I was going to speak against :) I don't over-monitor my boys' reading, but this is one book that my boys both told me was "terrible", lol. They are 11 and 12. I haven't read it (at least, not in the past 30 years and I don't remember it). Something about how Danny steals a lot of birds or poaching or something. b
  7. I would assume nothing--I have had great luck buying used on Amazon--except for the few times it has been horrible. Very little in between. This is iffy enough that, if you can't contact the seller directly and ask, I would go for new. My piecing together of Saxon math sets has been enough to turn me off- b
  8. Curious. I crave salt and my BP is low. DH never salts anything (and we don't eat a ton of processed food) and his is high. We are both thin. B
  9. I don't know exactly what the question is--but you might like Christian Light Language Arts. It includes grammar, spelling, and penmanship all in one book, is very solid, and very efficient since you're not having to use 3 different books. My youngest is about to start the grade 2; my olders used the 5th and 6th grade levels last year. ETA--I used Rod and Staff Grade 2 with my oldest -- it was too much writing for him and hard to use a textbook at that age; we did a lot orally. Christian Light is very similar in the grammar it covers, but easier to use because it is in a workbook and written to be nearly self-teaching and independent. B
  10. oh no---- This thread is giving me the heebie jeebies, with my almost-13 and 11 year old boys who share a room. I do agree that some of it is uninhibited farting and burping, yuck. It's probably stench soaked into the paint and carpet-- b
  11. If it's a female gray tabby, keep it. That's the best kind. Mine is in my lap right now, lol- b
  12. Thanks ladies! All signs point to running store!! And I am happy to read that maybe I'm changing my shoes too frequently. I wouldn't balk at paying $100 for shoes if I only needed a pair every year-- Lots of sites marked and a plan to get checked out at my local store-- B
  13. I know they can :) and we do have a great store in town. Will check it out-- thanks! :) A friend who is more of an informed runner than me suggested Nike when I told her about my troubles, so we'll see---
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