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  1. What columns have been added? I looked at it and don't see any difference except is says "REFUND" and "NO". That actually looks worse to me. And they took the dollar sign off the charges so it doesn't even look like money-- curious if this is actually going to help me or hurt me. I have not gotten a good response from my credit card company yet-- b
  2. . . . not to mention the science books they started pre-selling in October. I fell for it and bought a Chem book because I had been wrestling over our Chem choice for next year, and I was so at peace, this came right at the time I needed it and looked like my solution--to use Landry's book, online class, and do an intensive. They sold the textbooks in October for $75 each (marked down from $95) or the whole 6-book set for like $300 or so. THAT now, in retrospect, looks like a crazy last-minute money-making scam. It's the one thing I have hope for getting $$ back from my credit card company since it's a "tangible item" never received-- B
  3. That's weird. And I'm glad my MIL is not the only wacked one out there. b
  4. I wore a size 9 in 4th grade and I wear a 9 1/2 now :) I've only grown about 4 or 5" since then. So I slowed down a lot after about age 10. I hope my boys' feet stop growing soon--my 11 and 13 year olds are each about 5'6" and wear a men's 11 shoe, yikes!! B
  5. Following-- so far the only high school level books DS1 has done have been Saxon math-Alg 1 completed, 1/3 of the way through Alg 2. I was uncertain about whether or not we should use them, but it has gone really well so far-- b
  6. I didn't realize Sunrise 700 and 800 were that new??? We did 700 in 2013-2014. There is a CLE FB group that has a lot of good postings about math, a lot of input. b
  7. We used CLE from the beginning. CLE 700 was really, really good--my son did the Saxon test after completing it and tested directly into Saxon Algebra 1. We used that last year in his 6th grade year (!) and he did great!! CLE 700 went a lot deeper than 600 and I am glad we didn't skip it. Saxon was good last year because it has a similar approach as CLE (although not nearly as sweet and friendly, lol). But he could read the new material and do the new problems, then have his 30 mixed review problems. Very usable as a "self-teaching" curriculum like CLE. I'm trying to figure out what you were planning to do--sounds like going from 600 straight into Algebra; I think you could skip 800, but probably not 700? just IMO b
  8. yeah--what is the POINT of the "homeschool packet"???? The solutions manual is all we ever used, and the test solution key. b
  9. Well, I have the Art Reed set, so I hope they are good :) My son will be doing Advanced Math in 9th grade, most likely--I've taught PreCal and Cal before in public school, but I'm REALLY hoping he can be independent-so I may end up buying the Saxon set too at some point. b
  10. An unnamed relative's house smells like rotten trash and a dirty litter box. I'm not sure which smell I'd rather have, lol. I guess the smell of our relative's house might be less dangerous for asthma . . . B
  11. I get while you're annoyed--but being married to the "let it go" guy and being the "I'm so stressed that every detail isn't worked out" person, I can see both sides. I've softened up a lot, but I really get tight when there are family dinners and every detail isn't worked out. Because what if ONE THING is missing??? In my crazy mind, it really does strike me that "all will be ruined!" And it's not because I intend to be bossy and control everyone; I just want everyone to be happy and I feel like (completely irrationally) it will all be my fault if the saltines aren't there and I didn't think of it--- I would feel just as put out with the "laid back" people because I just knew that if the hot sauce was missing, *I* would have to run to the store to get it. I feel your pain :) because I am more aware of how my OCD tendencies for organizing things annoys people, and I try to soften it up a bit--but they may not be TRYING to boss you around. Different personality types rub up against each other for sure--- B
  12. I have taught two that went well, didn't require a ton of planning, and were well liked. For 7-9 year olds, we did a "Draw Right Now" book--our co-op meets 24 times/year and that's about how many lessons there were. Each week, we did one animal (or map). We would spend the first 15 min or so drawing the picture, they would spend 15 min or so coloring it and doing the background, then I would read from related library books about the animal and we'd discuss it, then they would do the 4 sentence copywork (adding any other info they wanted to). This year, I am teaching "Literature Club" to 9-13 year olds. I chose Mary Poppins and bought the Veritas Press Study Guide--each week, they read a chapter at home and answer the questions to bring back (I copy the questions from the guide). We discuss, then either do the activity from the guide (nearly every chapter has a decent related activity suggested) or we do something else that I've come up with--like two weeks we did poetry. I told them very basic info about limericks one week, haiku another, read sample poems, then had them come up with some (preferably about Mary Poppins)--they had fun with that. We did Hans Brinker or the Silver Skates the first semester--not quite as fun as Mary Poppins, but a good classic book with lots of history/geography tie-ins and new vocab. Always interesting to see what other people come up with--I can get ideas for future years too! Betsy
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