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looking for a science unit for 1/2 the year for my 7th grader

lori in tx

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he loves science, he loves doing workbook-y type things. We are doing an ocean study in the fall (complete with dissections) and he is taking a general science at co-op but he would love to do some more science at home:001_huh: Can you tell he like science??? Any ideas? need something cheap and workbook-y and not dumbed down or kiddy-ish




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For something workbook-y, you could try CLE Science lightunits. My DD wanted to do life science on top of Chemistry at her co-op and Earth & Space with her sister so I picked out a few CLE lightunits from 7th, 8th & 9th grades.


Each one is self-contained and lasts 3-4 weeks so you could buy about 5 of them customized to your son's interests.



CLE Science



Scope & Sequence


Labs are available from Homesciencetools.com


Christian Kids Explore books have 30 lessons - about 24 experiments and 6 reviews. I think an enthusiastic student could complete a book in one semester.


My DD completed BF History of Science in 1 semester, but that was pretty ambitious and it's not cheap unless you already have some of the books. We added Great Scientists in Action which I think is excellent and includes fun experiments (much easier to implement than BF).




Hope this helps,

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I think that most people cover 3-5 of them per school year, so one or two would be reasonable. You can find them cheaply on Amazon. Just figure out what you want to focus on and buy that one.


If you were willing to be spendy, I would recommend RS4K Level II Chemistry. It is truly excellent, and is about a semester's worth of material. It uses the actual scientific language that he will encounter in high school, as well as some concepts that are not usually taught until at least high school and maybe AP Chem. For a middle schooler, this would be an outstanding semester.

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