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  1. He's only 8. The thing you need to realize about public school writing expectations is that they are wrong and developmentally inappropriate for most children. That said, we enjoyed copywork from Writing With Ease for writing. We did not do the dictation. We did not do the narrations. We did read the passages. They are very good. For reading comprehension, the workbook series Comprehension Plus might be a nice place to start. We skipped the end of section writing exercises.
  2. That peel and stick stuff is very expensive for what you get. If I were you, and we kind of were, but for the bathroom sink area, I would get glass mosaic tiles, in a square pattern that is not offset at all. Like a 12x12 square has a bunch of little squares in it, all in rows. You need the stuff that sticks it to the wall (mortar?) and you need grout. Since they are all in a row, no offset, you don't need any finishing extra tile pieces to make it look nicely lined up. Also because the little squares are like an inch big, you can easily cut your tiles a little to fit the space as needed
  3. My college kid lives at home. I have to balance her mental health with covid safety. Plus she is an adult. She does very occasionally sleep over at one friend's house. They do wear masks if they go anywhere. Since they have recently really come out against eating inside restaurants, I have recommended that she not eat inside restaurants anymore. She has agreed. It's drive thru/sit in the car or eat outside. She masks up when she goes to her weekly group meeting. She masks up at work. She is as safe as I expect her to be. She uses hand sanitizer a lot. She masks. That's a
  4. Huh. Our local Walmart has one as does our church. I also looked it up and it seems that there are some at the mall and the Salvation Army thrift store.
  5. There is a school of thought that Latin contains sufficient grammar that you don't need to do much grammar in English. So that's an option. I have heard good things about Fix It but have not used it myself. I am of the school of thought that makes grammar fun and a joy to learn, so at 4th grade, I would be doing The Sentence Family. And perhaps Schoolhouse Rock. I also think highly of Critical Thinking Company's Language Smarts workbooks. So those are options. This is probably not that useful to you, as I sense that you want more "rigor." But I thought I would share my pers
  6. You're reading too much into the encounter. Your mom is a naricissist, if I recall correctly (I have one too), and you are used to doing what she wants or else she makes you feel like a terrible person. That's what narcissists do. You have been trained to have the reaction of thinking you are terrible because you don't cowtow to her every desire. My mom has said the exact phrase that your mom said, but it was about driving her somewhere. Same implication of how awful I was for not necessarily wanting to do it or even being able to do it. That's how narcissists are. The only thing he
  7. Sketchbook. Barnes and Noble typically has cute ones. Copic or Prismacolor markers. Prismacolor colored pencils. Faber Castell black artist pens. Stompy. Sharpies in a wide variety of colors and sizes.
  8. This has been very helpful. I had no idea that Scotland and Wales and such were their own countries, and that the UK consisted of a bunch of countries. Very interesting!
  9. Um, we hardly listen to music at all in my family. Except Christmas music. I think my dd (20 now) listens to a Christian radio station occasionally when she's by herself in the car. I do own a lot of cd's with 80s music but rarely pull them out. We're just not music people. Years ago, since dd is an only child, we did have a moment (3rd grade?) where she asked to listen to Justin Bieber, and we were like "we are going to review the lyrics and get back to you." We ended up okaying it. I think it's kind of silly now that we did that, but at the time, it felt like a very big deal. U
  10. I know I could google this, but since we're discussing it... so is England a country? And Scotland is a different country? And Wales is a different country? And then they are all part of a Kingdom? Follow up question about "English": I thought it was "Kings and Queens of England." So is the queen only queen of England and not the UK? That doesn't seem right. At some point in the past, was the whole of the British Isle called England?
  11. I use them synonymously. I guess you are saying that England is like a state or something of the UK? But throughout history, wasn't it always England? Or Great Britain? Yeah, I don't know. I live in Texas.
  12. A couple more thoughts: At that age, it is a good time to learn about Transition Words, like First, Next, Additionally, Therefore, etc. She didn't need them in this essay necessarily, but they are a nice tool in a writer's toolbox. She had good flow (continuity or flow is achieved by repeating a word, phrase, or idea), which is one of the reasons she didn't so much need the transition words. I like Seton's Composition book for basic stuff I learned back in Junior High writing eons ago, and I like Jensen's Format Writing for their page on Continuity and their practice on different
  13. I think this is good! Normally, I don't know that summaries are required in these types of papers, but I don't know what the original assignment was. She seems to have a clear thesis to me, the last sentence of the first paragraph. Her topic sentences in the body all refer back to the thesis, so that is good. I would bulk up the conclusion a tad. I like three sentences unless they're really really good two sentences. My rule of thumb for Conclusions is "Say what you said before, and then say something you haven't said before." I think she hit the "something you haven't said befo
  14. If it helps you, when my dd was in 7th grade, I was worried about how she'd even be able to get through high school, and I just wasn't sure she was college-bound. But they mature SO MUCH. Fast forward to now, her sophomore year in college. She's in a Pre-Nursing program and has a 4.0 GPA. It is indeed the age. Keep on keeping on..
  15. I think his mental health must absolutely be the priority, and you do what needs to be done to support that. In my view, a GED is fine. Get it done, goal accomplished. Good for his mental health. There are lots of people floating around out there with GEDs. Community Colleges happily take people with GEDs, and then it doesn't matter anymore. Go with your mama gut. He needs this.
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