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  1. Love Singapore Math (6) "Just right" math for our family Writing and Rhetoric (6) I love this curriculum SOTW (6) My son is reading and narrating vol. 4 independently and he adores it The Reading Lesson (K) Great fit for my daughter Hate Teach your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons (K) utilitarian and scripted. No soul. Yuck. Saxon 1 (K) just because I can barely teach with scripted lessons Love-Hate Apologia Science (K&6) Surprised at how much I love the book...but not the notebooking journal. I just don't utilize it enough to justify the cost Mystery of History (K&6)
  2. For my dysgraphic son, we have done well with Singapore math because it has a few well chosen problems per lesson and the workbook has a generous amount of space for writing. I will have him tell me what to do next for the textbook problems or we work them out on our chalkboard. Then he does the workbook on his own. Singapore also teaches mental math for advanced problems, which is great for dysgraphics. When problems require "lining up" I transfer the problems to graph paper or I will use different colored highlighters to make columns directly on the workbook page. For fact practic
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