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  1. We've used RS .... it was okay. Nothing super great.... it takes a major leap like half way through so we didn't finish it. DuoLingo has been a real hit here though... and it's free.
  2. Just wondering if anybody used this and how it has worked out ..... was considering it for multi age kids
  3. You know you're right... I could always just give it a test run. Maybe spend the first 2 months on it and see if it fits. :)
  4. Can you tell me how much time it's been taking you each day? Do you do it 5 days or 4? I looked at both Course and the Companion and thought of doing something like alternating one day Course book one day Companion book. Would something like that work? I just don't want to be spending 2 hours on LA each day KWIM? I would be using levels 4 and 6.
  5. I can't remember if someone posted about this recently but does anyone have experience with this LA ?? I'm considering it only because it seems to be an all in one.
  6. we put all our younger boys into recreational gymnastics. That's a super work out for them. Lol. Then we also put them into swimming lessons. It doesn't have to be PE curriculum... can be just fun stuf offered by your local community.
  7. I've been looking at Writing Tales for this exact reason. My ds is almost done grade 4 but his writing is atrocious. He really struggles. Spelling is even worse. I looked at Writing Tales book 1 for him so that he will actually enjoy writing instead of hating it so much. Then even though it's meant for lower grades put him into book 2 next. Then after that, when he has had a more gentle (and hopefully enjoyable) experience we'll wiggle into W&R book 5 or so.
  8. We start at age 7 for piano and age 9 for guitar. But I'm know many kids who start piano in Kindergarten.
  9. We've always just read through the Bible ... OT one year NT next. Holy Spirit has always been good at keeping things rolling with discussion over the years. But I've been considering an actual curriculum or book this year. It must be all ages because we always do Bible as a family. Any suggestions??
  10. Lol... when I was in school we did like 2 months of learning cursive and was jus expected to write all things in cursive. Now days workbooks last years! I think it depends on the student... if it's enjoyable.... keep doing it. If not, quit. As long as they can "read" cursive. My kids all know cursive but prefer to print or do some type of half and half blended thing. It doesn't bother me since every Essay they submit will be on the computer typed anyway.
  11. Everything every day spelled burnout for us. So we alternate. Phonics/English. Spelling/Cursive. (Although spelling = dictation for us). And reading daily. :)
  12. Reading aloud is an art form. Have you ever gone a long time without reading aloud to your kids and then tried to read something significant? It takes Practice of elocution, rhythm and sometimes difference if voices. I would personally make it a forever Practice....even for mom. :)
  13. I liked the look of W&R but my kids go to the local high school for 9-12. Will they get enough essay type stuff out of W&R by then??
  14. Which seems better for a struggling writer? Grade 5. I like LLATL because I am familiar with it but I like ACE because he loves workbooks.
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