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  1. I've taught MUS Algebra 1 twice now. Do you know what topic specifically where this is happening? Does reading through the chapter in the textbook help? We didn't have this problem, but I've taught algebra 1 three times now (the first was with Saxon), so I'm able to explain things on a dry erase board in my sleep. If you could tell us what topic/chapter, I could get it off the shelf and look at it.
  2. Yes, it really is possible. My 16 and 14 year-old are completely combined in everything, but math. They're very competitive and I think they enjoy working together. They do their chemistry labs together, literature discussions together with me, etc. We're getting ready to start a new unit of stuff, so they're going to do Marine Biology and Ancient History and Literature together. All three of us are going to write a play together, too. We're going to do come up with a plot, setting and some characters. Then, we're going to take turns writing a page or two of the play - switching off between the three of us until we finish it. And then we're going to do a reading together.
  3. Yes! I realized this about 2 years ago. I started thinking "what was I picturing in my mind when I decided to homeschool??? Now, I'm going to start doing that!" I gave up caring about what constitutes a credit hour and how their transcripts are going to look. I started doing fun stuff with them again - like read-alouds (we had stopped these for awhile), sketching from an art book while listening to piano music...field trips....PE at the park with other homeschoolers...
  4. My oldest is in college. She actually is supposed to be a senior this year in high school, but we were both just kinda done. She and I couldn't make much progress after junior year. No homeschooler was as lazy as my daughter was. Rolling out of bed at noon...reading for HOURS before she managed to get dressed....daydreaming....walking around Hobby Lobby all afternoon looking at art and craft supplies...taking days to finish her schoolwork that should've just taken a couple of hours. We usually did 4-5 hours of schoolwork a day - TOPS. Four days a week. We'll toss it all aside to go to the park...go to the zoo...go to an old fort from the 1800s...go fishing... She has projects all over the house (I mean, still does - lol). Ok, you get the picture. She never did dual enrollment and we never did a co-op. Honestly, I think she was just too lazy for dual enrollment. It would've interfered with the time she spent redoing all of her aquariums and checking the ph in the soil of the 50 gazillion plants she has in her room (yes, I'm rolling my eyes). So, she basically hasn't been in a school since she was 6. *ahem* When she took her college placement tests, she tested into the highest math possible. They said she could've answered more questions correctly and she would've still ended up in that class. She only has to take one math class for college and she's taking it right now - statistics. She has a 101% average in the class. 101%.... Yes, I'm laughing right now. They just got their exams back this week and she scored 102% on the exam. She went to her statistics teacher's office hours and the lady said if that if my daughter doesn't get an A in her class, she would be shocked. DD has something absurd - like 50 extra credit points in art history - on top of the A she already has. She got an A+ on her US history paper. Yes, my lazy child... She has an A in EVERY class this semester so far. And she's not burned out. She's VERY excited to go to school every day. Maybe that will make you feel better? 😂 Editing to add: If my daughter could've competed for the Laziest Teenager on Earth Award, she would've won 1st place.
  5. Thank-you for typing all that out! Comparing them both was very helpful!
  6. Thanks for the review! I was wondering how different the second edition is from the first... The first edition looked great, too and there are used copies out there.
  7. I wanted to update my own thread on the Microchem Kit. We're almost finished with it and we loved it. It's a great kit! It comes with everything you need for all the labs. All the labs seem to work. The lab manual explains everything very well - even has the chemical equations for a lot of the reactions in the reading before you do the lab. The labs are very similar to labs we did in college level chemistry. They are more time-consuming than labs from other chemistry kits we've done. Anyway, just wanted to update my own thread. I've been very happy with this chemistry kit!
  8. Has any used this? I'd be interested to hear your opinion/experience with it. The slides are really I might not get those this time.
  9. It takes time, but you'll to have to look for homeschool activities/sports teams that your kids can participate in. And it really does take time. When we first moved here, I think it took about a year before we found other homeschool activities. Now, we are doing way too much. My four oldest kids work at an equestrian center one day a week. My oldest two are/were on a homeschool track & field team. My oldest son plays competitive high school football (ugh) with a team that takes homeschoolers and private school kids (whose schools have no football team). Middle two girls are in a dance company and take ballet. Four year-old takes ballet and rotates between baseball and basketball. We did a homeschool PE class one year. My oldest three did Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts when they were little....Kid #3 did musical theater last year and is asking to go back to that next fall... You may need to look for a co-op, too. Some kids need that. It just takes a while to find "stuff".
  10. Having time to do real world things is very important to me - like working at the equestrian center. My kids know so much about horses now. Even the 12 year old (who only weighs like 85 lbs) can tack horses and lead them, etc. Some of my other kids do homeschool sports - 18 year-old and 16 year-old did track & field. 16 year-old plays on a competitive homeschool football team and the 4 year-old even plays basketball and baseball. Also, my 14 year-old and 12 year-old girls are VERY extroverted. I try to get them time at least once a week to go over to another family's house or have their kids come over here. I actually struggle with finding curriculum that leaves us with enough free time. So, I usually put everything together myself. If I use curriculum, I'm ok with skipping things that don't look interesting...skipping books if there isn't enough time and the books don't look wonderful, etc. Also, we school year-round. So, we do school all summer and that really gives us an edge in getting things done. I'm actually trying to talk the teens into trying Beautiful Feet this spring. That looks manageable for us.
  11. I have a young 7th grader (she skipped 6th). She probably spends about 3 hours a day on school - 4 days a week. She's almost always finished by lunch. We're doing a loop schedule right now, but I can post a snapshot of what she does in a week. Monday - Works with horses in the morning at an equestrian center, lunch, then literature, Bible reading, writing, Morning Basket, art Tuesday - Literature, grammar, spelling, writing, math, science reading, science labs, playing outside in the afternoon, Ballet classes Wednesday - Literature, math, Bible, writing, science reading, science labs, Pointe class (ballet), Confirmation class Thursday - Literature, grammar, spelling, writing, math, Morning Basket, art, science labs, playing outside in the afternoon, Ballet classes Friday - violin, P.E. (ourselves with another homeschooling family - which is playing a sport at the park or hiking) or a field trip or a playdate with another homeschooling family- I don't schedule schoolwork on Fridays That's basically what my daughter's week looks like as a middle school homeschooler. Hope this helps!
  12. If I had that ability, I wouldn't be in this situation! 😂
  13. Lol! And I told myself this afternoon that it might be ok if I extended this unit out to about 10-12 weeks, instead of 8. So, 50 labs in 12 weeks. I STILL sound like I've completely lost my mind! My poor children.....trapped here in my kitchen doing chemistry.... In all seriousness, I want to give the teens some kind of credit on their transcripts for this chemistry - like Honors Chemistry or Advanced Chemistry. We basically did chemistry all year last school year and I decided just to do a "little bit more" and now our chemistry has taken on an unstoppable life of its own.
  14. We're calendar year homeschoolers, so she's basically started 10th grade. We're still doing unit studies that I put together. I tried to talk her and her older brother into going back to Sonlight, but no one's willing. Ugh... Tentative plans for this year - I'm flying by the seat of my pants: Mathusee Algebra 2 (almost finished with geometry) Apologia Marine Biology Continue German and Visual Latin Continue reading through the Old Testament She's asking to read plays, short stories and poetry She's asking to do some creative writing - I'm thinking about doing Buddy Writing with all 4 of us and writing a play together I would like to cover the American Revolution and French Revolution this year
  15. We're still struggling a little with our schedule. The good thing is that we only have about another month of what we're doing and then I'm planning something else (we're doing something that looks like 8 week unit studies, but this one had way too many parts to it). I'm going to try to plan a little less. 50 chemistry labs in 8 weeks is a bit much. lol You mentioned a couple of things that I didn't think of. Yes, part of my issue is our large spectrum of ages. I mean, 4 up to 18 - Whew! I feel like a crazy person! The 18 year-old actually takes up a lot of my energy (even though she started college) and the 4 year-old takes up a lot of my energy. 18 year-old is doing a wonderful job with college, but it took a huge effort to get her launched into college. OK. Chemistry. In hindsight, no one in their right mind runs 50 labs in 8 weeks. I'm running two separate lab kits - one for the 12 year-old and that MicroChem kit for the high schoolers. I'm not just doing the labs, we balance chemical equations that show what's happening in the experiments, I spend a lot of time going over conceptual things with them, we have molecular models, Happy Atoms, etc. The chemistry stuff mentally tires me out. After doing the labs, we're kinda done. I don't like it when I can't get into a groove with our new school year. 😞
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