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  1. Oh, no...I was hoping I was the only one with this experience. ☹️ My oldest is done homeschooling and my 2nd is a senior next year. BUT....I have a 4 year-old boy. So, I am basically starting this whole process all over again. It is sooo strange to have gone through the entire thing and then start over. And what is homeschooling going to be like 12 years from now when he applies for college, I wonder?? At least I have been through the entire process as I homeschool my youngest. I did make some big changes after watching oldest go through the SAT and college placement tests, so those are going to apply to the youngest. Good luck with a strong finish for your 11th grader!
  2. Yeah, some of the newer perceptions about homeschooling are starting to scare me. I posted about this somewhere on here last fall/winter, but we did 3 college tours with my oldest (she graduated and starts college in January). Anyway, a couple of things shocked me on the college tours. At the first college, the admissions advisor found out that we homeschool and the first thing she said was, "what online program or co-op do you use" (I can't remember her exact words, but it was something to that effect). My jaw dropped to the ground and my brain panicked when she asked me that. So, right off the bat, these admissions counselors are thinking we're all using something like either K12 or Classical Conversations. That's what went through my head... I told her that I put everything together myself and she just kinda stared at me. The admissions advisor at the second college was quite obviously not blow-away by homeschooling, either. The third college was a great fit (it's actually a community college), so my daughter decided to go there - where she starts in a few weeks. Anyway, when she was picking out her first semester classes, the advisor said he wanted her to only take the bare minimum - 12 credit hours the first semester. He said there were two reasons why. First, this was her first semester of college. Second, she homeschooled. So, I feel like these advisors really do have it in their minds that homeschoolers are not getting as good of an education as everyone else. And that shocked me. I don't know why, but I think I didn't realize that these homeschool perceptions were still out there. I think my point is that what we're doing in our micro-population affects us all, whether we realize it or not.
  3. After watching my oldest study for and take the SAT, then the college placement exams....we now work on grammar every year - even in high school. We use the Easy Grammar series, so at the high school level, it's about a 5-10 minute review every day.
  4. I didn't want to post, because I didn't want to be seen as hijacking the thread, but I can't ignore this. I hope you're able to find something. Is there a college campus nearby, by any chance? Sometimes, they have activities/workshops/classes for kids. I'm sorry you're having such a hard time! And it does get lonely at the high school level - even in the city. It seems like most people put their kids back in school around 8th grade. Anytime we look for classes or activities, I have to email them and ask specifically if there are older kids - otherwise, we show up and it's a bunch of 8 year-olds and my 16 year-old (Um, awkward....). I hope you're able to find a good group of friends!
  5. I had to use boxed curriculum after having our 5th baby (like I mentioned above) - My Father's World and a year of Sonlight. Those ended up being a good couple of years! You do what you gotta do! lol
  6. If I have to give ourselves a label, I think we are probably considered Unit Study homeschoolers, but I use a lot of CM principles (copywork, narration, dictation, living books, classical science, etc). I actually have not met anyone IRL who homeschools like we do (I'm sure they're out there somewhere). I generally put together our unit studies myself. This year (in fact, it was ALL year), we studied Native America. We covered Native American history, the different tribes that lived throughout North America, contemporary literature written by NA authors, geography of North America....etc. Anyway, this was just a huge unit study - we're actually almost done - two weeks left and then we stop school until January (we're calendar year homeschoolers). In January, our unit studies are going to be much shorter (about 8-9 weeks), because this one was very long. We started burning out in October. I'm planning a unit study centered around The Manhattan Project during World War II. We have a bio of Einstein, that graphic novel about the making of the atomic bomb (Trinity), two kids are working through the 17 MicroChem Labs and one kid is working through 27 Intro to Chemistry Labs, we are going to do VEX IQ Robotics projects together. For art, I'm adding in how to sketch machine/robot/vehicle books and a book on drawing architecture. They are also reading future-themed books along with the Progeny Press guides. The high schoolers are reading Fahrenheit 451 (or whatever that number is - lol) and the middle schooler is reading A Wrinkle in Time. Sorry that was so long-winded. That's what we do. And we've done some prepared unit studies, too. We've done some My Father's World....a year of Sonlight. My youngest starts My Father's World Kindergarten in January.
  7. Yeah, I had plans to create a series of literature guides...but, I'm worried there isn't much of a market for things like that anymore. I don't know. Don't give up on your project!
  8. I thought it was fine.... *shrug* We're more science people. I didn't read it to her - she just read through the series herself. From what I saw, it seemed fine.
  9. Yeah, I'm worried about that, too. I've been on here for about 10 years and I've noticed a huge decrease in posts/threads. Also, there used to be so many conversations about different ways to teach kids, using living books, different things you can do for science, educational philosophies, etc 😞 And it's not just this forum. The Sonlight forums shut down this year. I don't think MFW has an active forum anymore. But, it's not really about the forums. I think people aren't having discussions about homeschooling like they used to. I almost think the newer homeschoolers don't want to talk about it or bounce ideas off anyone else. I've offered so many times now to bring curriculum or resources to newer homeschoolers so they could flip through it/look at it - but they are never interested. If you try to chat with them about what curriculum they use, they look at you like you're nuts. (I probably sound like a maniac chasing people around waiting rooms with my Teacher's Guide...) And FB is not a good substitute for these forums. Also, the FB groups (like the SL one) controlling what people post (like you can only post positive things about THEIR curriculum) aren't going to create good conversations. Not sure if that made any sense. I took um...I probably sounds crazy.
  10. We live right down the highway from TCU and know someone who teaches there. Look at its tuition. It is very, very, very expensive. They have all kinds of camps and stuff for kids during the summer, but it seems like anything associated with that place is unaffordable to Regular Joes. I know fraternities/sororities are a big deal there. They have a nice, safe campus. My son does track club meets there in the summer. UT Dallas would be much more affordable.
  11. Notgrass is two textbooks plus a map book and an additional workbook with original source readings in it. It has some literature books (can't remember how many - maybe 5?) that go with the textbooks. I thought the textbooks were very well done. Two of my kids used this. They claim they don't remember much (lol). Sonlight uses like 30 books and it also uses the Hakim's History of the US series. It includes everything - writing assignments, spelling, vocabulary, etc. One of my kids used this and they learned a TON.
  12. We really liked Notgrass America the Beautiful and one of my kids liked SL's core 100. I think the kid who did SL learned more....
  13. We live in TX and I can see 35 from my living room. I'm a couple of miles away from the #1 human trafficking location in the state. People in Texas are very aware of what's happening - it's just the rest of the country that isn't. And this stuff isn't just Texas along the border. We don't live along the border. The problems are all up and down the state. We have to be careful when our kids play outside. There are a lot of abduction attempts in this area. I always sit outside when they're out - even when the 12 year-old plays outside. The abduction attempts come in waves. When there's one in our area, I know there's going to be about 3-4, so we are extra careful. DD17 was even followed for several blocks by a car while she was walking the dog. It was the one time she didn't have a phone on her. She ended up just taking off running with the dog.
  14. Our school year is over in a couple of weeks, but I can tell you what I have so far for January. I'm having a really hard time coming up with a final plan for this kid. I would like her to continue with MFW, but she said she prefers curriculum that I put together. I'm really iffy on LA and Bible. Math: Dimensions Math (continuing - she really likes this program) Language Arts: I'm thinking about trying Total Language Plus, doing some Progeny Press guides....or Lightning Literature?? I can't decide. Either way, I want to start working through books slowly and use a literature guide. Music: Violin Bible: I'm thinking of using The Case for Christ for Kids/Case for a Creator/Case for Faith series Unit Studies: The first one is going to be a chemistry unit study. Reading a bio of Einstein + working through the 27 labs in a chem kit I bought from HST. I'm also planning a robotics unit study using VEX IQ and a unit study on Audubon.
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