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  1. It would be a lot for us, but it might be just fine for you guys! I recognize it as a Charlotte Mason line-up, which I love, but have always had a hard time implementing in real life.
  2. Hmmm... I actually kept our Singapore textbooks/teacher's guides. I'm glad. I wonder if they're still even compatible with their new workbooks - if ds4 ends up using Singapore. Which is another issue I notice lately. Everything constantly changing/updating, so what you own is useless after a couple of years. Ugh. Like the Sonlight stuff - every year it seems like they make some huge changes. (And I understand things like TWTM would need to be updated every once in a while, since books go out of print, etc.)
  3. Yeah, I think there would still be a market for curriculum where you have the option to use the library for readers, etc. I mean, you don't want to buy every book your kid ever reads. We would be swimming in books! I understand having packages where you can buy everything - for people who don't have access to good libraries. I ended up buying Wee Folk Art for was $5 for the summer guide + I had to buy 3 books on Amazon. Everything else was at the library. MFW has such good sales the past couple of years. I think they were around November/December, but they didn't have them this year. I'm really baffled as to why curriculum prices have gone up so much!
  4. And I think the older versions of SL are just fine, and probably better than the newer ones. My youngest would do really well with SL, so it's kind of a bummer that their IGs have skyrocketed in price....well, and they closed their forum...and they seem to be only catering to new homeschoolers.
  5. So, this is what I was wondering, too. The homeschool market has drastically changed in the last ten years and I'm wondering if the big price increases are because of it. I know stuff like the Singapore math workbooks, etc, haven't really changed in price, but I was looking at specifically MUS, SL, MFW, Oak Meadow...and some of those doubled or tripled in price. Also, there have been so many weird changes out there in the past year in the homeschooling world. Currclick is closing...the Homeschool Reviews Forum closed...Landry Academy....Sonlight closed its forums...there was another online curriculum provider that closed recently, but I can't remember it's name.
  6. I know, right! I'm starting to regret getting rid of stuff over the years.
  7. I'm not exactly an expert here....but there are facebook groups for buying/selling used curriculum. When I buy used curriculum, I tend to look on Ebay. I was looking on there last night and there's a bunch of stuff for sale, since it's almost summer. That would be a good place, I think. We have a homeschool store that buys used curriculum, but they don't give you much for it. I've sold my curriculum there before.
  8. Or is it just me? Am I just being a complainer? I'm starting to look around at curriculum again, because I'm starting this homeschooling thing all over again with my 4 year-old. I also have a high school senior, so I am in this twilight zone of homeschooling. Some of the curriculum I haven't looked at in years. I'm looking around at what I would like to do with ds4. Oak Meadow basically looks like it doubled in price from when my teens were little... I was on their website last night and was sticker-shocked. It seems like the Sonlight guides tripled in price, which is actually a bummer, because we did a SL year (and we all liked it) and I was leaning towards using SL with ds4. My Father's World had a great sale about a year and a half they didn't have that sale this year, so we didn't buy the next level for dd11. I remember paying a little over $100 for MFW K when dd14 was in Kindergarten. Now it's a little over $300 for the basic package. Mathusee has always been on the fringe of "way too expensive" for our family, but it seems like their prices have really gone up in the last couple of years, too. I've been browsing some newer curricula/homeschool books out there and a lot of it just seems overpriced for what it is. Peace Hill Press products haven't been tripling in price... Everything could be doubling in price, but our salaries aren't doubling - Lol. Have I finally lost my mind after homeschooling for 10 years and my imagination is running wild?
  9. I ended up buying something: Wee Folk Art. I had used the free version about 8-9 years ago when it first came out. They have a new version that you can pay for by season (I think I only paid $5 for the summer) and it's definitely improved. I had to buy a few books to go along with it: a music book/cd, a coloring book about ponds and nature and One Small Square- Pond. First week is tracking weather, which is fitting, because the weather here is crazy right now.
  10. Yes, that is a ton! It's more than what we're doing. We're not capable of having too many moving parts or we get overwhelmed. Good luck with your year!
  11. Lol. Yeah, homeschooling in Texas is enormous. We moved here about 10 years ago from Missouri and we were shocked. Never saw anything like it... It's like half the state homeschools.
  12. They do sports through a homeschool sports league. They travel and compete against mostly private schools (with multi-million dollar stadiums - lol - my son and I have some funny stories about that) and other homeschool leagues. Our homeschool league is actually really competitive. The football team has been state champs in the past and last year they were state semi-finalists. The volleyball team competed at a national level a few years ago. The baseball team is supposed to be really good. Yeah, we're not allowed to play with public schools. We're in Texas.
  13. The new homeschoolers aren't putting their stuff together on their own anymore or using unit studies. They're into online classes, virtual academies, university model schools/co-ops. I've been working on an idea I have to come out with downloadable literature studies, but I don't think there is a market for them and I'm probably wasting my time. *shrug* And I bought Miquon on currclick, too. :(
  14. I have 2 immediate family members who were diagnosed with it (one is a parent). You can PM me if you would like, but I'm probably not the best person to give advice. I do wish you luck, though. I hope you're able to get some answers!
  15. I am a huge fan of All About Spelling. I don't even buy anything but the Teacher's Manual and I teach it on a dry erase board. I used it for Kids #3 and #4 and I intend to use it with my youngest next year.
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