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  1. Thank-you! You know I always enjoyed reading your posts over the years, too. It seems like you were always having the same homeschooling issues we were and it was nice having someone to commiserate with (Lol). You and I both have creative, outside-the-box kids and it's been a crazy ride the last few years! I never envisioned the last semester of homeschooling involving so much paperwork! 😆
  2. Sorry I couldn't come up with a more creative title, but thank-you, SWB and everyone else who has answered all of my dumb questions over the years. My oldest is about finished with high school. I'm setting her graduation date as December 1st, but she probably only has about 8 weeks of school left. She is starting at our CC next semester with the goal of transferring into a BSN program after she finishes her core curriculum. The CC has beginning and intermediate yeah, she basically wants to go there to take sailing. Lol. We followed WTM writing suggestions from the beginning and ya' know...she ended up a really good writer! She's a better writer than I was at that age. She's a great reader, too. Constantly reading something or listening to podcasts (lol)... She did end up fulfilling all the goals for the Congressional Award, Silver Medal. We're turning in all the paperwork now. I'm making a huge packet for her right now with transcripts, lists of awards, sports records that she broke during high school, activities, volunteer work, etc. I do have 4 more to graduate, but I did want to say, "Thank-you!" as I get ready to graduate this one.
  3. No advice, but we live in Texas and we are just miserable right now. Even the 4 year-old is starting to complain about the heat.
  4. Have you read The Well-trained Mind? It would probably give you a good idea of what resources are out there for each subject and how to piece together a curriculum without buying curriculum (especially the older editions of TWTM). Also, you don't have to buy a curriculum for history and science. Library books were always sufficient at that age. Don't feel like you have to recreate school at home. I pulled my oldest two out of school because I think the public schools' way of doing things is awful. I don't want to recreate it at home, too. The Story of the World series is awesome. I've read through it with 4 kids now...even I've learned a lot. If you're looking at boxed curricula, we've really enjoyed My Father's World for the younger crowd. This was the first year in a few years that I didn't buy MFW, because they didn't have a very good sale (and I just couldn't afford it this time) and dd11 is missing it. Other curricula we've enjoyed....Five in a Row (ds4 is starting this next year)...Beyond Five in a Row...Real Science 4 Kids...Apologia Zoology, Botany and Anatomy...Janice Van Cleave science books...KONOS unit studies...Prairie Primer (a unit study based on the Little House books)...Sonlight (but we've only used the high school cores).
  5. Yep, we're done with the SAT. My other kids will be taking the ACT.
  6. I'm not going to bother. I asked the admissions counselor at the college my kids want to go to and they looked at me like I was crazy. They said no, it's not necessary. I think she was thinking, "Please, don't send me all that!" Lol
  7. Around 4 years ago, I started a similar thread. I wanted to continue following the 4-year history cycle, but wasn't sure how that would work out with what colleges expect. I could try to find it, but I'm not very good at searching on here. We're applying to a public university here in TX and you're right, they're expecting our homeschoolers' transcripts to look similar to the public school ones. They don't want unique. And to qualify for a certain scholarship through the school we're applying to, they want you to have the whole world history/modern US history/economics/US government package on your transcript. Do you have a copy of The Well-Trained Mind? In the high school section, there's a few pages where she breaks things down like they would look on a transcript. You would need to add economics...if the colleges are looking for that, but otherwise, I would use her outline for transcripts. It would still work out to world history/modern US history/government.
  8. Don't feel bad. I did that for years and it worked just fine. The only reason I plan so much is I'm teaching 5 and 3 are in high school.
  9. Singapore and Dolciani are going to be a step down from Art of Problem Solving (IMO). I think the Cambridge books will be, too - but that's just a guess. If you're at that point where AOPS is not enough, I would start looking at college math courses - either texts or online courses. I have mostly fine arts kids (rolling my eyes, because they would cry and attack me with their paintbrushes if I found them online math enrichment - lol), so I'm not super-knowledgeable, but it seems like MIT and Harvard both had open-source online courses? I know there is Coursera, also. Here's a list I found on MIT's website: I stumbled upon some courses on Harvard's open source site, too, but you would have to do some googling, because their website was more complicated than MIT's. There's also some higher math on Khan Academy... Not exactly AOPs, but Life of Fred has some unusual math courses for high school. My oldest is working through the Statistics textbook right now and we both really like it. He has Linear Algebra, Real Analysis, a book that covers Set Theory/Topology/Abstract Arithmetic... If we had time, I would work through the Linear Algebra book with dd17, but she is graduating in December.
  10. This was dd's first SAT. She thinks she scored very high on the English section -which is what we were predicting based on the practice tests. I must've done something right in our homeschool's English department, because all of my teens are only missing a couple of questions on English practice tests. She ran out of time on the Essay section, but she said she wrote a good essay. She's a very good writer and she knows how to play the SAT essay game (lol - we practiced), so I think she did fine. She thinks she bombed the math. She said it was math she did like in middle school and hadn't seen in years. She said there was no higher math on there. All the higher math she studied on the Khan Academy SAT prep was a waste - circle theorems, trigonometry... Nothing from her Saxon. She was very shocked and upset. I was afraid this would happen. She's taking Statistics this year instead of Calculus, but apparently, neither of those show up on the SAT anyway. Hoping she did better on the math than she felt like she did... *cringe*
  11. My son (currently 16) could not read until age 9. This is actually why I pulled him and his sister out of public school. He didn't even know his letter sounds. He also couldn't He cried when he wrote. One time (he was about 6), I asked him to copy a sentence. He threw the pencil down, screamed, jumped up out of the chair, ran into the wall, took off running down the hallway and into his bedroom, screaming. I just kept working with him consistently. He would read McGuffey Readers to me...he went through all the levels of Writing with Ease and the first two Writing with Skill books. We did a lot of narrations. Entire notebooks full of them. We did all levels of Wordsmith. By 8th grade, he used an AP English text for English that year. He read through SL 300 last year. He's written several research papers and he is probably my BEST writer - out of all my kids. He was taking a class a couple of years ago and the teacher was using my son's writing as an example for the class. LOL. (We all thought that was hilarious). Like my oldest, he also scores very high on SAT English practice tests. I've been telling him he would do really well as an English major, but he wants to go into medicine.
  12. I would choose the SL core, but that's just a matter of personal preference. HOD always looked really dry to me for some reason. We've 2 levels of SL now...but only the high school levels. My plan is for dd11 to do SL HBL W (one year world history next year) and then HBL 100 the year after that. I cringe giving SL any of my money. I don't feel like they care about their customers. They completely turned off their forum this year... Their IG prices have skyrocketed, when most of their IG s are just over-glorified reading schedules with some comprehension questions thrown in. Their writing assignments at the high school level are really strange - we stick to our own writing. Unfortunately, some of my kids really SL, so I'm probably trapped buying their stuff. On a positive note, our last school year using cores 100 and 300 was one of our best school years... My teens learned a TON.
  13. We're on Week 5 of our school year, so I am starting to take a look at the next one already. I plan for 5 kids at different levels, so it takes me a very long time to plan a school year. I have a blank notebook just for planning a school year. I list all of the subjects I want to teach each kid that school year and then start filling them in with what resources I want to use for that subject. I'll take notes all over the notebook of stuff I find online. After I have a general list of books, etc that I want to use, I create an Excel spreadsheet by week - actually similar to the one on Ambleside Online's website. I list all the subjects along the top and the weeks down the side. I break everything apart onto the spreadsheet - including labs, writing assignments, research papers, movies to watch for the course, etc.
  14. It would be a lot for us, but it might be just fine for you guys! I recognize it as a Charlotte Mason line-up, which I love, but have always had a hard time implementing in real life.
  15. Hmmm... I actually kept our Singapore textbooks/teacher's guides. I'm glad. I wonder if they're still even compatible with their new workbooks - if ds4 ends up using Singapore. Which is another issue I notice lately. Everything constantly changing/updating, so what you own is useless after a couple of years. Ugh. Like the Sonlight stuff - every year it seems like they make some huge changes. (And I understand things like TWTM would need to be updated every once in a while, since books go out of print, etc.)
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