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  1. Yes. DD12 uses Dimensions, but she's in the upper levels. My husband was originally an engineering major and has excellent math skills. Even HE couldn't answer some of the Challenge Problems. Sometimes, I can't answer them without using algebra.
  2. Oh, no... Over the spring semester, dd18's college kept their online meeting times at the same time they were originally scheduled to meet in-person. I'm assuming this semester is the same. What a headache!!
  3. We did them full-time for years! Sometimes I put them together myself...sometimes I bought stuff...sometimes I used free unit studies that I found online.
  4. That's absolutely terrible. You have to make an appointment to use the bathroom? There are several threads on the college sub-forum about our kids' colleges and what's happening in the fall. I have a long thread where I whine about our college (which now I'm thankful after reading your post!). Lol.
  5. Sue Elvis? She has a blog and there are interviews of her online on various websites. Her kids sound incredible. I've always been fascinated with unschooling and I suspect our family would've done wonderfully with it. I just could never find anyone else who unschools, online support of any we never made the leap. I also could not get past the how to do transcripts/high school credits thing in my mind (if you're an unschooler). There was another unschooling family that sounded incredible - and she had a blog. Her kids ended up going to college and one became an attorney....anyway, she took her blog down after they graduated. ☹️ I thought about unschooling ds5 this fall, but unschooling during a pandemic would be hard, I think.
  6. I don't know how much info I really want to post on here, but, yes, we have been exposed so many times now that I can't remember - maybe 6 times (starting in March)? We currently know 5-6 people who either just had it (in the past couple of weeks) or currently have it (and yes, they were tested). Everyone we know who's had it said it was mild. About 3-4 days and then it went away. I am 99% sure at this point that our entire family is just immune to it. I posted about this a few months ago, but we were exposed to it in March/April (? can't remember now) at dh's work. The other person that shares his office came to work with it, even though they suspected they had it. We got sick about 4 days later. Me, dd18 and dd15 were mildly sick for a few days and then it just went away. Every time we were exposed has been at a workplace (either dh's or dd18's). People keep going to work when they're sick.
  7. Good thing you registered for the training! Extra money is always good, too! I'm not looking forward to the headache of dd18 telling me "I can't log on"...."I can't hear the teacher"......"the internet isn't working right"......ugh. I feel for you trying to teach classes online with these kids!
  8. Oh, I didn't see that. I'm going to look at the local news this afternoon (after all my cooking - sigh). I agree with you on the 180. My kids are all homeschooled, but I listen to our school district superintendent's updates and he said on Wednesday "be prepared".... Yeah, I think they're not going back, which is really sad. My neighbors' 8 kids - who do not speak English at home and have no books in their house - will not have been in a school for SIX months. The older ones (about 12-13) just started going to school for the first time about 3 years ago. They will never catch up. ☹️ And they have a 5 year old boy (same age as ours) - there's no way he's going to be able to do Kindergarten online when the parents don't even speak English. What a mess, guys!!
  9. This is what happened to dd18. And they dropped/changed half the teachers she specifically enrolled for. She was upset, because she really liked those teachers. Several weeks ago, we were told by our governor that "everyone will be going to school in the fall." Do you guys remember that announcement? lol. And I know he was talking about the public schools....but if the public schools are allowed to go back, I'm assuming it's ok for the college students to go back. But, now I'm thinking none of the colleges will go back and neither will the public schools. ☹️ Not blaming anyone, but what a difference a few weeks makes. I'm upset that she won't go on campus this fall, but I am also a little relieved. We know 6 people with covid right now, so it's going around this area.
  10. Yes, I always keep a transcript "in progress" throughout high school. I also keep records of every book they read, all curriculum we use, any sports, any sports records they break, awards, volunteer work, activities. It's basically all in one file. The problem I was having was the darn formatting on Word! I felt like I couldn't cram all of the information in there and if I pressed the wrong button, everything just moved around and it was frustrating moving it all back....I was using a really tiny font to try to fit everything on there. Anyway, yeah, I was ripping my hair out. No, fasttranscripts just has one format. It's by school year. I wish it had different options. Maybe there's another one out there that does. The funny thing was - after all that agonizing over everything - dd18 handed her transcripts to the admissions office and they pulled them out of the envelope, glanced at them for a second and just threw them in a drawer. 😂 I was like "but...but...don't you want to sit there and admire them for a moment????!"
  11. She's going to a community college in north Texas. Which I felt kinda bad about at first, but now - after this 2020 experience - whew! I am so glad we did. 😂 She's working towards a BSN, so we were originally trying to keep her student debt as low as possible (nurses aren't millionaires). Also, she didn't want to go away to college....she still lives at home with us.
  12.'s getting weirder. We started periodically checking her course list. The teachers' names are disappearing from the courses. One of the courses was replaced by another teacher and a bunch of others are blank. She is mad, because some of the sections she chose because of the teacher. She had two of the teachers last semester and wanted to continue with the same teachers this semester. She added Photography I. *shrug* What a mess...
  13. *Raising hand* We're also January-December schoolers. DD12 skipped a teetering between about 2-3 grade levels. Here's her plan for the next school year: Dimensions Math (continuing), but at some point I'm switching her to Saxon Algebra 1 Komm Mit 1 (German) Easy Grammar Plus (2nd half), Sequential Spelling, Copywork, Dictation, Written Narrations Story Starters (she has some issues with writing) Bible - reading New Testament Masterbooks Applied Engineering Sonlight Core J (I am not using the IG this time - every time we do SL, I only make it about 6 weeks before we dump the IG, just doing it preemptively this time)
  14. In a sudden fit of hysteria....after spending months agonizing over dd18's transcripts last year, I bought a subscription to It was 5 bucks. I plugged everything in, saved it and printed 3 gazillion copies. Done! 😂 I'm doing that again in December with ds17.
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