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  1. Thank you! How frustrating that you couldn't get them to work. That's why I'm trying to see what other options there are. They aren't inexpensive, they're hard to find, and I can't find many reviews about them. We don't have a Fitbit, so that isn't an option. I guess I'll keep looking. Thanks again!
  2. I know a number of people have used the Oak Meadow Integrated Health and Fitness course. I'm having trouble finding the heart rate monitor that they recommend. Has anyone either had any luck finding it or used a different one? Just a plain one, not a Fitbit or anything like that. (When I called OM, they said many of their students were using Fitbits.) TIA
  3. ((((Sadie))))) I’m so sorry this is happening.
  4. Praying for you and your family. And echoing earlier sentiments that you’re a concerned mama, not a hypocrite.
  5. Thinking of you and praying for your family today.
  6. We’ve done this the past few years and taken the donation to a food bank on Epiphany.
  7. For those of you who write daily, how long do you usually spend on it? I’ve decided to try it this year for the first time. We’ll see how it goes!
  8. Thanks! I found one site that talked about some of the variations, such as number of stitches on each side of the point and stitch height. I think it only mentioned adding three stitches at the top and skipping two at the bottom. I haven’t done enough crocheting to know if that is something that can be altered without totally messing it up! ;) A video is a good idea. Maybe I can find one that talks about the chevron pattern in general and get an idea of how it works and then use the number of stitches from the book.
  9. The book makes it sound so easy! Ten stitches up to the top, add one, nine stitches down to the bottom, skip one. Most of the patterns I’ve looked at seem very different. I saw somewhere that the author was asked if it was a real pattern and she said it is and that she’s made a number of blankets with it! I’m new to crochet, so I was hoping to find a simple explanation of it.
  10. Thank you! I’ll take a look at that.
  11. I was curious if any crocheters familiar with the book Esperanza Rising could tell me if the crochet pattern that Abuelita teaches Esperanza is an actual pattern. It sounds easy, but I can't find any zigzag or wave patterns that seem as simple as what is described in the book. Thanks!
  12. Thanks! That is one that I was looking at that Costco sells. Good to know that you're still using the original toner. I didn't realize that it didn't do duplexing.
  13. I've been going back and forth on whether or not to replace the ink on my inkjet printer or switching to a laser printer. I definitely want color printing. Bonus points if I can buy it at Costco!
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