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  1. I've looked at that program before and decided against it at the time. I'll keep it in mind. Maybe a better foundation in sound manipulation is the way to go, so that she's not working as hard when she gets to the words. I'll look into barton. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. my usual prompt it to give her the sound if it's the vowel she got wrong, and ask her, "what's that sound?" if she gets the ending sound wrong.
  3. If reading a progressive phonics book she does guess a lot - she's good at guessing with context. individually she blends words really well, just makes mistakes still.
  4. wow thanks for all the links! I'll spend some time today looking into all this information. The interesting thing about her blending is that some of the time she blends a word very very well. She sounds each sound, and says the word. She doesn't need to blend the first two together before adding the ending. Other times, the exact same word gives her trouble. Thus the flash-cards - I put a star on the back each time she blends it correctly.
  5. Yes, I did the Barton screening but it's been a while and I can't remember what the results were, I'd have to pull it out again to see. I remember she needed some work on a couple things so I pieced together those in what I was doing with her. I don't have letter tiles, that might be a good investment - I have a lot of magnet letters that we used while working on letter tiles. She's really good at individual letters, but once they are put together, she has trouble. It's like her brain scrambles things when she can't identify them individually. I haven't committed to a single program y
  6. I don't know if my experience will help or not, but as I figure out what's going on with my own kids I've realized that I likely have dyscalculia myself, but as I was gifted, my difficulties in math were missed (I was still testing "ahead" in math). I distinctly remember the feeling of numbers being these slippery things that no matter how hard I tried, they wouldn't stay put in my head the way they should. Like climbing a cliff with my fingernails, desperate to hang onto enough of the "process" to keep the numbers doing what they were supposed to be doing. A lot of times I'd go to solve a pro
  7. DD6 has dyslexia and low working memory. We have had to explicitly teach a lot of language skills (like using proper pronouns, proper verb tenses, etc.) and it took her a full year of orton-gillingham work to get letter sounds down. We've progressed to cvc words, and her working memory is finally able to hold a word in her head long enough to be successful at both sounding out three letters and blend them together as well as break the sounds apart to write a cvc word down. She's more consistently able to write cvc words down than she is at sounding them out to read. But she still has
  8. I've got an evaluation scheduled - it should be covered by our health sharing plan. In the meantime I've had opportunity to meet with an OT and a behaviorist on an informal level. The behaviorist is a friend of a friend and gave us quite a few methods to help his behavior including a picture schedule, sleep aid, and specifics on how to manage extreme fits. She was thrilled with how I can mirror talk and said that's a great method to help. The OT was a personal friend, whe've used her services in the past, and I got a lot of info on how to put together an intense sensory diet. She also
  9. I switched to cloth pads because of painful cramping and heavy bleeding. The first month was significantly better. Instead of 7 days of painful cramping and heavy bleeding, I have 4 days of light bleeding and mild cramps. Will never go back to disposable again!
  10. I'll look that up, thanks for the suggestion. I'm all ears right now because I know the behavior isn't normal and I need help with it. Even if my mil has her head stuck in the sand. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. This is something my husband is very against. He wants me home with the kids and homeschooling. Our circumstances will Change in June one way or another so we are very close... So close I can taste it, lol. Plan A is a new job but plan B gets us out of the yard. I can't explain much more than that at the moment but Change is coming. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. This is a big idea... And recognizing several of the clinical terms that would be accurate for her means that I cannot expect her to respond certain ways. For example she's made choices that I cannot share on here that mean she is not trustworthy and expecting her to be trustworthy would be like expecting an addict to not drink if given the option even after several years sober. It's an interesting thought process to look at it from a clinical perspective and helps take a lot of the emotion out of it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. you have put to words what I've been trying to figure out. I've lived by these rules somewhat but broke then yesterday when I opened my mouth. She's a very unhappy person based on some life decisions she's made and as much as she couches everything in "love" (and I'm not doubting she does love the kids) she's not really in a healthy place to give wise advise. And I do think she's very defensive about a lot... She lectured my 9 yo dd the other day because dd asked if g-ma ate Ice Cream a lot. (Innocent question from dd because dh loves ice cream too) mil went on about how many snacks dd ea
  14. My gut says the majority is sensory overload. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Not until August. I've got an OT contact and a behavioral therapist contact scheduled for an informal chat this week though. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Yes! You are so right about the picky eating ! Only, Her method of dealing with picky eating was to serve the same 3 foods he would eat for every meal. I am actively working to figure out which foods he can tolerate and why and ensure he gets adequate nutrition in the meantime. Mil thinks the possibility of a nutritional deficiency is ridiculous... Her words not mine. She feels I'm creating problems by working on this. But she Also feels eczema isn't a problem for a child to deal with, even if you know a food causes it... If it were up to her, she wouldn't remove the food and just treat the ec
  17. Lol, I really wanted to just turn around and leave without saying anything. Let her draw her own conclusions. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. My mother-in-law is one of those types who has strong opinions and tries to share them "out of kindness" and I was on the receiving end of a 30 minute "good conversation" (ie lecture) yesterday about my parenting and issues with my son. My son, for background, has increasing behavior issues and turned 4 in January. I've been receiving advice on the LC board and our pediatrician, and the current consensus is that we need a good behavioral assessment. In the meantime we've been working though diet changes and adding OT into our day. His behavior is explosive and unpredictable and becoming mo
  19. We have insurance coverage through a health sharing plan that does not have much "mental health" type coverages. I'll have to call to see what they will cover exactly. -edited for privacy- My frustration with getting on that waiting list isn't the potential label, it's the not treating or doing anything for all that time. Is that really my best/only option??
  20. I know many of you have pressed me to get my son (4 years old this past January) formally evaluated several times and I do have a message into the pediatrician about his behavior and my concerns about waiting until next month to follow up on the diet/OT stuff we've been doing. Today I carried him around Aldi's while he cried at the top of his lungs and refusing to walk because I said no to a lunchable. (thankful for sympathetic fellow shoppers) Then a switch flipped and he was giving kisses (to make me happy) and speaking pleasantly by the time we got to the register to pay. I avoid going
  21. I understand what you are saying. I'll see if I can get on that waiting list the same time I go for the ot eval. It's a pretty big deal that I've found a dr. who agrees with me, our last ped. Blew me off and said his behavior was normal. So at least I feel like I'm making progress. Maybe I'll contact the dr. This week instead of waiting the 3 weeks we have left until his next apt. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. The SLP eval was articulation and comprehension based on age-appropriate norms. He was receiving services for a while, then it was consult only, then a final eval and she determined that he was within age-appropriate norms. (this was a PROMPT certified SLP whom I trust with my life). The Sensory processing checklist we filled out indicated that he has some sensory avoiding issues and the Dr. made some suggestions to work on regarding that and we are supposed to go back for a followup after a 6 week food trial to ensure that it is not food allergies causing difficulties. One of the suggest
  23. He can connect dot to dots but not always in a straight line. I've not tried tracing lines. He is working through lolipop logic with me and doing well. he can do easy puzzles. The thing that's caused most of my concern was behavior... He'll throw big fits and shut down and be non-communicative. He's got serious attachment issues and thew a big fit last night when he had to go home with dad because I was going to swing through the store. He didn't really calm down before I got home and I had to finish getting him ready for bed. He often won't go to his church class and it took a minor miracl
  24. Here is a picture he drew for me last night of a person. he worked painstakingly at it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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