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  1. I saw the video and all I could think was that he was also impaired, drunk or high. His driving was just like those drunk drivers I have seen on the road here in FL.
  2. I'm enjoying the WEMA class I'm taking, and adding more options in the future would be great... I second all the suggestions made by Tawlas... I would sign up for any o f those classes.. especially the history and writing class. I would add a science thought discussion class, that follows the books discussed in The Story of Western Science: From the Writings of Aristotle to the Big Bang Theory . I would love that.
  3. I would second the suggestion of doing both the WTMA Expository 1 and Creative writing - budget permitted... We are currently doing expository writing and my daughter loves it.. She also loves more creative writing so for the fall (budget permitted) will do Expository 2 and the semester course of creative writing 1 with WTMA - if not she'll do the expository 2 online with WTMA and creative writing 1 at home with me. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Hi, You may want to consider the series Step by Step: http://www.amazon.com/Step-1A-Intorduction-Successful-Practice/dp/1589512022 I have used it with my kids (currently 2 violinists)... It has all the songs of the suzuki method. It has extra exercises and some "extra" songs to reinforce the technique... but the selling point (and help) to you is that when you have the book open on the left hand side is the song or exercise written out with string/finger (aka fingering chart style) and on the right side its written in regular music... The same ones.. This way To learn to re
  5. Hi, I would like some advice. I have samples of my daughter's work below (narrations) - 2 from history and 2 from Writing. She's 8 years old (almost 9 - just at the very end of the year). Grade: 4th grade. I'm looking for input on her narration work. We're working on Narrative Summaries (WWE 2). I have her write down her own narrations, without the intermediate step of my copying them down for her. However, I do have her to tell them to me first aloud. Sometimes she wants to include too many details, and at other times she's too quick and wants to move on and so then her narrat
  6. My Oldest is 7.8 years old... ;-) Kate
  7. Anne... True... And that was one of my concerns (burning out) - she has such a love for learning and for homeschool as do I - but I just didn't want to burn out ourselves.. So I think I'll just continue as we had originally planned for the summer - tons of experiments and field trips (she helped planned) and some history projects - you know unstructured fun things - seat down and read books - but not bookwork or worksheets or anything structure (like we do over the school year).... I think that sounds like a plan.. :glare:
  8. Laura, Thanks... I feel much better about it - with the input you guys have provided... I guess "less guilty" is more of an accurate term... :) Kate
  9. Yep.. I hear you... :iagree: Thanks - true statement around here as well - I need to write this as a reminder to see daily (to calm down those "A" tendencies" :D ) :lol: Thanks...
  10. Hi, I have a question :confused: that's been nagging me for quite a while (actually the last few weeks since my daughter's yearly evaluation that only gets strong as the summer approaches). First, a bit about the situation: My personality - If you are familiar with the Type A :smash: / Type B :001_cool: Theory and know what I mean when I say that I'm a Type AB :biggrinjester:, then you have a clear vision of how I'm. If not, well Type AB is a profile for people who cannot be clearly categorized as either Type A or Type B - since they share traits from both profiles equally (So yes m
  11. This is a great idea - thanks for sharing... I'm here like "Why didn't I think of that?" LOL
  12. I think it depends on the situation... This is how we use it at home: For Vol. 1 - I had both the Audio and the Textbook... we would listen to the Audio in the car, and I would read to her (during the beginning), mostly because she used to have questions or wanted me to repeat a "funny" part again.. but towards the end of vol. 1 - more and more was just the CD - mostly because she had heard the CD so often she already knew the stories... During Ancients we bought all of the Audio CDs - which we listen from Vol. 1-3 in a car trip... Now for Vol. 2 - we use the Audio only - mostly
  13. Still interested. Hollywood, Florida
  14. Hi there from another South FLorida mama. We have a homeschooling meetup, in case you are interested.



  15. I second this (Program suggested by krazzymommy).... We are using Accountable kids - I think since my daughter was 3 and she's now 6.5 - she loves it (we love it)...... Now I know you (parias1126) mentioned doing it on your own, you could improvise your own materials for the charts but I would recommend getting the Book - is worth the investment to understand the program and then adapt it to your own family.... Kate
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