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  1. Is there a file somewhere with this for the year?? That would be incredible!
  2. Hi! I have recently done a lot of research on Jacobs Algebra with the Callahan dvds. Dr Callahan has a youtube video about all the resources, since there has been confusion over new and old texts. There is only 1 edition of Elementary Algebra, so every book is essentially the same. I think that the new Masterbook text has a few cultural changes (like, omitting a comic strip with someone smoking) but all the resources line up. I purchased an old print of the tm and text and it aligns with Callahan's dvds, solutions manual, and tests.
  3. I am struggling with science for my 7th grader next year. We have done RSO Chem and are in Physics now, but I don't want to use them for Biology 2. Novare is very interesting to me but the labs are expensive. I wish I could take a close look at their text books before buying.
  4. Yeah, a man in our church keeps and extracts bees so last year he got my husband and son into it. We have a hive on the side of our house and have pulled 12 pint jars of honey from last year - it's been really cool.
  5. We are almost completely continuing with the same curriculum we've had. Glad it's works for us and I haven't had to try out a lot of different curriculums. Science is the only completely new thing for us. Spelling - AAS 5 Writing - WWE 3 Math - MUS Epsilon History - SOTW 3 Science - RSO Chem, CLP Nature Reader 4 Latin - Latina Christiana (second half) Books - Reading Roadmap 4th grade list We also rotate through a morning basket routine 3 days a week with memory work (scriptures & Latin) plus: Mon - Hymns for a Child's Heart, Impressionist Art Cards Tues - Storybook Bible, Literature (Dickens, Grimm's Fairy Tales, Just So Stories) Thurs - Wisdom from the Millers, Composer Study (squilt/composer coloring pages) Extras: Beekeeping (fall and spring) Piano (year round) Basketball (in the winter) Maybe an electives co-op?
  6. Here are my plans for next year. I am not doing a separate writing or grammar curriculum, because I feel grammar gets covered in Latin and writing through other subject dictation, narrations, and copy work. Is that right thinking? My son will be 8 and has done well with these curricula in the past (except Latin is new and I don't mind going slowly with it). I plan to do cursive over the summer... HWOT? Daily Math - MUS Delta Spelling - AAS 4 Latin - Latina Christiana 1 Read Alouds (with weekly dictation) 2x/Week Science - Space & Astronomy/Earth Science (probably lapbooking one topic each semester) Science/Reading/Writing - CLP Nature Reader 3 History/Writing - SOTW 3 OR American Pioneers and Patriots Extra - Dance Mat Typing also beekeeping and keeping a basic journal of observations.
  7. We are pretty happy with our set up this year, but I bought a science workbook the other day to add to our routine. Our current science is great, but an exercise more in reading that science information. Here's what we do that has worked so far Math: MUS Beta w/MM topic books added in Readers: Free and Treadwell Phonics: AAS 2 History: SOTW 1 w/narration, copy work , color pages, and map work Science: CLP Nature Reader 1 w/narration, copy work, and drawing Recorder: 9 Note Recorder Extra: TypingClub.com We were going to do a lot more with sotw, but listening to the audio and then doing work from the activity guide has been perfect. I had great plans for composer studies and art studies and that has not panned out.
  8. I use Math U See beta with some of the topical math mammoth workbooks. I follow mus' order of lessons and then go more in depth with money, geometry, clocks, measurement, (and maybe one more topic) wherever it fits. I love mus, but like the additional viewpoints for those areas. I've never understood how people do two curriculums independent of each other back and forth.
  9. We used IEW's Pal Reading course VERY slowly starting at 4 and finishing when he was 5. I didn't do the writing portion, but it set us up so that he is now just doing AAS and reading books at a 2nd & 3rd grade level, he is 6.5yrs now. We will follow the same program with siblings - you can get it on sale through Mardel.
  10. In my pottery class in jr high we had to start each class with a draw start - I loved them! Which books would be good for a first grader boy?
  11. We are doing AAS and WWE the Complete Writer (not workbook) using excerpts I choose from books we are reading (following Reading Roadmap's booklist). I liked the look of ELtL but wanted the freedom to pick the literature.
  12. I learned from this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B37fZn3x17E
  13. Lame! I know media mail and the cost of a mailer can't be $10. Oh well - I don't attend conventions so I guess I have to spend it :/ ETA I do understand they have to pay someone to package it up... I just wish it went media mail.
  14. I just need the Beta student pack ($30) and the cheapest shipping for it is $10.14... has it always been that expensive?
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