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  1. Actually that's not true. There has been more flooding in the USA recently and the intensity of the flooding is greater. What Does 500 Year Flood Really Mean An easy (and non-biased way) to confirm this is to look at what the insurance industry is doing.
  2. When it's the right time. She's only 9. But there is already some grieving as she learns about animals that gone extinct. My observation has been that kids start worrying about climate change when they are in their young teens. Some children are affected at a younger age because they are personally affected by weather events. Today's children are much more likely to be affected by catastrophic weather events than I was as a child. Every year the fires and flooding are more widespread so every year more kids are personally affected.
  3. I've never had a discussion about any of these things with my daughter. She doesn't know anything about climate change. She's learned about endangered animals in school. She attended a presentation in kindergarten about conserving water (we live in the desert) and went through a short period of not wanting to waste water.
  4. Thanks so much for your thoughts! There are stages to accepting the reality of climate change. I think I've been on the journey for about a decade. At first, I didn't think too much about it because I assumed that there would be some invention that would come along and fix everything. People have always worked everything out before, so why not now? But I've learned more over the last several years and it required putting aside what I wanted to see. I'm fairly well read in history so I knew that it wasn't really true that people have always been able to figure things out to make things right. I know that some people in some places made good choices and that other people didn't. I know that luck has way too much to do with survival. That's very uncomfortable to consider. When I began to realize that the best case scenario wasn't all that great, I had my "holy crap!" moment. I've read about how children need to be allowed to grieve over climate change. They won't have the future they should have and there isn't much they can do about it. We parents have to allow ourselves to grieve for our children's futures too. But allowing our children and ourselves to grieve requires honesty which is where education comes in.
  5. This is a weird question and I'm sure it's not something many people think about. I definitely do not want to have a political discussion. We accept that climate change in real in our family and I believe that we are already feeling the effects today. I think our children (my daughter is 9) will live in a very different world, to say the least. Education is usually undertaken with optimism for the future. We want our kids to go to college and get nice middle class jobs, buy a house, have children of their own, etc, etc, etc. What should our children's education look like if we are not optimistic about the future? I just read this article today and it sums up my thoughts about the future. The End of the World will be a Non-Event How do we prepare our kids for that world? My thoughts are to emphasis the liberal arts. Teach my daughter how to think for herself. I remember reading something (not sure if it was fiction or non-fiction) about Holocaust survivors reciting Goethe. It stuck with me.
  6. We have no local family so I probably can't understand the mentality of families' buying up large blocks of tickets. But what's with that? I wouldn't want to attend my niece's, cousin's, whatever's dance recitals. But it always seems like the other kids have both sets of grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins at all of my daughter's performances. I think it's crazy.
  7. What we have to remember is that if a child is in school all day, he/she should really not have to additional work outside of school. The further along I got in afterschooling, the more I realized that my daughter needed the free time more than the afterschooling. A modern kid spends hours of every day in school and then hours at home in the evening doing homework. Their day is totally scheduled and controlled.
  8. This is one of the reasons that we are homeschooling next year. My daughter is only in the 3rd grade now but every year, it got harder to do work after school due to the homework load.
  9. We're pulling our daughter out to homeschool next school year. She will be in the 4th grade. We live in Arizona which seems to have few requirements for homeschooling parents. What kind of record keeping should I do for a 4th grader? I know the state does not require anything but should I still keep records of what books we read, what we study, etc? The state's mandatory attendance (180 days) does not apply to homeschooled kids but should I still track attendance? If I were to enroll DD in a school at some point, would I need to provide any of our records? For late elementary, is a booklist sufficient record of what is studied?
  10. I'm the one who made that claim. Yes, it might be overgeneralized. It is so offensive to suggest that the Birmingham bombing is an example of anti-Christian bigotry when racist bigotry is the reason the church existed in the first place. Why were their black churches and white churches in the south? American Christians do not live in fear for their lives for being Christians. You can't dispute this.
  11. Here's my struggle with both-sidisms when discussing anti-semitism. There's really only one side that has the power to act on its bigotry. Also, both-sidism deflects blame.
  12. The examples you gave are not examples of people being persecuted because they are Christians. There is a big difference between Christians disliking other Christians and "anti-Christian" bigotry. You may not like the tactic but you're the one who made the claim about far left bigots. Who are these far left bigots?
  13. I specifically mentioned the United States. I note that you did not address my request for members of the "far left" who are bigoted against Jews.
  14. I think whenever we talk about MLK, we must be careful of not picking those sayings that make us feel good and ignoring what makes us feel uncomfortable. King's Message of Non-Violence has been Distorted Please provide examples of "bullies and bigots" on the "far left" who hate Jews and Muslims. Anti-Christian should not even listed with the other "anti's" in your list. Christians have never be subject to any kind of persecution in the United States; not inthe past or now.
  15. Prove that you've done the work. What have you read? What have you done?
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