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  1. I don't think it's that the president has more powers than envisioned in the Constitution. The president is acting within the confines of the Constitution but not in a way that was envisioned by the FFs. First, because our congress is so deadlocked, the last few presidents have promulgated (not sure it's the appropriate word to use) executive orders. EOs are essentially laws but not actually laws. Hard to explain. A law is still in effect after there is a new congress while an EO can be scrapped easily by a new administration. Most of the controversial things done by Trump were EOs such as the
  2. I don't think saying that this is the most secure election in US history means that there is no fraud. There is always some fraud in every election. The question is whether there is enough evidence that the fraud was significant or made a difference in the outcome. That is what is missing here. There is always fraud and there are always errors. That's why each state has a threshold for an automatic recount. I believe there were slight variations in the vote totals during all of the recent recounts. The GA SOS mentioned during his recent interview with 60 Minutes that there were a few instances
  3. I don't intend this to sound like an attack but everyone claims to use "common sense." What is "common sense" anyway?
  4. Behind a paywall so I can't read it but it is true that the FFs did not intend for an imperial presidency. The FFs got a few things very wrong. The electoral college is a good example. Many governments have been modeled on the USA but NO ONE has copied the EC. I think they also misunderstood how the president would become more powerful than the rest of the government. I think they underestimated the very human need for a leader. The American president plays a symbolic role.
  5. Therein lies the problem. The world today and the way our government actually works does not fit neatly into what was intended by the Founding Fathers. So what does that mean? That's the originalism dispute. I'm not sure the presidency has ever worked exactly as intended by the Founding Fathers but I think the executive orders were ramped up under Bush. It's a symptom of the divided Congress. WRT declaring war, the last declared war was WWII but the US has been "at war" continually since then. This is definitely not what was intended by the Founding Fathers.
  6. RE dealing with anxiety, I've been watching a lot of beauty and skincare Youtube videos. I know I should be more productive. I have a few books I'm reading but mindless Youtube videos hit the spot for me right now with everything in the world in turmoil. Downside being that it makes me want to buy things I know that I do not need. Like I've concluded, for some odd reason, that I *need* the Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Palette. I'm not going to give in but it sure is pretty!
  7. I agree that the fringe opinions are not widespread. However, many people believe ideas that originated with the fringe. I saw an article (sorry - don't have the cite) recently about how QAnon influencers camouflage QAnon theories for mainstream people. For example, a friend's husband just bought a generator because he read online that the government was going to impose a blackout. Her husband is not into QAnon but the blackout thing originated with QAnon influencers.
  8. RE time out of school, I've read that vaccines are one of the things that allows women to work outside of the home.
  9. I just checked our state requirements. It looks like it mostly follows the CDC recommendations and includes the chickenpox vaccine. One major difference is the HPV vaccine which is on the CDC schedule but not the state schedule. It's always been my understanding that the purpose of the chickenpox vaccine is to prevent shingles in adulthood instead of preventing childhood deaths from the chickenpox. Here is our state's requirements: Arizona Guide to Immunizations Required for Entry Parents can obtain exemptions for medical reasons, "religious beliefs," and "personal belief
  10. I'm looking at the responses about vaccination rates above and SMH. It's terrible for our community and we should all be ashamed. But there's nothing that I can do about it other than to continue to vaccinate my child. Honestly, if I had an infant I would avoid events with many HSed kids. I will always stan for SWB even though her curriculum never work for me. In fact, this post makes me want to buy Grammar for a Well Trained Mind which I'm sure that we would hate: BTW, I noticed this was trending on Twitter and am adding it for context. Never heard of this guy before.
  11. My daughter attends an enrichment program offered by one of the local public school districts. It is only for homeschooled children. According to the State's data on immunization, 48% of the kindergarteners have received the MMR vaccine. The percent of kinders at our local zoned public school who received the MMR vax is 89%. Obviously there is a very significant difference in vaccination rates between the homeschool group and the non-homeschooled group. The private school that DD used to attend has a vaccination rate of 97%. My guess that the kids enrolled in the enrichment program are m
  12. I'm not sure that it will be mandated everywhere. If it's mandated, then it should be easy to get an exemption just like for the other vaccines except in states like California. Our state requires vaccination for enrollment in public schools but it's easy to get an exemption. I don't know anyone who HSes to avoid vaccination in this state. But I agree that COVID will be a problem in the HS world because so many HSers are anti-vaxxers. I think it will be wise to limit interaction with HSing communities for the next few years if that is possible.
  13. ITA. Unfortunately because it won't be mandated, we all have to make a choice. Whatever we choose will make someone else angry. As my DD gets older, I know that I have less control over her friends. But I can choose to have our family in environments where people vaccinate. It's impossible to know whether people will vaccinate for COVID but I can make educated guesses. I already a good idea of the people in my life who won't vaccinate. Because DD had friends who were not vaccinated, we were open about this with DD. We told her that she was fully vaccinated and that we wish her frie
  14. To be fair, most American parents believe math is hard and impossible and science is gross and icky. It's just that their kids are in school where someone is required to teach it to them. Math is not my thing but when I decided to homeschool, I knew that I needed to address my math gaps. Lucky for me, DH took over responsibility for math. My observation is that the academic HSing moms have English degrees. They read good books and take literature seriously. Math and science are secondary. If you talk to them, you will sometimes find out concerning things like they don't do math wit
  15. Yes, and much more interesting than how grammar is usually taught in school. When I took French in high school, I was shocked to learn that there isn't a one to one correlation in words between languages. I grew up in a home where English was the only spoken language so I did not understand how different languages could be.
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