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  1. I read the article and thought maybe this is just human nature. Humans aren't very good at responding to unseen threats. We're just as oblivious to threats of climate change.
  2. This masculine stuff is poison. A man can be a good husband and father without this kind of combative hyper-masculinity.
  3. I ran in crunchy conservative circles because these families attend church. I saw a correlation between being anti-vax and anti-COVID vax. But I also know non-crunchy people who are against the COVID vax. The commonality between these two groups is conservative church attendance.
  4. I've never been this kind of Christian but the hyper-masculine Christianity feels familiar. This poison obviously had a broad impact. You often hear in Orthodox Christianity claim how "masculine" it is. That always made me feel icky. ETA I'm on episode 4 so I'm not to the episode about women that got so much attention in the last few days. I'm struck by how Driscoll hectored men to be more responsible. I've heard the same thing in churches I've attended. It always bothered me but didn't know why since everyone else thought it was great. It sounds like it's not patriarchal if men are always under pressure to do better. But it is patriarchal.
  5. When DD was a baby, I discovered attachment parenting and it made so much sense to me. I loved babywearing and cosleeping. I loved the idea of respecting children and seeing them as people. But I recoiled from the anti-vax ideology and anti-hospital birthing, anti-formula attitudes. It's interesting to me that years later, we're the most attachment parent-y of all of those people even though DD is vaccinated, was born via c-section, and I failed at breastfeeding. We co-slept a long time and always practiced gentle parenting. Our Christian crunchy friends spanked their kids.
  6. That's a good point. I'm not sure DH could stay home from work all next week with a negative result though. We scheduled another test tomorrow and he'll work from home until he gets the results. DD begins school the week after next so there are several back to school activities next week. If DH's 2nd test results are negative, I think we should be able to attend these events if DH's symptoms are gone. IDK. I'm sure that someone would tell me that wasn't advised but DD really wants to go to these events and see her friends. Ugg... We've tried to keep DH and DD separated. DH is saying in the master bedroom as much as possible and I'm sleeping in another room. I'm sure it isn't doing much good but it's better than nothing.
  7. I checked with my physician siblings. They say that a negative COVID test after symptoms present is rare, even with the Delta variant. We confirmed that it was a PCR test. We're going to stay home today and DH will get another test tomorrow but it appears that the negative result is accurate and DH got another virus. He's much better today.
  8. He's vaxxed. I'm not sure what kind of a test. I wasn't with DH when he was tested. It took a day to get the results so maybe not one of the rapid tests? He was tested less than 24 hours into symptoms. He does have a headache and sneezing plus a lot of sinus pressure.
  9. DH got sick Thursday night and had a COVID test yesterday. The Urgent Care NP told him his symptoms were classic COVID symptoms. We just got the results, negative. So now we're in a quandary. Trust the results? He's feeling better today.
  10. This article was written by a physician who works for DaVita (one of the two large dialysis providers in the USA) about their success with vaccinating their patients. The dialysis industry worked with CMS to obtain direct access to vaccines so dialysis patients could be vaccinated in their dialysis clinics. Access to vaccines, education from providers helped overcome hesitancy among our patients
  11. There's also the hypocrisy of a "small government conservative" dictating what people are allowed to do on their own property or overruling a decision made by a smaller government entity like a school district. If it's "overreach" for the Federal Government to tell a state what to do, why isn't it also overreach for a state to tell a local school district what to do?
  12. Generally speaking (I'm speculating here - there are no hard facts or figures to back this up), there has been the idea in the US that there is fairness under the law. I write generally because the perceptions would be different in different communities. But I think that's changing as wealth inequality grows and people become more aware of the unfair treatment of others. That's my opinion and other people have different opinions about what is causing these changes. There were some interesting articles written after after Trump claimed that he didn't pay taxes because he was smart during one of the 2016 debates. This was a cultural shift. Every presidential candidate for years had shared his tax returns. Why was that the norm? It was a way of saying I do my part too or "we're all in this together." The argument for masking and vaccines have been that they promote the common good. "My mask protects you and your mask protects me." Underlying this is the expectation that most people will sacrifice for others or the "common good." I sacrifice for you and you sacrifice for me requires a trust in the system and in each other. If people believe that "the system" (yes, this is a generalization) doesn't work for them because it is unfair, will they sacrifice? This is the basis for grievance politics.
  13. This might be the article I saw years ago. I share the name with their ideal early 2000s buyer. Although, of course that is also *the* name for female Gen-Xers. 2001 Honda Civic
  14. Maybe they are supposed to be confidential but ProPublica obtained IRS data on thousands of wealthy people including Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk. The Secret IRS Files: Trove of Never-Before-Seen Records Reveal How the Wealthiest Avoid Income Tax It is connected because it fits into the idea of the common good. We hope people make good choices about COVID to protect the common good. But it is harder for people to see the common good and want to work towards the common good in a society with tremendous wealth inequality and unfair treatment under the law, which includes taxes. There have been some articles written that explore the differences between corrupt cultures and non-corrupt cultures. Why is bribery common in some countries and less so in others? A good example of the latter being the USA. In a culture where there is a general belief that laws are applied equally and fairly, people are more likely to follow the rules themselves. Corruption and Cultural Differences This is from the ProPublica article linked above. and (bolding by me): Aren't vaccinations and mask wearing also kinds of "collective sacrifice?"
  15. That's interesting. Do these crunchy people consider themselves to be liberals? This is anecdotal but everyone I know who voted for Biden is vaccinated. This is a generalization but not vaccinating is seen as a GOP/Trump thing so people outside of that group were predisposed to get vaccinated. Look at how Naomi Wolf seemed to switch sides politically when she went contrarian about COVID. We're hearing stories about people in Missouri donning disguises to get vaccinated. What do you want to bet that there are liberals who lie about being vaccinated?
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