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  1. How far in advance do you plan writing assignments? Do you go with the flow and assign on the spur of the moment or have plans in place from the beginning? I have an idea of the kind of writing I would like to assign next year but I'm not coming with specific assignments at this time. I feel like I want the flexibility to make changes but on the other hand I fear that if I don't think of specific assignments things could get derailed during the year.
  2. No, we exchanged several "chatty" emails. Then I emailed her to offer her some things that I did not need anymore that I thought she might want. She did not respond. Then a few weeks later my friend mentioned again how hurt she was that this person stopped interacting with her. I emailed this person and asked if she could contact our mutual friend. I didn't confront her. She did not respond or contact our mutual friend. I spoke to our mutual friend again last week and she mentioned that she did not know what was going on with this person. I defended her to my friend. I suggested that maybe it was really stressful at church now. That made me think that I should give this person another chance so I emailed her again. A nice "chatty" email. How are you? They did not fight. This person completely stopped interacting with my friend after my friend told her that was leaving the parish.
  3. IDK - I'm sure I'm paranoid but this person appears to have cut our mutual friend out of her life. They were close and texted frequently and this person stopped responding to my friend's texts. Also, my daughter had a friend from church who has completely disappeared too. We had to tell our daughter that she will probably never hear from this girl again. My "sins" are that I supported the church shutdown and told the bishop that the church had liturgy with no precautions which I knew was not consistent with the guidance from the bishop. I wasn't the only one who said something to the bishop. The bishop shut them down for a couple of weeks and made them introduce precautions. Underlying this is that we vaccinate. Most of the vaccinating families are leaving. I think since the pro-vax/pro-shutdown people are leaving, the rest are getting even more us versus them and the people who were in the middle (like this person) are being forced to pick sides.
  4. Former church drama <eyeroll> There's a person from our old church who emailed me about 3 months ago to ask how we were doing during COVID. I told her that we had decided to leave the parish and were joining another parish in the same denomination. She responded that she felt like people ignored her when they left their old church and she didn't want to do that to us. I didn't provide any details about what happened. We exchanged maybe one or 2 emails after that. About two months ago, I emailed her to offer her some things that we were giving away. She never responded. She's close friends with a friend of ours who also left our church. She stopped responding to our friend's texts. Our friend's feelings were pretty hurt. So about a month ago, I emailed this person again and suggested that she contact our mutual friend. No response. I decided to give her one more chance so I emailed her last week. A nice email, how are you, etc. No response. At what point would you assume that someone is ignoring you or has cut you out of their lives? I think I'm in that post-toxic relationship place where I'm trying to figure out what's normal and what is not. It does not hurt my feelings because we were not close at all. But it bothers me because it's so petty and stupid and it shows that we are being gossiped about. I generally respond to people within a few days at most of receiving an email.
  5. My family has done several Zoom sessions which were very nice. It was strange having a Zoom session with all of my siblings together when we had not been in the same room together in about 8 years. Social media has been a real blessing during all of this. It allowed us to continue interacting with each other without seeing each other. I'm a little angry at the people I know who believe that SM is evil and refuse to use it. For example, the parents of one DD's friends wouldn't allow Facetime sessions longer than about 10 minutes. These girls have now lost touch. DD told me that she doesn't miss this friend very much. It's sad.
  6. I scheduled a session with a counselor who specializes in church issues. My first session is later this week. I feel weird about it but I realized that I'm so angry and can't move past it. (little background - we left our parish a few months ago. We haven't left our religion, just the parish.) The church we will probably attend isn't holding liturgies yet because of the spike in COVID cases so we are in limbo here. But I've found that I'm not that interested in going there because of all of the baggage with our old parish. I think that's why I need to talk to someone about it. I also want an objective opinion about what happened. As I get further away from it, I'm both seeing it as worse than I did then and wanting to dismiss it. Sorry if that makes no sense. I'm also hoping for an objection opinion about how some people treated us since this happened. I think we're being shunned by certain people. But then I wonder if I'm overreacting. It makes me not want to join a new church because I feel like I couldn't trust people again. Anyone work with a therapist about this and did it help?
  7. Yes, sorry. My phrasing was bad. We are in a hotspot so COVID is definitely not over for us here. I hear people suggest that we are in the second wave but we're actually not even though the first wave here.
  8. I'm planning a Waldorf-inspired school year with lots of drawing. I don't want to be limited to Waldorf approved crayons and colored pencils. They are expensive and I don't want to limit ourselves to Waldorf coloring techniques. What are your favorite drawing supplies? Any recommendations for books that teach beginning drawing? We used some of the Emberley books last year which we enjoyed. I'm trying to learn modern calligraphy and I've considered introducing it to DD this year. She will be in 5th grade. Is that too early? I was never taught to draw and always believed that I had no artistic talent. I've been very surprised to learn that there are techniques to drawing. That's it's not just talent. I know that I'll never be very good but I was surprised to realize that I actually draw things by following instructions in the Emberley books. We have the Stockmar crayons, both stick and block. IDK - I'm not educated in Waldorf block coloring so I don't understand get the point of block crayons. One thing I would like to understand better is how to chose what kind of crayons or colored pencils to use for each project. Crayons vs oil pastel crayons? Why use one or the other? What do you recommend to have on hand for drawing? Also, how do you keep it from being trashed? I only have one kid but our art supplies seem to disappear into a black hole. It's always annoying to buy expensive art supplies and then see them on the floor. But on the other hand, I want art supplies to be easily accessible for my daughter to use whenever the mood strikes her. Does anyone keep nice pencils, crayons, and paint for school and leave out cheaper versions?
  9. IDK if this is just me but it seems like the world, or at least my world, is smaller since March. First, I find that I'm pay very little attention to world news these days. This could be because what is going on in the USA since March is so all-consuming that it leaves no emotional energy for anything else, at least for me. Second, no one I know is traveling internationally these days or even planning international trips. When I was a kid (1970s), international travel was uncommon but something changed in the last generation or so. Overseas trips became very normal. I knows many high school kids who took school trips to Europe. Every college kid I know did at least a semester overseas.
  10. A friend recommended AHG for DD. The troop is at a Catholic church. I'm not sure it would be a good fit for us. Does AHG teach American exceptionalism? Is it very conservative?
  11. Thanks. We're going to study regions instead specific states. We'll study the big states that had important things that happened there and lump together smaller states. There isn't time to study each of the 50 states in detail. I haven't seen the Harvey Girls in years. I remember there is a song about Ohio and Chillicothe. I've already mentioned On the Town to DD as an aside for how to you know uptown from downtown in NYC. I used to live and I would always think to myself "the Bronx is up and the Battery's down" when I was trying to figure out uptown versus downtown.
  12. I'm planning an American Geography course for 5th grade. I would like to include music but I'm very ignorant about music. I just have vague ideas about what music comes from what parts of the country, e.g. jazz is from New Orleans (right?). I see many books on Amazon about music history but they look more detailed than what I am looking for. I want to listen to the folks songs that come from the region and introduce well-known composers. Probably musicals too. Does anyone have recommendations for resources? I'd like sources for the music and a book about the music and the composers.
  13. Did you like Eight Cousins? I've never read it but am thinking about it for the 5th grade as an alternative to Little Women.
  14. Here's the book about the astronomer. Maria's Comet It's probably not the best book on the topic but I didn't want anything that was too long. This book looks pretty good. I think if my DD is interested in learning more, we might get this book. Finding Wonders: The Three Girls Who Changed Science I'm trying to read most of the books or to at least be familiar with them. I designed a class last year for Native American history and I did not read enough of the books in advance. I think that would have been better.
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