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  1. I doubt it. I think it's like how charter schools aren't required to provide transportation.
  2. I agree but I'm sure that Beth Moore has done things since 2016 that she never would have done had she not been treated like she was.
  3. It looks like churches are becoming more extreme as more people leave them. I suppose that's normal. When something becomes less mainstream, it becomes more extreme. I think some of the people pushing for extremism welcome this change. The assumption is that the people who stay are the "pure" ones. I think that pushing people out is almost the point. So many people are hurting and need community. People are falling through the cracks economically. But the churches double-down on the culture stuff. I've never been in the SBC and had never heard of Beth Moore before 2016. I was
  4. A friend's son struggled in high school. He was a smart kid but he refused to do his homework. He failed multiple classes and took makeup classes over the summer through an online charter. This state believes in school choice and offers many different options. The largest online charter advertises heavily. They have billboards showing a student studying by the pool. My friend's son found the online classes to be more difficult than the in-person classes with more written work required. My friend learned from the school that a lot of kids who enroll in the online charter fail and return to in-p
  5. You know that isn't what she is saying. She is not saying that it doesn't matter to her whether the man in the White House is actually Biden or not. That matters to all of us.
  6. Did you see the links I posted about how cosmetic surgery can change the shape of the earlobe?
  7. Pen, I'm sorry if it seems like we are snide. I think we are genuinely surprised to see this argument advanced here so our responses may seem rude. I'm glad that you're posting what you think here. It's good to discuss. It appears that Biden has had cosmetic surgery. Think about Occam's Razor - what is the simpler explanation? Biden had plastic surgery or Biden was replaced by a double? Biden's a wealthy man in the public eye. Cosmetic surgery is very common. The simpler explanation is that a wealthy man in the public eye had cosmetic surgery to look younger. Here's an articl
  8. Yes, I see that now. What a world we live in! I think what we've seen with Pen is the progression of these ideas. It looks like she started on this journey by doing internet research with a bias towards "alternative" medicine. That led to links which led to links which led to more links. Her belief that she has special knowledge played a big part here too. And now she's to the point of *maybe* believing that Biden isn't actually in the Whitehouse at all. The things she's mentioned come from the Q world. Here's a link to the webcam of the Whitehouse. There is clearly so
  9. Are you kidding me??? Are you kidding me??? Are you kidding me??? Alright - I want to talk to your sister who won't get the vax. Or maybe I'm confusing you with someone else. I'd like to speak with personally so you can provide proof of your identity. Back it up? I'm supposed to provide contact information for an ordinary person who attended a Whitehouse event last week to "prove" something to you? Do you have proof that you homeschooled this year? How do I even know that you have a child? DM me your contact information so I verify this for myself. I'm not off
  10. I guess but still I didn't write that I knew someone "who will fess up to being part of this vast conspiracy." I wrote that I have a friend who was at the Whitehouse yesterday. Demanding to speak to this person, who is not a part of this forum, on the phone so he can be interrogated is an inappropriate ask. Did anyone ask to speak to her IRL acquaintance who apparently knows that the White House is unoccupied and Q is real?
  11. I'm sorry but no. I'm not going to expose this person to an interrogation. Now you're probably going to conclude that I'm part of the vast conspiracy and made this up to convince you and you sussed out the truth by my refusing to offer up my IRL acquaintance. <sigh> BTW, I just checked the feed of the Whitehouse webcam and some lights are on. I ask you again to take a step back and think through what would need to happen to set up a vast conspiracy with a fake president and a fake Whitehouse.
  12. I know someone IRL who was at the White House yesterday. He saw President Biden and VP Harris. He posted a picture of Biden giving a speech in the Rose Garden on Facebook. Pen, is that good enough for you? Or is my friend in on some vast conspiracy?
  13. So someone IRL told you that Q is real? Let's think about this. A real person with high security clearance posts these "truths" to an obscure board? Does this make sense? And if Q is real, why has he/she been wrong so many times? He/she made very specific claims, none of which came true. Take a step back and listen to yourself. So let's say Biden isn't Biden. Think about what steps would have been taken to make this all work? Who needs to be involved? Does this make any sense at all? What makes more sense? That Biden has gotten older and his appearance has changed? Or that
  14. He came back to Orthodoxy awhile ago so I wonder if he will have an Orthodox funeral. It will be interesting to see what they do given that it has to be a state funeral. Although isn't the UK still in lockdown?
  15. Pen, this is a good opportunity for you to take a step back and reconsider the news sources that you seem to be following. PPs have explained this. If you need to verify what they wrote, please do what makes you feel comfortable. If the news sources are wrong about something like this (that is so easy to explain), what else are they wrong about? Think about Occam's Razor - what is the simplest explanation for these inconsistencies you've read about? The simple explanation is not exciting but doesn't it make more sense?
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