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  1. We're two weeks in and things are going pretty well. To go with the theme or depth without rigor and depth instead of breadth, I picked 4 things that we're studying and we delve into one of these things 4 days a week. These are topics which my daughter specifically requested to study. We're had many very good conversations about these topics. Instead of trying to get through material, I've focused on the conversation. I've recently been influenced by two other things: the Habits of Mind from the Mission Hill School and The Writing Revolution. We've gone through the 5 Habits of Mind when we are discussing a topic and I can see that it helps us to delve deeper. I've been influenced by The Writing Revolution to embed our language arts work in our content studies. It was pretty amazing to listen to my daughter talk about subjects that she's really passionate about.
  2. I agree with you about the testing. My mom taught school for a few years in the mid 1960s and she says that she was told exactly what to teach and had no flexibility. She taught middle school English and was given a list of the novels they had to read.
  3. Not to be argumentative but when was this normal in public school? Schools have been dictating curriculum to teachers for a long time.
  4. I just came across this documentary about a pilot school in Boston The entire school follows a curriculum based on themes. There are three themes a year: Long Ago, Struggle for Justice, and Science. This is from their curriculum page. I thought I'd share in light of the recent discussions here about rigor. I think it's an interesting idea. I'm sure that some homeschoolers are doing things like this. I guess it's like a unit study where you wrap up all of the subjects as part of the unit study.
  5. I'm using the Hyaluronic Acid, the Lactic Acid, and the Matrixyl serums. I also just got a vitamin C serum but I haven't used it enough to know if I like it. My skin seems brighter and more moisturized. I've ordered a retinoid serum because all of the stores were sold out. I've been using a CeraVe Retin A product while I wait on The Ordinary serum.
  6. Passing this along because I just figured it out. Like I wrote above, I'm trying to use the proper amount of sunscreen on my face now (1/4 teaspoon) and it can be a challenge. First, I had a hard time finding a face sunscreen that I could stand. Most of them felt so weird on my skin. I'd always used a day moisturizer that included sunscreen but now I know that I need a higher SPF and there is no way I could put that much moisturizer on my face. The same with foundation - even if has SPF in it, you would need to build it up so much that it would look weird on your skin to get enough sun protection. Second, putting that much sunscreen on my face made me look really weird so I felt like I needed to cover it with foundation but I don't want to wear foundation everyday. Now I'm using Paula's Choice Sunscreen which I really like. I like how it feels on my skin but it has a pinkish hue to it. It looks fine under foundation but it looks weird without foundation. I got the idea from someone on Youtube to mix sunscreen with a tiny amount of D-Bronzi. The D-Bronzi added a little bit of a more natural color to the sunscreen which allows me to wear the sunscreen without foundation over it without looking like a pink ghost. I'm sure it would work with white sunscreen too. I have olive skin and 1/4 teaspoon of white sunscreen makes me look like really weird. I don't know if there is a more affordable product that works like D'Bronzi but I've never heard of it. D'Bronzi is ridiculously expensive (just like all of the Drunk Elephant products) but I only use a tiny bit of it so it will last a long time and I felt that something that allowed me to wear sunscreen without foundation was a good investment for me.
  7. My DH and I had a similar disagreement about books. My DH thought that the books should be placed in order by height with the tallest books to the left. I like a more eclectic look. I don't want our bookshelves to look like the books are decoration. I push our books to the back of the shelf because I like to place items like pictures in front of the books.
  8. I went gray early. I got my first gray hairs in high school. I began dying my hair when I was about 24. By the time I was 30, I was 100% gray. I've listened to a few rants about how it's "frivolous" for women to dye their hair. That we should allow ourselves to go gray, etc. I don't care what anyone else does but I'm not ready to be 100% gray at 49. I certainly wasn't ready to be 100% gray at 40. Age is funny. People are always surprised when they realize my age. I have olive skin and I've read that people with olive skin age slower than people with fairer skin because we have more pigment in our skin which protects against the sun. I actually don't have that many wrinkles. Although I wish (famous last words from a woman in her late 40s) that I'd understood better about the necessity of proper sun protection when I was younger. RE the above discussions about being the "old" mom, I've always been the "old" mom. I was 39 when my daughter was born. During my first visit with the OB, I noticed that the nurse was writing AMA in big bold letters on every page of my chart. I asked what AMA meant. Advanced Maternal Age. Imagine my shock to realize that I was basically a geriatric pregnancy as far as the doctors were concerned. I can tell that I'm usually older than all of the other moms with kids my DD's age although I'm not sure they realize that I'm that much older than they are.
  9. Like someone mentioned below, maybe you should try primer? Elf (drugstore brand) offers many different primers. It sounds like you have oily skin. A BB cream might not be the right product for you. Check out this video. Best Foundations for Mature Skin These are lightweight foundations. Did you set your foundation with loose powder? There are some great powder foundations although none of them work for me. Maybe visit Ulta on a weekday when it's not crazy and try different foundations?
  10. Another one you might want to check out is the It Foundation. They have a tinted CC cream. It's very popular. I've tried it and I love how it feels on my skin but I could never find a good shade. They don't have a wide range of shades but I think they've got something that works for most women. I have olive skin so I'm harder to match.
  11. This is something that I'm always nagging my husband about. He lets his shoes get in terrible shape.
  12. In case anyone is interested, this is a Youtube channel that gives good advice about mature skincare and makeup. I loved her tutorials on eyeliner. This is another good one. I like how she recommends a lot of drugstore skin products. This channel has good advice about "mature" makeup. This youtuber gives great tutorials about hair. I learned from her to go 3 days without washing my hair and keep it from looking limp.
  13. As I wrote on my other thread on this topic, I've recently lost 40 pounds. I've never thought of myself as being that frumpy but I think I'd fallen into some bad habits after I began gaining weight about 5 years ago. Maybe I'm having my version of a mid-life crisis? 🙂 So what have you guys done to fight against that inevitable mom frumpiness? Several months ago, I began paying more attention to how I looked. I realized that I'd been in a makeup rut for years and that my foundation was no longer working for me. I went to Youtube to find recommendations for "mature" foundations and discovered the Youtube makeup world. The last time I'd been into makeup was about 13 years ago and everything has changed. I then visited Sephora for the first time in years. It's a lot different than it used to be. Now they carry department store brands like Laura Mercier and Bobbi Brown. Watching some of the "mature" beauty Youtubers made me realize that I wasn't using enough sunscreen on my face. I had no idea that you are supposed to use 1/4 of a teaspoon on your face to get the SPF level on the bottle. Looking for videos about effective sunscreen led to watching videos about anti-aging skincare routines. Those videos taught me about The Ordinary, a company that produces face serums that you can buy at Ulta for less than $10 a bottle. I'd always thought that anti-aging skincare was all Estee Lauder and LaMer and basically a scam. I truly hate the department store beauty counters! I'd known about dry shampoo for about a year. Lately, I've been watching Youtube videos on refreshing 2nd and 3rd day hair. Back in my teenaged years during the 1980's, we washed our hair everyday. Now I'm all about pushing that out as long as possible. I bought my first curling iron in 20 years and found my old flat iron at the bottle of a drawer. I actually bought mousse! Clothes were next on the list. I spent some time learning about capsule wardrobes. I realized that I'd essentially had a capsule wardrobe anyway. I'd buy clothes and wonder why I never wore them. Now I know that it's because they didn't fit into my capsule wardrobe. I cleaned out my closet and got rid of everything that I don't wear. I got rid of my 'fat' clothes and the skinny clothes from my 30's that I know that I'll never fit into again. Now I'm thinking about how I can be comfortable but not frumpy. I love leggings and there is no going back from jeggings and yoga pants to uncomfortable clothes. I know that proper fit is important which is always a struggle for me. I'm short and busty. I'm also not going to spend a lot of money on clothes, do not sew, and do not want to go to a tailor. Some of the clothing recently purged from my closet were the 'investment pieces' I'd been advised to buy in my 30's to have a better fit. So while I hate fast fashion because of what it does to the planet, I no longer believe in buying expensive clothes with the assumption that I'll wear them for years. Sorry rambling here...I know it's a shallow topic but it's what is on my mind this Sunday afternoon the day before we begin school again tomorrow. I should admit to having some insomnia which causes me to watch Youtube videos about random topics in the middle of the night. So anyone here on a similar kick? What did you do? What inspired you?
  14. In the US, extroversion is considered the default. If you are introverted, there is something wrong with you and you need to change.
  15. S/o pictures, I remember reading something about how we (mothers) should try to be in more pictures so our kids will have pictures of us. The article was about how most mothers don't like being photographed because we think we're not happy with how we look. That's definitely me. We had to find a family picture for DD's 2nd grade class and I had to dig to find a photo with all 3 of us.
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