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  1. My daughter read this book last year, Two Miserable Presidents: Everything Your Schoolbooks Didn't Tell You About the Civil War. Your daughter might like when you get to American history. It's funny and tells interesting facts about the Civil War instead of endless discussions about the battles and where General So-and-So was in comparison to General So-and-So during the Battle of Whatever.* *My Civil War buff father would not appreciate my snark here. LOL. Me and my dad at every Civil War battlefield.
  2. I try to pre-read everything that I assign for school. I try to do much of the reading over the summer. I find that I can keep up so much better when I pre-read.
  3. This is a lesson I had to learn the hard way. Our children know when we've created for them that we think they should like. Either because we tell them outright of they detect it by themselves. It creates pressure for the child to like it which they resent. I'm a hard-core curriculum tweaker who is always trying to make things better and to fit my child's interests but there is a time when I had to back off for the sake of our relationship. I resented her when she did not respond positively to what I so very carefully designed for her. And the more I resented it, the more entrenched she
  4. I've been getting the flu shot for the past 10 or so years. It's always been offered at work but I had to get mine at Walgreens this year because of COVID. I noticed that the "just the flu-ers" in my life don't get the flu shot. 🙄 I hope that people begin to realize that there is no "just the flu" anyway. That it's a deadly disease that kills far too many people now. Although the hardcore anti-vaxxers in our life will never get the flu shot. People at risk should stay away from them.
  5. Waist-length - wow! Would she be okay with cutting some of the length off of it still leaving it long? Waist-length is a lot of hair. I'm sure you've tried detangling spray, right? I never had much luck with it but it did help a little bit. Does she leave it down or do you have to do her hair every day? I'd worry about lice with hair that long. Ask me how I know about that one...😬
  6. My kid has a lot of hair too. It would not have been reasonable for my DD to take care of her own hair at age 8. I had to do a lot of nagging about it. It's better now though and I think it's because of maturity. And maybe you need to her hair cut. It will grow back. I know that hair brushing was always a supercharged event for us. It would drive me crazy how she would be so sensitive but I knew that it would get worse if I didn't brush it. I had to let it be and I came very close to having it cut off. She actually cut her own hair at aged 7 which solved some of the problem. It was bad so we h
  7. I'm not good at it either. Humor was my solution. It's hard not to let it get to you. Like I wrote above, sometimes I had to stop designing "fun stuff" because the rejection was too personal. Well, it is genetic so... What works for me is stepping away from it and having other interests.
  8. 8 year old girls are hard. Honestly, I think it's probably more about immaturity than anything academic. 8 year olds are in that stage where they are changing from being little kids to big kids. They want more independence but they can't follow through. I'm not sure I would consider that to be a serious attitude problem. Sloppiness indicates that she doesn't care. In order to care, you must understand why it's important. Little kids don't understand that. At that age, it's also hard to understand time. A kid may not get the concept of why they need to work now to benefit them in th
  9. I guess I respond so what if it's selfish? Sometimes we have to be selfish. What - some people can be selfish and care that they continue existing and others can't? I'm coming at this from the perspective that selfishness is not inherently bad. I think the idea that mothers should always be unselfish to be both unrealistic and unhealthy. Mothers have rights as human beings and have rights so we do not always have to place our needs behind the needs of our families.
  10. If we're adults, we bear some of the blame. I guess it depends on what you define as "doing better." From an economic perspective, most of us are not doing better than our parents. There are all kinds of charts showing the increase in average debt per household, increased cost of housing and healthcare, and a decrease in real wages. When I was a child in the 1970s, most mothers did work because one income could support a middle class lifestyle. That is much harder today. My father had a pension. I'll never have a pension. On the other hand, when my mother went to college girls coul
  11. I want to point out that the cracks and weaknesses that we're seeing across the country were foreseeable. It's not a mistake. Our profit-driven healthcare system is staffed such that there is no give in the system. The reliance upon foreign sources for supplies and medicines was also foreseeable. This link compares the USA to other developed nations. How do U.S. healthcare resources compare to other countries?
  12. 🤣 good one! Disney & Fox Corporation End Temporary Executive Pay Cuts Related To COVID-19 Pandemic Based on what I've read, the unions have requested that the park be allowed to re-open once Orange County meets the metric to be in the orange tier. Disney Unions Push for Park to Open in Orange Tier
  13. Who are "they?" WRT masks and how "they" didn't care if they actually worked - does that actually matter? Have any of us been inconvenienced in any way from being required to wear a mask? It can be a pain. I tend to forget I'm wearing it after a few minutes. But no one is asking us to do anything that is expensive or hard so the bar is pretty low.
  14. Yes, exactly. But I think we must allow people, especially young people, to be pessimistic about climate change. First, it's our fault, not theirs, that we're in this bind. We can't create a bad situation and tell the victims they can't be upset about it. Second, our children don't have the obligation to fix our messes for us. I hear people say things like, "our young people are great and I'm sure they'll do a better job than we did." People mean well when they say that but that's a huge burden to place on our kids. Although our children won't have the choice to ignore the pr
  15. I agree. I'm sure we've all known women who had children even though they were in a very bad situation. Having a child has always been the one thing that a woman could do for herself. Of course, most women have no control over reproduction even today. And of course, no woman has a child without involving another person. So my language is imprecise. Having a child is often the one means that a woman had to bring joy and meaning into her life. So I'm not going a woman who makes that choice even if it is somewhat selfish. In fact, I would argue that reproduction always contains an element of self
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