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  1. I just read In House of Brede. It's on the list for Well Read Moms and I was intimidated by it because it's thick but it was so interesting. I had a hard time putting it down so finished it quickly. Although it was a bit sad reading about the 1960s reforms in the convents because I know what came next and it's not pretty. I found myself speculating about which of the nuns (if they were real) would have stayed in the convent. One of the things that I really loved about the novel is how human the nuns were. I even had sympathy for the "bad" ones. I've seen the movie version of the Bl
  2. Yes. I think we all know that the more someone yells about other people being "scared," the more scared they actually are. More cray cray... This is seriously nuts. What he's saying here is that because of "Divine grace" in church, you won't catch COVID there. The theology here is bad bad bad and there are numerous cases of people catching COVID in church. He might say that means it wasn't a "real" church but there are examples of Orthodox catching COVID in church too. How would he explain that? Probably by saying it was their fault, they didn't believe enough, whatever. Like
  3. I haven't had any altercations with anti-maskers and almost everyone around us seems to comply with the mask requirements. However, I know people who have gone absolutely nuts about this subject. They will not go to stores where they have to wear masks. A few of them have cancelled their Costco memberships over masks. I know families that are keeping their kids home from school to avoid mask requirements. I hesitate to link this here because it is completely insane but this is the mindset motivating the people we know who won't mask. They really think that masking is evil which justifies
  4. Do you have your own HVAC unit or is it shared for the building? Could you buy a filter that could provide more protection?
  5. Interesting idea. We keep coming back to reading fairy tales and myths and it's fascinating to see the similarities and differences between them and even between different versions of the same tales.
  6. I agree with PP that the literature group is better than Mere Motherhood. But I think it's nearly impossible to keep a group to the topic of homeschooling because eventually it will get too boring.
  7. I went to Target this afternoon but did not get a 20% off coupon to be used in December on an entire purchase. Did anyone get this at their Target? I'm bummed because it's a great deal. I've used this coupon for the past 8 or so years to stock up on things like tooth paste and detergent.
  8. This church rarely rarely mentioned people's names in the announcements. It was more things like "Sunday school begins next week"or "sign up for this." My theory is that this is a way of punishing the people who don't attend in person and that they are having activities that they should not be having now.
  9. I guess I should have clarified. The announcements rarely mention names. It's an announcement of the activities going on or a change in the schedule. Things like that.
  10. I think this is strange. Do you agree? This is our former crazy church. Since services resumed after the shut-downs, they have been cutting off the streaming before the announcements. We have some friends who still attend there via the streaming services and this really annoyed them. Someone finally asked about it and the explanation was that it is intentional because the announcements are only for the people who attend physically. The church also stopped publishing the bulletin on the website and the bulletin is not always published. You can only get it if you are signed up on the
  11. My father was released from the hospital yesterday. He was admitted a few days ago after he fainted due to dehydration. My mother went to the ER yesterday but they did not admit her. They gave her some medicine for nausea. The doctor told my dad to expect to be extremely fatigued for several more weeks. Both of my parents are extremely tired and don't feel well at all. No breathing problems, thankfully. The doctors said that they don't expect them to develop breathing issues at this point but advised them to continue monitoring their breathing with the pulse oximeter. The doc
  12. Better, thanks. My dad was released from the hospital yesterday. My mother went to the ER yesterday but she was not admitted. They are both extremely tired and don't feel good. Both neither have experienced any breathing issues.
  13. Interesting. My father was admitted to the hospital yesterday and he does not meet these criteria. He's in Portland, OR. Supposedly the hospitals are not overrun in Oregon yet. My father was admitted because he was severely dehydrated and very weak. He fainted at home and was taken to the ER. His doctor told my mother that they are going to keep him in the hospital for a few days with the hope that he'll regain his strength. He has not had any respiratory symptoms. I'm glad my parents are in Oregon now instead of Oklahoma. They moved from OK to OR about 7 years ago. To show how mes
  14. Yes, one of the things that makes this so hard is that it often strikes everyone in the family because it's so contagious. Thankfully my sister is local to my parents and is asymptomatic so she can help out. She's staying with my mother now since my dad is in the hospital. I'm sure there are other elderly couples having to go through this by themselves.
  15. My Dad was hospitalized yesterday. He passed out yesterday evening and my mother called 911. My dad had severe dehydration so they decided to admit him. He's been very fatigued for the last week. His breathing is still fine, thank goodness. They anticipate that he will be released tomorrow. My mom began feeling worse last night too. She said she felt very cold and sick to her stomach although she's never had a fever. Her breathing remains fine too. My brother-in-law has lost his sense of taste and smell. My sister and niece remain asymptomatic. I'm SMH at the idiots planning
  16. I just saw something about how the former Bishop of Tulsa has COVID and I think a priest or deacon in the Diocese of Oklahoma City died a few months ago from COVID.
  17. I used to follow a Catholic homeschooler on Instragram. She has 10 kids, attends the latin Mass...all that jazz. A few days ago, she posts a picture from her daughter's confirmation. No social distancing or masks. She's in Idaho which is experiencing a surge. I unfollowed her which I know is a meaningless gesture. These people have no idea what they are doing to the church in this country. I think of how much I'm worried about my parents' COVID diagnosis and these people can't even wear a mask in church or social distance. FU...FU...FU.
  18. We don't have enough trained staff to even maintain a "lean" system. We have to import foreign trained doctors to make up the difference. States have not increased the number of medical school spots in years even though the population increased. This is partially because it is very expensive to train a doctor. It also benefits physicians by reducing the supply. We've been importing foreign trained nurses for years as well.
  19. It's a problem for all healthcare workers including techs, nurses, and physicians. In some states, people have to wait a few years to get into a nursing program. How the United States depends on doctors trained in other countries.
  20. Yes, and WRT student debt the foreign doctors come to this country with no debt but their American trained colleagues are burdened with an average of $200K in student loan debt.
  21. Because it is very expensive to train a healthcare worker and the states have made huge cuts to public education in the last decade.
  22. My father tested positive yesterday. My mother tested positive a few days ago. They are in Oregon. My sister, who is a physician (psychiatrist), says that the health systems are supposed to be monitoring outpatient COVID patients but that does not appear to be happening with my parents. For Oregon folks, my parents' PCP is affiliated with Providence. My suspicion is that the system is falling apart because so many people are testing positive now. My sister reached out to my aunt who is a gerontologist because she felt that the PCP's office was not monitoring my parents. My aunt cal
  23. Isn't there some speculation that there are slightly different strains? So a family might have more serious cases, not because of a genetic factor, but because the strain that they were exposed to is more dangerous? I read something months ago about that family in New Jersey that got it very early and had several deaths. There's some horse racing connection too. Anyone remember this?
  24. I got the H1N1 vaccine from the county health department. IIRC, the county health department had it before it was available in doctor's offices and you had to be higher risk to be get. I qualified because I was pregnant.
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