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  1. It seems like handwringing to claim that diversity education (or whatever we're calling it) has to come after children understand more about the world. Okay yeah...of course that would be ideal. But it isn't happening and how can it happen? Where is it supposed to happen? Would the public schools be a good place for children to learn about the experiences of other children? Yes, but our public schools have been under attack for years. And of course our public schools never lived up to their ideals either. I can't help but notice that the people concern trolling about diversit
  2. CRT might not be as big an issue as people thought. Apparently the Southern Baptists voted for a resolution that was accused of being related to CRT and they did not elect the anti-CRT candidate as their president. I'm not Southern Baptist so I might be misinterpreting what this means though.
  3. Forgive me if this link has already been shared here. This article talks about an advocacy group called No Left Turn in Education which appears to be involved in all of the examples cited in this thread. Critical race theory battle invades school boards - with the help from conservative groups IIRC, the parents who testified at the school board hearing were in Loudon County, Virginia. In wealthy Loudoun County, Virginia, parents face threats in battle over equity in schools This Twitter threads provides some additional details.
  4. As my daughter gets older and more aware of the world, it's more obvious to me how different the younger generation is than my generation. DD's friends all attend Catholic school and they talk openly about pronouns and sexuality. We're sending DD to counseling for anxiety and I met with the counselor yesterday. She told me that it is very common for kids in middle school to announce that they're gay or bisexual. I didn't even know what homosexuality was when I was DD's age. The counselor said that the kids she works with have anxiety about climate change. Look at church
  5. Linking an article from the Guardian about the Southern Baptist convention (or whatever it is). 'Identity Crisis': will the US's largest evangelical move even further right?
  6. I'm not sure that I agree that people that people don't seriously believe these inconsistent ideas. Realizing that you hold inconsistent ideas requires some kind of reflection and not everyone is capable of doing that. Some commentators describe this as a "moral panic." You can ignore your principles to "save the children." I'm struggling with the best words to use here. There's something so cynical here.
  7. I haven't read every bill but what's been excerpted here is pretty shocking. I shouldn't exaggerate. It doesn't shock me. It's something else besides shock. The Florida bill literally prevents the discussion of certain topics. How is that not "cancel culture?" How is this bill consistent with local control of public schools? Of course it isn't consistent with their proclaimed ideas of "small government" and of course concerns about "cancel culture" were largely dishonest. I know we're not supposed to admit that part out loud. Both sides and all...
  8. I have a theory. I think that older Americans (maybe Gen X and up) subconsciously know how much we've hurt our kids. We look at them and we know what we've done and that makes us feel bad so we overcompensate by doubling down on doing things that hurt them and punishing them for having opinions. Then we get angry when our kids reject our way of life because we know, deep down, that our kids see through us. So we want to punish them for seeing us for who we are. It's pretty striking when you look at the differences between Millenials and prior generations. They vote differently than
  9. I googled and found this. Most Americans say the U.S. is among the greatest countries in the world That's interesting. I think that's a development from *the best* to "among the best."
  10. I was born in the 1970s and was always taught that the Civil War was about slavery. I grew up in a conservative school district. We skipped the evolution chapter in high school Biology. My parents say they were taught the same thing in their segregated Texas schools. But when DD was in the 1st grade, she comes home from school and tells me that the Civil War wasn't about slavery. Huh? I constantly see that claim today. I think things are actually worse today than when I was in school. We skipped the evolution chapter in 9th grade biology. Does the current textbook have an evolution
  11. Question about the bolded for the non-Americans - I dated a Canadian guy abut 15 years ago and he told me that only Americans were taught that our country was the best. Before he said that to me, I'd never considered before that I'd been taught that. I remember pushing back. Surely every kid in the world learns that their country is the best and their system of government is ideal, right? According to him - no. Why do our kids start their day with the Pledge of Allegiance? Is that still a thing everywhere in the USA? I think you're right - the way we do civics and history in the US
  12. I have olive skin even though I'm not Hispanic. My 23 and Me results show I'm 99% European and about 80% British. But somehow I have very dark eyes and olive skin. I don't need to worry about sunburn although I do burn. But I've struggled with hyperpigmentation. I can't count the number of times I've been asked about my ethnicity. Everyone likes to speculate about my ethnicity. When I was in the 4th grade, a little boy called me the n word because of my skin. I was much darker in those days because I was outside all of the time. I'm completely white but the message that
  13. Arizona's results have been questioned from the beginning but we've been voting by mail for years.
  14. Our state has default voting by mail. It's so easy. We've only received our own ballots. We've lived in this house for 6 years and still receive mail for several people who used to live at this address but we never got their ballots. About 80% of the voters here vote by mail. I find it so much easier to participate in local elections.
  15. Yes, it varies widely but it's not true to claim that they are nothing like each other. There are plenty of examples of racism in California. California's history of anti-Blackness hides beneath its progressive education California Once Tried to Ban Black People I don't understand the fear of acknowledging our racial prejudice. That's what Kendi is getting at. We're either racist or anti-racist. Anti-racist being that we acknowledge our racism and try to overcome it. It doesn't mean that someone is evil or a member of the Klan.
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