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    LLATL Learning Language Arts Through Literature Orange Book (Grade 4) Teacher’s Manual – retails for $27, selling for $12ppd RS4K Focus on Middle School Science Physics bundle (Text, TM, Lab Wkbk) – retails for $103, selling for $52ppd. RS4K Focus on Elementary Science Physics Text – retails for $29, selling for $18ppd RS4K Focus on Elementary Science Physics TM – retails for $27, selling for $18ppd WWE Writing with Ease Level 3 Workbook – retails for $37, selling for $20ppd FLL First Language Lessons Level 3 Instructor Guide – retails for $30, selling for $18ppd FLL First Language Lessons Level 4 Instructor Guide – retails for $30, selling for $18ppd W&R Writing and Rhetoric Fable Teacher’s Edition – retails for $20, selling for $16ppd AoPS BA Beast Academy Guides 3A, 3B, and 3C – retail for $15 each, selling for $12ppd each Carson-Dellosa Jump into Phonics Grade 2. This is a mother-load of phonics exercises; if your child loves worksheets, this is gold! Retails for $20, selling for $12ppd Rainbow Publishers Instant Bible Lessons: Virtues and Values (ages 5-10), great for home or Sunday school – retails for $13, selling for $8ppd All items have been used but are in like new condition. The most wear noticeable is a binding crease. Everything except RS4K Middle School Physics, Jump into Phonics, and Virtues & Values will still need a student manual, if you choose to use one. Postage via media mail is included in the asking price.


  2. Here are the works mentioned in the introductions of the books I can readily access. These are works that rate as widely read from 1830-1851. It seems to be, from my small sample, that literary magazines were quite popular. Most of the collections of poems were published and distributed in their own volumes. Classical Works Mentioned as Widely Read: Pilgrim’s Progress Milton The Miller’s Tale Chaucer The Ancient Mariner Coleridge Acclaimed Contemporary texts: Nature Emerson (not exactly highly acclaimed at the time) Concord Hymn Emerson Outre Mer Longfellow Hyperion Longfellow Voice of the Night Longfellow Ballads and Other Poems Longfellow The Spanish Student Longfellow The Belfry of Bruges and Other Poems Longfellow Evangeline Longfellow Kavanagh Longfellow The Seaside and Fireside Longfellow The Golden Legend Longfellow The Prose Romances of Edgar Allan Poe The Raven Poe Froissart Ballads, and Other Poems Cooke Orta-Undis and Other Poems Legare Hymns to the Gods Pike Lectures/Addresses: Man Thinking; or the American Scholar Emerson Literary Publications Mentioned: North American Review New England Magazine Baltimore Saturday Visitor Southern Literary Messenger The Marylander The New England Review (Prentice/Whittier) Gentleman’s Magazine (Poe) Blackwood’s Magazine Baltimore Exchange Other Authors Mentioned for Study: (no specific works mentioned) John Shaw George Tucker Edward Coate Pickney Dante Tasso
  3. Yes, a true treasure. I have her notes from school written in them as well. Some of the books were published specifically for school use and include a reference to "the requirements of the Committee of Ten" with a list of curricular requirements. My grandfather's family came to Texas from rural KY as well.
  4. I have an extensive collection of books that were my grandmother's ranging from the late 1800's to 1930's. The intros all seem to reference the 1830's and 1840's so it seems to me that at the turn of the century, at least, this was a type of golden age in literature. I will look at them and write a list for you of what I find. As for her own personal history, she was born in the 1890's to well educated parents who settled on the Texas frontier during the civil war. They lived in "town" however, prior to the (hasty) relocation to Texas, lived rurally in Alabama. My grandfather was a doctor, the son and grandson of preachers (Baptist), born in the 1880's. They also lived rurally- I actually do not note in our family archives that anyone lived in cities after immigrating to America, until very recently. I find the collection of books from their home very interesting with this considered. I do not have a family bible (but my dad says there was one), however, I have Shakespeare, Poe, Eliot, Stevenson, Burke, Emerson, etc. These were all given to me as a young child while she was still alive. I remember her taking them out of her cedar chest that she was giving to me along with her life's keepsakes. They were very treasured possessions.
  5. I have rugs that I wash all the time. While they do fit in my front loader, I prefer to take them to the laundromat. We live in a rural area and have chickens, dogs, and a boy child. I don't want the nasty stuff that gets dragged in going into my washing machine. I buy the kind that don't have a backing on them and use rubber slip mats under them. Those I do wash in cold water in the machine.
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