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  1. Ds decided he wants to try learning Italian. What is there that is geared towards 5th/6th grade but absolute beginner? We have access to Duolingo and Mango languages, he uses them but he is not very fond of them. He likes workbooks and flashcards and videos if available. No Rosetta Stone, it crashes our computers every time. Thank you.
  2. I am using Level 4 with my 5th grader this spring since he finished early with Climbing to Good English 5 and I did not want to start next level of Climbing to Good English. He is flying through it. By that I mean many days he will do 2, sometimes even 3 lessons a day and be done in an hour, maybe; so he probably be done with everything in about 3.5 months, if that. That being said, we have used Climbing to Good English level 1-5 so far, and this child is naturally a very good speller if that makes any difference. We are also entertaining the idea of doing a combination of Good and Beautiful English level 6 and Essentials in writing level 6 to give him some variation since CTGE level 5 and 6 is pretty much the same material just a bit harder at level 6.
  3. That sounds scary- I don't have anything like that. My cardiologists just want to write you a script and send you out the door.
  4. "funny head" when it happens, I can be sitting, standing, reading, just doing everyday things. There is no warning, no reasoning. I have always had it where if I stood up too fast, everything went dark for a moment before coming back to normal. That is different. Soy milk is just part of liquids taken in during the day, nothing special to do with BP.
  5. Please don't quote as I might delete this later. Thank you. if there are no major symptoms Just "funny head" feeling sometimes slight lightheartedness just enough to put you on notice but not enough for you to stop what you are doing I have been drinking water (some with salt) 6-8 cups/day and 2 cups of soymilk (cant have dairy) I put extra salt in my food too I tried coffee for a month.. and so far nothing is bringing it up I also have zero appetite and trouble gaining weight. few years ago I use to be 115/70-75 at the doctors, now it is 100/60. But at home it goes anywhere from 87/58 to 90/60 with most recently being more to the lower side. I usually don't feel "off" unless bottom number goes into the 50s and even then, half the time I don't know. I have been checking my numbers at home when I feel it so that is why I know my bottom number is in the 50's. I can have 87/62 and not feel it but 92/58 and I feel it. None of it is bad to make me faint of feel really dizzy or anything, just feeling off. I have had multiple EKG, 2 heart echos, 30 day monitor and everything is clear. I have see family doctor, neurologist, two cardiologists and endocrinologist and so far no one has anything for me as to why this is going on. Nor do they want to investigate further. Both cardiologists just told me results are normal, BP is clinically low- will write you a prescription. Neurologist said what I have is a cardiologist issue and that was that. Endocrinologist says that BP issues I have are not thyroid related, if anything I would have heart palpitations and high BP with my TSH test results. In December my TSH was 0.04 (not a typo- even doctor was surprised I looked as good as I did and was going about my life as if nothing was off) even though just 5 months before TSH was 1.38 which is perfect for me. Currently TSH is 0.3 with another recheck in a few weeks. Is there anything else that can be done to bring up blood pressure even if by measly 5 points without taking the medication? I hate to think that I will have to take another medication or have to look for another doctor who might actually look for the cause and not write me off with a script for medication. Thank you very much for reading all this and for any advise.
  6. Gallery Leather Planner from Barnes and Noble. The only one I have been able to stick with for the last few years. It is a bit expensive but I love the simplicity of it and if you bring your teacher's ID or Intent to homeschool paper, you get 20%off the price as educator's discount.
  7. All American History might work as long as you do all the assignments for high school level in the book.
  8. I have found few sources for planetary geology but weather and natural disasters all seem to be geared towards elementary grades. Would love some direction on both please. Ds developed fascination with both over the last few years and has been reading/watching about it but now wants to do an in depth study on both. Any suggestions would be most appreciated. Thank you.
  9. You can have it numbed with lidocaine with without epi. My root canal doc gives me 2 carpules of that stuff and I am good for 4 hours. The goal is to find something that will last at least 2 hours for the procedure. And if it hurts, tell them. If it makes you feel better by knowing what is going on, ask your endo if he would tell you what he is doing as he is doing it. Sometimes knowing makes it better than now knowing and guessing. Also knowing when you are half way through the procedure helps too. On a side note, if have a tendency to have jaw pain/issues ask your doc to put in extra support for your jaw (plastic support looking thingy)- it we be way less pain for you later. Good luck.
  10. I did not want to hijack the other thread. While we plan to include algebra 1 and Japanese done in 8th grade on the high school transcript, I do want to include the Engineering class he completed in 8th grade as well being that ds plans to go into engineering. The course is taught by an engineering professor out of Auburn University but designed as a high school course to prepare kids who want to go into engineering. This year ds is doing Introduction to Solid Modeling & Engineering Design using Solid Works. There are projects completed using Solid Works such as assemblies and animations, 2D/3D designs, exploding views, part designs, extrusions and cut out techniques as well as tests and quizzes including midterm and end of the year test, technical memos and lots of technical terminology. By the time ds is done, he would have well over 200 hours put in if not more. So would course like that still not be included on the transcript. Thank you.
  11. A tablet that will survive and occupy a very active 5 yo on 4 hour flight each way. I'd rather not spend large amount of money on the tablet since it is most likely will be used very seldom if at all once we are back home. I just need it do get the job done for a nice and quiet flight with the least amount of interruptions. Thank you so very much.
  12. Apparently early/mid 30's are turning into that awkward age again when one is too old for the teen/college section and yet too young for the older crowd attire as well. Needless to say, I would love some ideas and direction as to best places to shop, especially for someone who is on the shorter end under 5'4" and appreciates classic design and cotton. Thank you very much.
  13. Ds will be taking English 1 through HSLDA online academy this fall so we have to choose one of the five teachers available for upcoming year. Is anyone willing to share their experience with the teachers teaching English 1? If you much rather prefer, please pm me directly? I have until 22nd to decide as they have a special running for their courses. Thank you very much.
  14. We have used BJU math for the last 3 years and now the math is getting slightly more involved and dd needs more reviews in addition to the chapter topic being taught or she has a tendency to forget material. She does like workbooks so any suggestions for math text with the workbooks would be great. This would be for math grade 4 and up. Thank you for any suggestions.
  15. I always enrolled mine in their writing course which is $35 per year and then EES cost. Since we use our own curriculum, I send in assignments on many different topics: research topic on Abraham Lincoln, another one on US Constitution; compare and contrast on copper pipes vs PVC pipes; a book report; an essay on Titan, one of Saturn moons; compare and contrast Dalek vs Cyberman just to name a few. As you can see we go with topic of what ever interests ds at that time. Not very typical compared with what I hear from other moms who have kids similar ages but it works for ds and he turns in better writing. Also, if instructor that was assigned to you just does not work for you, you can always call them and ask to be assigned a different one and there is never any questions asked. Turn around is usually 3-5 days. Anything over a week is very unusual- only happened 3 times in 3 years.
  16. I was wondering the same thing. From what I was told, there would be between 9-11 assignments for the whole year that would be graded. They only do the evaluations for the writing course not the lit course. Aside from the grade, you will get a paragraph analysis for each writing you submitted covering strong and weak points as well as suggestions for improvement. They do not do a line by line evaluation with spelling/grammar/alternate word usage suggestions (like "....." would be a better choice here or this part of the sentence is confusing). If you are looking for a line by line evaluation, Kolbe Academy (Kolbe.org) EES services would work for you better. We have used them for number of years now. 20 or 40 submissions (depending what you choose) per year can be from any subject on any topic either from Kolbe curriculum or your curriculum.
  17. I have found the text for the 2nd edition. Supposedly it is in the mail. Now, what else do I need to buy? Is there a separate answer key or are all the answers in the back of the textbook? Thank you in advance.
  18. I don't know if I can in a short answer. I know quite a few people including all of my siblings who went to liberal/uber liberal schools and now they are the centers of their own universe (which they were not before). And heaven forbid you do not agree with what ever agenda they are pushing. They are never wrong. Maybe somewhere between BJU university and GA Tech but closer to BJU University. Furman is also another good example of conservative, probably better than BJU.
  19. I was actually looking at that, but then after a few phone calls their dual program will only give you Chemistry from Furman and Engineering from Clemson, not chemical engineering. To have chemical engineering we would need an extra year to year and a half based on what I was told.
  20. Is there a school that would fit the bill for: 1. has to be east of Mississippi 2. smallish- under 10,000 students preferred 3. has to have engineering- chemical engineering and/or material engineering and/or petroleum engineering etc. 4. conservative student/teacher body 5. can be private or public So far I have not found one. Am I missing something? Would love some help from moms who have experience and already gone through the college searching stage? Thank you very much in advance.
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