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  1. Thank you for your suggestions. I have checked both books and it looks like there is 2 levels in both Irasshai and Genki with workbooks. According to the book 2 levels of Irasshai counts as 3 years of high school level Japanese. Do you recommend doing both in conjunction or completing Irasshai first and then move on to Genki. Thank you again.
  2. If Rosetta Stone is not an option- crashes our computers, and other paid online or in person options are too expensive at the moment, how would you go about making your own foreign language course and make sure it is high school level? What do we have to have included in the course? We have access to Mango and Duolingo which are free. What else can I add to it to make it full credit? Thank you.
  3. Of course this is given that the student is working with high school level text and getting good grades. If the student is taking high school biology, Algebra 1 and geometry, world history, literature and composition all using high school texts, can we count all of it toward their high school credits and GPA? How do colleges and universities look at it, especially if by the end of 12th grade, between dual enrollment, core classes and electives we end up with 30+ credits? Thank you very much for any input.
  4. Ds 13 does not like too much when I critique his work too much. Also, he absolutely does not like to write. He read "The Giver" after watching the movie and decided on his own to write about the two and how they compare. I do not believe he tried hard because sometimes he can produce some good writing and this is not one of them. Below is his writing in entirety with all the mistakes- I did not make any changes. How do we make it better? Thank you so very much for any advise. The Giver Movie and Book Comparison The Giver is a story written by Lois Lowry in 1993 and the movie version was made in 2014. The story is about a boy named Jonas who lives in a community that is all the same, no choices, and had strict rules. The sameness of the community that Jonas lived in was no color, same land, no different climates, and no other living things other than plants. As he becomes a twelve, which is the point where a student graduates, and went to be assigned his job. The Elders chose him to be the new receiver and learn the memories from the previous receiver of memories who would now be called the Giver. The movie and the book have many differences and changed scenes. The book begins where Jonas is an eleven, one year before the graduation, whereas the movie starts where he is almost ready to get his assignment. Most of the events that happen in the book are more detailed in the movie. In the movie when Jonas goes to the Giver, the land and the scenery is very detailed whereas the book it doesn’t tell you what the land looks like. When the Giver shares the memories of the past with Jonas, there are more memories that are being shared in the movie than in the book, but the memories in the book are more detailed. Another difference in the movie is that the jobs that are assigned for Jonas’s friends are different. Many of the extra scenes that were in the movie were not in the book in was when Jonas goes to the nurturing center to take Gabriel away from the community and going to the end of the movie when he is at the waterfall. The book starts where Jonas is one year from his graduation and doesn’t have any of the extra parts that are in the movie. The Emotional aspect was that both are sad, but in my opinion the movie was sadder because of the actions of the character, which was the killing and the some of the memories. If I was put in a place like this it wouldn’t be that fun. Apologizing every time I’m late or I didn’t do something. Having to have your own child assigned to that was birthed by a another mother, having your job picked out by the Elders instead of you, having to use precise language instead of saying something regularly, cannot lie at all, and many of the strange things that I do would be considered odd and unusual. If you were in this kind of scene what would you be like?
  5. I had gone to cardiologist and they did Echo as well as EKG and there was nothing there. I was given an all clear.
  6. I checked by blood sugar within 10 minutes and it was 99. I thought with low sugar it just gets worse. In my case it got better in about 1 minute or so.
  7. I am trying to figure out if what I am having is a blood pressure or blood sugar issue or something totally different. For the last few year I have been having "episodes". Just had one today as I was shopping- they never happen at home, always when I am out. I get flushed (warm) usually most of the body, sometimes just the legs, sometimes just upper body and face and then my legs gets all wobbly. I can stand and walk, but it feels like they can give at any moment. My head usually gets funny and it feels like I am about to pass out I just never let it get that far. I found that if I squat down and stay down for a few moments, it goes away on its own. If I have kids with me, I take an aspirin- make me feel better as precaution although I am pretty sure it does nothing. When it started happening, I had echo done and EKG which was all clear. My blood pressure is naturally low-usually 96/60 to 110/65, rarely higher than that. Sometimes it may get down to 90/60 but that is in the mornings. Doctor is no help. I don't get these "episodes" often- sometimes I may have 2 in a month and then nothing for 6 months. I have not found any correlation between the "episodes" and any particular activity, or food or location. There seems to be no rhyme or reason for any of it. No warning either. They just happen. And when they do happen, they are scary. I would love to hear what this may be, especially from ladies in the medical field. Thank you so very much.
  8. At what age/grade can a student start taking AP courses and AP tests? Almost everywhere I read, it is recommended to wait until 11th/12th grade to take AP courses and AP tests? Can student take them earlier- 10th grade or 9th grade or earlier? Thank you.
  9. Essentials in Writing has been good for my reluctant writer. It worked better than IEW.
  10. We have looked at AoPS. Attempted it for pre-algebra but no luck- it just does not compute with the way ds thinks and learns. We did do BJU math from 2nd grade through pre-algebra but Algebra 1 was way too heavy, too much, especially all the word problems so we opted out for Saxon Algebra 1. He gets it, just makes sloppy mistakes like forgetting to put negative sign, or 3x3=3 for whatever reason- things like that.
  11. If your child planned to go into engineering/chemistry fields but his Algebra 1 test average for the year is about 85-87, would you have them redoing it again (maybe with another publisher- we have BJU Algebra 1- He does not want to so Saxon Algebra 1 again) to get better grasp on algebra. I keep reading that if you don't have good algebra knowledge, you're pretty much toast further down you go. He will be 8th grade this coming fall and we are finishing up Saxon Algebra 1 right now (7th grade) if that makes any difference. Thank you.
  12. lack of sleep and dehydration. I would go more with dehydration. My 13 yo had the same thing just by running around too much in the park with his friends and it was mid 70's that day with a nice breeze. He said everything got very bright for him with a tint of green- dr. said it was most likely dehydration. Another thing to consider is low blood pressure. Some kids get that way with blood pressure drops during puberty, especially if there is family history of low blood pressure.
  13. Natural sugars would be jams and jelly that are sweetened with just fruit juice not sugar or honey or anything artificial.
  14. The blood work the do for liver and such always comes back normal with very good numbers. Is there specific tests you had done to figure out what it was or was it just the matter of going with the symptoms? As for sweeteners, does jams with natural sugars not sweetened with sugar or anything else could as ok or a no-no? Thank you.
  15. What stomach issues could I have, if any, if lemon water (juice of 2 lemons and 1/3 c warm water) is the only thing that helps?? Or is it not stomach related at all? Doctors keep telling it is heartburn and reflux and keep trying to get me to take reflux/heartburn pills- Tried the pills and made me so sick, I gave up after few days each time. Every time I mention that lemon water is the only thing that helps, every doctor gets that "deer in the headlight" look and tells me "I have been practicing 15, 20 etc. years and I have never heard that before" which does not make me feel better either. I have done some reading and I came up with low stomach acid- again none of the doctors I brought this up to heard of or they do not believe such thing as low acid exists. No one really wants to investigate it further either. So, what could this be? Thank you so very much.
  16. My sister is getting married later this year. We do not have a sisterly relationship- few phone calls a year if I am that lucky and that is only because my mother makes her do it. I have been invited, sort of, I think- by the ways of I am getting married- this is the day (all verbal and no official wedding invitation) and my brother emailing me a link for the wedding page with hotel information (not my sister who is getting married). We do not plan to go but it would be nice send something as a gift. The question is what to send - she has been with her boyfriend, now fiancée for almost 5 years, they just bought a house (sold previous house) so their housekeeping is all set up and have good jobs with very good pay, take vacations every year, travel when they feel like. She is not doing a wedding registry and no one is hinting is the direction of what they would like. All this is foreign territory for me and the fact that we do not have any kind of family relationship makes it that much harder. What does one give someone for a wedding gift in this situation? Thank you in advance for any suggestion.
  17. In response to the underlined portion of you response, I went back and looked at the lit again and yes, that looks like enough vocab study so we wont be adding anything separate. Thank you for pointing that out. As far as DVDs, they are not ALL everyday. Saxon teacher we have this year for Algebra 1 we have not used yet and we are on lesson 68 but I have if I need it. I am hoping that he continues that way into next year as math comes fairly easy for him. We are using Essentials in Writing 8 this year and he watches DVD only every 2 days, sometimes he will watch 2 lessons in one day and then get everything done on paper separately on different days so it is not every day. Biology DVD is mainly dissection DVD so he watches it only when he does dissections which I was told is once a week, sometimes every other week.
  18. The only reason I did separate lit is because I do not think ds can handle some of the reading that is included as part of Notgrass, like The Art of War for example. He wanted it mainly for history study and I was going to take some of the essays that are history as well as lit that he could handle. Essentials in Literature and Essentials in writing was going to be a fill in that is easier but still does the job of being lit study/composition if that makes sense(they are my back up just in case so to speak)
  19. This fall will be our "high school practice run". Ds will be 14 but b/c of late birthday will be technically 8th grade so we call next year our practice run. Would love to get feedback from moms who've been there already. I think most of what needs to be covered is covered. Is there anything that I am missing or overdoing? Also I am thinking of maybe giving ds high school credit for some of the high school material he completes (through Kolbe Academy Homeschool) if his grades are high enough at the end of the year. Thank you so very much in advance. Science- Science Shepherd Biology with DVD and dissection kit (from Rainbow Resource) History- Notgrass World History (mainly history, some writing- possibly Bible as well) Composition- Essentials in Writing Grade 9 Literature- BJU Lit grade 8 or Essentials in Literature 8 or 9 (depending on book list) Vocabulary- BJU Vocabulary?? or Marie's Words (still deciding if doing separate program for Vocab) Math- Saxon Algebra 2 (with Saxon Teacher) or BJU Geometry (with Online Videos) Foreign Language- Russian with Duolingo, Mango, reading in Russian and writing in Cyrillic, conversations with me in Russian to gain spoken fluency person to person Electives- Python Programing (1 or 2 semesters depending on interest) Computer Fundamentals (2 semesters) PE- Archery (3 or 4 9-week sessions 1.5 hours each plus extra practice and possible competitions) Tae-Bo and Yoga DVDs at home
  20. We got the food down pat. Syrniky is just about every Saturday morning. Borshch is a go to in the winter when it is cold. Blini is super yummy. And few others. Yes, the tzars and the wars are totally ds thing. We have covered much of what you have listed.
  21. Thank you . I checked it all out and looks like Step by Step will fit him best at this time. Are the workbooks worth the price?
  22. Rosetta Stone- which crashed on our computers too much so we gave up. Right now it is Duolingo and Mango languages along with books in Russian/audio books I already had. I also help him with actual pronunciation because he does not pronounce it correctly since he does not care for learning it. He is capable of learning an doing he just does not want to. His younger brother is using the same material and he is way ahead of him, his brother learned all the alphabet and memorized the entire syllable chart in one week and can read basic Russian all within 2 months so I know it is not the materials we are using, it is the student. As far a co-ops or emersion/Saturday schools- Spanish is the main language, followed by Chinese- that is only once a week for 1-2 hours- and again either the price tag is too steep for what you get of they require parent to teach in a co-op (I would have to hire a babysitter for that since I have kids too young for co-op)
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