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  1. There is World History from Notgrass- short , sweet and to the point and not very expensive either.
  2. Thank you for the advise. I have not even thought of putting related sciences/history together. I wonder if I could do Government and Econ in 9th since my child decided he wants to do US history next year??
  3. Please do not quote as I may delete this later. Thank you. I am hoping to hear from folks who live or live in the surrounding are as this would be a huge deal for us if we move. Anything that would be helpful- good or bad- everything. Cost of living? Rent? Hospitals? Access to specialists? How long does it take for the fire department/police/ambulance to respond if there is an issue? Weather? Safe areas to live? BAD areas to stay away from? Homeschool rules and how easy/hard it is to comply with them? (I've read all the legal stuff but personal accounts are more comforting I guess) Homeschool community (especially middle and high school) And anything and everything that might be considered helpful even if I have not thought of it just this minute. Thank you so very much.
  4. Thank you for all the input. I was figuring that it probably would not be enough. Especially with my child wanting to go into Chemical Engineering. I sat down earlier this year and had a plan for most of what we will do over the next few years adding in extra science requested by ds. Meeting all the credits should not be an issue, just biology is the hick up right now. I guess we could do BJU Biology and call it done. Right now, if all is done ds will have well over 24 credits. 4 credits = English composition 3 credits = world, American and British Lit 4 credits = Math (Geometry, Algebra 1, Pre-calculus and Calculus 1) 5-6 credits = Science (Chemistry 9th,Physics10th, Biology?(11th), Astronomy (11th- requested by ds), DE Chemistry(12th), Environmental science (12th-still a maybe but of interest for now) 3 credits = Social Science (World history, American history, Government and Economics) 3 credits = Foreign Language (Japanese- 3 years are required by school he wants to go to) 0 credit = Fine Arts (we were told because of his chemical engineering interest they would rather see engineering class or extra science class instead of fine arts class so we are good here) 4 credits = Electives (Engineering class all 4 years- 2D/3D design, MAT LABS, engineering computations, engineering design, Solid modeling- all done online through Catapult engineering academy) 26-27 credits total (if we get it all done as planned)
  5. I have a student who does not like biology at all. He is my chemistry and physics and math child who could care less about biology. We looked at three different curriculums already and nothing that he like enough for me to even think of buying it for next year I already own AIG God's Design for Life. If I added in Biology 101 DVDs to it and we completed all the projects (maybe adding in few dissections)- can I count it as enough for high school credit and not worry about it anymore. If not, what is out there that will fit the bill?? Thank you in advance.
  6. I need to purchase a good reliable Russian keyboard for my computer- either Russian only or Russian/English letters are fine- but not stickers since they done survive long. Amazon has many but reviews are 50/50 on most of them? Any recommendation for reliable keyboard? Thank you very much.
  7. I need to purchase a good reliable Russian keyboard for my computer- either Russian only or Russian/English letters are fine- but not stickers since they done survive long. Amazon has many but reviews are 50/50 on most of them? Any recommendation for reliable keyboard? Thank you very much.
  8. I am curious how you turned off Cortana. From everything I have read there is really no way to absolutely get rid of Cortana as it is integrated in Windows 10. You have locating services, voice activation, info gathering and all that. Friend of mine was telling me what a headache it was to deactivate the voice activation and location services and it is all located in different on the computer and some of the components could be in three different places just to turn off voice activation. Last time Windows 10 uploaded by itself I was able to revert right back to Windows 8 within 10 minutes.
  9. Is there a way to get a copy of my high school transcript from 20+ years ago just to have a copy? Thank you.
  10. Thank you everyone. This has been very informative. Off to amazon to see their selection and hopefully find what I am looking for.
  11. I need a laptop that would handle everything listed below (I can forego on #5) and not slow down to a crawl. Is there such a laptop? Would MacBook handle it better than regular laptop, or it does not matter. 1. All the homeschool stuff (including high school) planning, files, things I download all the time 2. Solidworks software ds will be using for his 2D/3D CAD class. 3. My Photoshop or PaintshopPro (once I decide which one I want to update to) 4. All of our photos and video files 5. Be able to handle at least some light gaming (think along the lines of Civilization IV and similar games) Would love some suggestions. School sales will be starting in another week or so in our state and I want to take advantage of the sales. Thank you very much.
  12. Thank you ladies for all of the great advise. I am guessing I was a bit ambitious on the 6-12 months timeline, especially with the fact that I do not have 3-5 hours a day to concentrate just on photography. I see how I want the photos to turn out - just need to work on all the technical stuff to really get good at it. I have a vision in my head what the end result for the photos would be, it just may take more time to get there.
  13. and to add to the challenge it has to work with iPhone 4s. Every one I liked so far requires GPS and location services on- mine are always off. And the few that are not GPS dependent are counting steps left and right just by bending down to pick something up or tie my shoes or similar. I loved this one when I tried it for a bit but again it is GPS dependent and with location services off it is useless. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/argus-calorie-counter-activity/id624329444?mt=8 Are there any that are fairy accurate and not GPS dependent? Thank you.
  14. Anything in the state of Ga. I think the issue is that ds is only 13 now. There rules maybe a bit different when he gets older.
  15. Ds 13 is not sure which one he will finally choose but for now it is the 4 that are interesting for him are chemical/biochemical/petrolium/materials engineering. He also has interest in astronomy. Our problem is that there are no opportunities (volunteering, internships, shadowing, etc.) that we can find for his age that has anything to do with his interest. Majority of the programs are unrelated or for college students or high school kids over 18 years old. Most high school kids here volunteer at the library, animal shelters, churches and camps- he does not want to do that but rather do something he likes and has interest in. So, where do we look that may fit the bill even if it is not something that screams chemical/biochemical/petrolium/materials engineering and astronomy. Thank you very much for any suggestions.
  16. Good morning everyone, I am looking for honest opinions and personal experiences... Is it at all possible for someone to go from basically newbie in photography to good/very good in 6-12 months so it is good enough to turn it into a part time income?? What is the best way to go about it? How realistic is it? Time commitment? How much investment into the equipment would be needed (considering I already have a very good DSLR camera)? Any other tips and thoughts would be much appreciated. Thank you very much.
  17. It is worth it if you grow particular veggies that are not available in the stores or cost a fortune- in the south we can not get cucuzzi or Italian squash or cherry peppers so we grow lots of that. Basil is very expensive even in the summer, so one large packet of basil is about the same cost as 2 plants and we have tons of it all summer (a must have for a lot of pesto). Cost cutting also comes from growing garden from seeds rather than buying live plants ($3 packet can give you 20 tomato plants- or you pay $3-6 per tomato plant)
  18. That is exactly what we did this year after BJU Algebra was way too much for ds. BJU Algebra 1 had a lot of problems and a lot of word problems. He did BJU Pre-Algebra last year and this year he is doing Saxon Algebra 1 3rd edition. No issues whatsoever with transition. He did have to adjust how some of the math is taught but he naturally catches on and did not have a problem with it. I do find that many times he uses BJU methods to solve problems rather than Saxon method of teaching. We have Saxon teacher but only had to use it once so far, mostly ds just read and does the lesson on his own. He does do every single problem in every lesson. Our plan is to go back to BJU Algebra 1 and do it again to go through the word problems as that is ds weakness and then continue with BJU Geometry and Algebra 2- BJU just agrees with ds learning better than Saxon. We never used video with BJU math- it was read and explain and do.
  19. In order for the class to be designated honors, does it have to state in the text it is honors course? Ds will be doing BJU Algebra and Geometry and both of them have different tracks and depending on which track you do (and which problems you complete)- it can be either regular or honors. That is how the writer of the textbook explained it to me and how they use it in the schools that use their textbooks. But there is nothing on paper that says this is honors and this is regular. Can it still designated honors even if there is nothing that specifically states honors? Thank you for any advise.
  20. Question for parents of high schoolers- how do you get the Fine Arts credit covered other that traditional art class, dance, music, drama or chorus? I am looking for more unconventional ideas to fill 1 credit. Thank you.
  21. Early 30's. Petite, about 10 pounds over ideal weight. usually at the doctors it's about 100/60 to 115/74 but I figured with dealing with traffic getting there and then agitation because it takes forever to see he Doctor so it will be higher. At home on the good day 90/60 to 105/65 but I've had go as low as 88/56. Today for example I went out shopping for about 2 hours and was just feeling off and slightly nauseous. Came home and pressure was 88/61. Usually my head feel funny, legs get wobbly like walking on cotton balls, sometimes feeling a bit warm, sometimes slight nausea( rarely). I have to either sit or squat low to the floor and after a bit it goes away.
  22. If I have been sitting on the floor for a while or on my knees on the chair, if I get up too fast, things tend to go a bit dark. I have to sit back down or remember to get up slow to begin with. According to cardiologist I saw 3 year ago that was normal and not to worry too much. Is that normal or should I go and see another cardiologist for another opinion?
  23. And when should I be worried with blood pressure being low? At what point should I look into to maybe medicate it? Is there a best time to check it for best results? Also, which doctor would be the one handling this- family doctor or cardiologist or someone else if it ever came to the point that it needs to be medicated? Thank you very much.
  24. From what 3 different OBGYN doctors told me, there is really no such thing as removing scar tissue to make it better because every time they cut, you will get new scar tissue. Some people heal very nicely where there is barely any scar tissue, but others' bodies overdo and scars are awful and huge and painful. I would get another opinion and ask lots of questions as well as have another doctor go over previous doctors' notes from your previous C-sections and any other abdominal surgeries to see if there was anything noted about scar tissue and overall condition in that region in your particular case.
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