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  1. This is a great thread. My daughter is smart, but she would much rather be riding her horses than doing any school. She thought about vet school, as all horse mad girls seem to do, but decided that was entirely too much school and not much a life. When would she ride? She has no idea what she wants to do, but has finally realised that there is no money in horses and she would be working very hard and be very poor, which is not in the grand plan. So, now she is exploring careers which would allow her to make enough money to support the horse habit. Of course the career has to allow her time to ride, for heaven's sake. So far, no success in finding such a wonderful career. LOL Any ideas????
  2. We are currently using Laurel Springs and like it. We are Americans living in Australia. Laurel Springs is giving us the opportunity for my DD to obtain a US diploma, in case she decides to attend university in the US. It also gives us some credibility if she goes to university here. My daughter is also a competitive athlete (equestrian). There is no way she could attend a B&M school and school three horses, take lessons and compete as much as she does. DD struggles with math and the school has been brilliant in helping us find a program that best suits her. We struggled along with me teaching her through her freshman year and decided it wasn't working because we weren't getting the work done. Mostly my fault! So, for us, it's been a very positive experience.
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