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    Sahm, one son who is 2E- with stealth dyslexia, dysgraphia, CAPD, VPD
  1. When I complained about surliness. "Maybe I'm growing up, Mama. You only have a view of my botty leaving you, but all I see is blue skies ahead."

    1. quark


      Master of the witty repartee!

    2. Mukmuk


      I'm trying to keep my sense of humor, gnnrgh.

  2. Just bought *3* Great Courses instead of the one I was planning before looking at the catalog. It's so easy to get carried away. @.@

    1. quark


      Yeah...that website does that to you. Sigh. But I don't complain for long lol. What did you get?

    2. Mukmuk


      Impossible Physics, Joy of Math and Mental Math. I had to restrict myself to what's likely to be watched. Tell me about your collection one day, Quark. :D

    3. quark
  3. I may come back to this as I flesh out the details. For now, it's for Ds to be more flexible. Finally, he recognises he gets stuck in certain thinking modes. One simple example is, he will only wear certain pants, even if there are gaping holes, and the weather is freezing. Or, he loves Sine, so no matter what he'll try to use the sin formula even if it means going through extra convolutions. At least these days, I get an "oh yeah! Why did I do that?". All good.
  4. Ds is loving MCT writing exercises. Woot!

  5. Feeling pained. Have to cut some of ds' sports activities in favor of schoolwork if we're to achieve a full schedule next year. :(

    1. Angie in VA

      Angie in VA

      Year-round schooling? That is how we get it "all" done here, but we have plenty of breaks when we need them.

    2. Mukmuk


      Hmm you're giving me ideas :D. We already school year round but I could make summer a different block altogether.

    3. sassenach


      We have a busy season and a slow season. No sports in the fall- we stack up a healthy school load. Come late winter/spring, it's baseball and swim season, light academics.

  6. Finally working through next year's curriculum. With fewer 2e issues now, I think we can broaden out to include geography and maybe even history. Yay!!

  7. OOh er, tks, tattarrattat! I actually thought that was a link for more practice q's. Tks Quark!! At this moment, the sudden rush of remembering that he's dyslexic, dysgraphic and has visual processing issues is making me feel weak. :svengo: All the best to your DS too! :001_wub: He'll be just fabulous!
  8. Tks for the bubble sheet link, Quark!! I worry about this as DS has had zero experience with bubble sheets, and, well, he can't see straight :tongue_smilie:. We haven't tried it backwards at all. If your son has higher marks that way and is unlikely to get confused with the bubble sheet sequence, I'd do it in a heart beat. Why not? :001_smile: So far, DS has had problems making the 40 minute mark. He knows the answers to nearly all the questions (woot!) upon reflection, and strangely, it isn't always the #20s that he stumbles at. But his greatest hurdle will be to finish the test on time. He makes an average of 11 points when it's 40mins. I'm trying to calm him down about this, and I wonder if I made a mistake signing him up this early :(. He's very determined though, which is good to watch. :001_wub:
  9. Independance and self management has been on my mind as well, Halcyon. In my case, I have a child with zero sense of time and structure (characteristic of his LD). We've actually done very little by way of structured homeschooling because he drifts, gets lost in his thoughts and takes hours to complete anything. I realise now that this is the way his brain works- he wants depth over breadth. I've chosen to homeschool based on his interests so there is less resistance. Its been a gradual transformation, but in the last few months, he was doing enough work for me to write up a schedule. Lately, he's taken over filling up what he's completed because he likes the sense of accomplishment. (All this seems more calm than how it actually happened, btw!) He's always had a say about what to do. So now, I lay out a loose structure for the day- he knows he has to complete certain tasks before lunch and after. If he wants more time on certain projects/subjects, he has to work around and prioritise. My goal this year- to help him develop a sense of time. Baby steps!
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