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  1. Do we know if there will be a Writing With Skill 4? My son is doing great with the first 3 levels and I'm hoping we can continue on.
  2. Any tips on where to find used Foundations materials for sale? This is our first year in CC and I'll have 3 in Foundations and I'll be tutoring as well. Obviously we need the guide, but what are the other "must haves" or "you can live withouts" in your opinion? There's nothing I like less than buying something only to not use it or realize I could have done just as well without it.
  3. We're traveling to Louisville and I'm wondering if traveling 2 hours to the Creation Museum is a must do. Who's been and what did you think? Also, any leads on ways to get discounted tickets?
  4. Anyone used an online teaching program for violin? My 9 yr old would like to start and I think this is a route I would like to look into as well as an actual teacher.
  5. I would completely echo the post above. It seems very similar to what we're doing as well. My son is 6th grade and in WWS 2 (I love this curriculum!) We went straight from WWE level 4 in 4th to WWS 1 in 5th grade since I figured that was what was intended. Later SWB seemed to suggest waiting till 6th. I'll play it by ear for my next two kids. I think the pacing of her book is fine. It's challenging but not overwhelming. I do feel overwhelmed that is is a 36 week curriculum with no wiggle room when you get behind. At least you are getting all the bang for your buck! We are currently in school week 21 and only in week 17 of WWS 2. That's just life though (seriously, we've had a major move this fall). We also factor that day 4 will usually take 2 day to completely. I would think stretching it out for 2 years would feel too drawn out.
  6. I hear you. I love the idea of the timeline but find we rarely get to it. We are in MOH vol. 3. I noticed it's only 28 weeks and my son loves history and will literally be sad when it's over. I think I may go back at the end and allow him to pick what his favorite memories are from the book and create timeline pieces with those. I'm sure he'll pick many and then maybe they'll be more meaningful. I'm sure many people would frown on this approach but it's better than nothing. Also, we keep our timeline in a 3 ring binder that we'll add to for years to come. More like a book of centuries.
  7. Thanks for the update. Checking on this info today and it was good to read your post even though now it's also become old news. Any updates anyone?
  8. Oh my, if you like Grandma's Attic, you'll love Little Britches. It's a series of books, actually an autobiography of the life of Ralph Moody who moves out to CO as a young boy. It's exciting and fun and than thinking of how it's all true! Wow. And then to just make a good book great, his father is full of great wisdom and truth and spends the time truly teaching it all to his son. Beautiful. Ok, now I need to go grab our copy and read a chapter of Grandma's attic to my girls each night. Thanks for the suggestion there.
  9. If you could add one subject to your homeschool that you don't do now what would it be? **Of course assuming this hypothetical subject would add no additional planning and would require no additional time in your day.** Mine: Focused study on Handcrafts Shakespeare Geography Artistis and their works/Art History
  10. My son started WWS in 5th grade and he is definitely a reluctant writer as well. However, he really enjoys learning factual things about people, places and things and WWS does a great job of providing a variety of topics and information for the student to write about. I love that he never has to "come up with" what to write on and she has all the resources you need right in the book. He enjoyed learning about each topic, but he hasn't fallen in love with writing by any stretch of the imagination. He can complete the task though, and do it well. Also, he is gaining the confidence that he is able to do it even if it is something that he wouldn't chose to do. This year we are in WWS2 and I'm so proud of what he's accomplished.
  11. So I think we've decided to have ds spend 2 years in 6th grade. Anyone else?? Our son has a May birthday and if we had put him in public school I would have waited till after his 6th birthday to start him in Kindergarten. However, when we decided to homeschool I started him at 5 since he was eager to learn and I was eager to start. Fast forward to age 11. Big Mistake! At the beginning of his 5th grade year I started to realize how much being being the youngest in his grade level set him apart from his peers in all other areas of social life (church, scouts, co-ops...) He's an awesome kid (of course!) and well rounded socially, but frankly acts his age, which always seems a year behind his grade level peers and on target with the boys the next grade down. Physically, he looks different than his peers and maturity wise he's still a kid and they are starting to act more like young men. This year he's 6th grade and the trend is still there of him relating better to boys a year lower. We've just moved and my husband and I have agreed that instead of telling him we think 5th grade is more appropriate for him we are just going with the idea of taking 2 years to cover 6th grade so he can match up with his peers next year. Our ds thought this was a good idea and agreed that he did seem to enjoy other boys more than his grade level peers and he was excited to hear we could try some new things in school since we had two years to cover our subjects. Academically, he's a couple years ahead in science and math and a couple years behind in spelling and on target in most other things (you know, typical homeschooler). Any one have experience with this? Thoughts?
  12. Google Southern Living's Lemon, Garlic, Rosemary Chicken with red potatoes. Yummy! A family favorite for us. We also use boneless ones to make great Chinese food (Cooks Illustrated Chinese Chicken Lettuce Wraps).
  13. I just moved away from MN and we lived south in Rochester. MN is a great state to homeschool in. The laws are relaxed, asking you to register once a year and test each year (you do not need to show anyone the results it's just for you to know). There seems to be many homeschoolers in MN and they are a pretty active group (at least in Roch.) We loved going up to Mpls. to the Symphony Orchestra. They put on a great/cheap show for school kids. There is a free art museum as well that I wish we had gone to more. The U of M puts on a free and fantastic Physics show each year that our whole family attended and loved (my kids are the same age as yours!). Como Zoo is free and wonderful. Check out the cheaper Twilight wrist bands for the amusement park at Mall of America. We loved doing this on a school night when the mall was nearly empty but as homeschoolers we could stay out late and accommodate the next day. (Ok, this one is just for fun and not school related.) Also for fun, go to Wild Rumpus book store and read to the chickens and other animals! So. Much. Fun. It's a great little treat for every homeschooler who loves books and a great get away on those long winter days. There were other events in the city through out the year that offered things to school students in general that we always considered as well. I'm sure there is so much more that we missed out on since we were 1.5 hours south of the cities. Finally, start looking into and preparing to take advantage of the PSEO program in MN. It is fabulous! Most homeschoolers stay on top of this and send their kids to local colleges (for FREE, even books) their Junior year. I hope you enjoy living in MN as much as we did (we moved to IA). It is a wonderful place to live.
  14. We used WWS level 1 last year and are moving to level 2 this year. I love the program. Yes, I do think you could get a good overview of the whole program from the TM. Although not all the info. will be in there it does give a good summary and copies of pages or restated text that you would find in the student book. There is usually an overview of the direct instructions given to the students and ways to help if they need assistance. Most resources that are used in the student text are at least listed in TM.
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