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  1. If I buy a "Sunrise Ed 2" teachers manual on Ebay will it match the Light Units from CLE regardless of year? I'm trying to save some money but it's only a few bucks per subject so it's not worth it if I have to turn around and sell it if it doesn't match. Thanks in advance!

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    Hi, I am looking for MFW Kindergarten items. Thanks!



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    I already have the second edition answer key and CDs. Thanks!


  4. That's a great idea. I downloaded their free lessons for phonics and math on long dead computer. Glad you reminded me of Funnix!
  5. Thanks you so much for your response. My husband has not stayed home full-time before so I wanted to put the least amount of pressure on him as possible, but you are right he should be able to help them some. My 4th grader should also be able to help too. Great tip about checking the links the night before I will be sure to do that. The main reason for homeschooling is because of the substandard education our local public school is providing through Common Core. My main issue is the lack of teaching skills or lessons, at all really. My daughter is giving a 10 problem worksheet each wee
  6. Hi all, I home schooled my 3 from the beginning but had to put them into public school 2 years ago because I had to go back to work full time (8-5 type job). The first year they were in K and 2nd and it wasn't too bad, or maybe I was too busy to notice how bad it really was. Long story short, Common Core is not working and it is destroying my precious ones (maybe a little dramatic, but Common Core is not the discussion here). I am pregnant with number 4 due in July, for financial reasons and my sanity my husband is going to stay home with the baby in lieu of daycare. I am pulling my ol
  7. Do you have the installation disc for the SOS?
  8. That is in bullet 1- RC/A2/OFE. Thanks so much for responding!!! :hurray:
  9. Hi All, I haven't been active on the boards in over almost 2 years. My husband left about 2 years ago and I had to go back to work full time. Before that I was starting a new Classical Conversations campus, and I had been a CC tutor (just to explain my HSing philosophy.) My kid first year of public school was Kindergarten and 2nd grade (I also have a 4 year old in preschool) and it was fairly painless. I couldn't see the Common Core influence in their classes and their teachers were fabulous. This year, not so great. Third grade is notoriously difficult around here and it is the fi
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