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  1. Are there options for online English classes in which you can earn .5 credit? We may need something like that for my nephew in the spring. If not, what do you suggest a 17 year old could do to earn .5 credit in English. It would have to be almost completely independent.
  2. I had used Spalding years ago and have been using it with my second grader. I remember I had posted years ago about what the week looks like on a daily basis, but I can't find it. Monday...I present to her 20 words and review the first 10. When I review the words, do I just have her read the first 10 words? Tuesday... I test the first 10 words on a separate piece of paper and then review the second 10 words? Wednesday... I test the second 10 words and review all the words? Thursday... I test all of the words. All the while during the week we are working
  3. Thats great to know, thank you! Also, there is concern about how to put together a transcript. Would the family take the high school transcript up until he's pulled out and combine it with his senior year grades/transcript? I have no idea, my oldest are in 8th. Haven't crossed that road yet.
  4. I forgot about his fine arts class. He needs a 1/2 credit. He wants a simple class that won't consume too much of his time. Any ideas? He was thinking about photoshop, or at least that is the class he had signed up for at his high school.
  5. He is thinking about the local community college. It's all online though.
  6. I am so excited about this organic chemistry class for him. I definitely have it on the side for my own kids to take in a couple of years!
  7. He is pretty good at math. He should be in Calc BC this year, but he feels there are holes in his learning because of the pandemic. He started in precalculus last year then moved up into Calc AB after Christmas. His counselor recommended for him to continue to move forward into BC, but he declined. I have looked at AoPS for him. It's definitely on the list to show him. I know a bit about AoPS - my daughter is using their prealgebra book. On a side note...I likely will be outsourcing the algebra class for her. She is slated to complete the book by October. I wish AoPs had a self-paced
  8. Oh, thank you! I definitely am forwarding this to him! I quickly scanned, but what is the cost of the class? Are all of the assignments graded by you? How involved is the parent?
  9. Thank you, thank you!!! I have looked at all of your recommendations. I really appreciate it! I seem to have great options for English and History. With regards to science, I found that Royal Fireworks Press has a Genetics course. I *think* it's one semester long. I contacted the company a couple of times and waiting for an answer. It looks like a very interesting course and the instructor seems WELL credentialed! If it's one semester, then maybe he can take something related to the history of medicine or medical terminology. I thought this book seemed interesting, and along with a goo
  10. I have a nephew who will be homeschooling this year because his school is going virtual - family just found out. He learns quickly, but needs guidance and accountability. He has taken quite a few AP classes in English, Science, and History. I'm trying to help him find course materials and classes for this school year. He only needs a few classes to graduate, but I think he wants to use this year to maximize his learning. He had indicated that there wasn't much learning from March until the end of the school year and he isn't willing to risk have limited education/learning for this year.
  11. Thank you for all this information. I have reached out to Derek Owens and someone from his company responded immediately. TCB, thank you. They have a different fee schedule if he decides to not use the grading option. There was quite a bit of helpful information. I already purchased the book and should be here in a couple of days.
  12. Thank you! I definitely will take a look into this. Are there videos associated to each lesson and do you have access to everything and can navigate through the entire program?
  13. My nephew had taken precalculus at his local school this school year, but feels he didn't learn it well. He wants to retake it over the summer to be better prepared for Calc 1 his senior year. I am hopeful you guys can give me some recommendations for any online precalculus classes. I would like to give him some options to look through.
  14. I wanted to provide an update about how we did with this year's literature books. We did so much better this year and it was one of the highlights of MCT. I spent time reading the entire small instructional The Search Trilogy book. This was the biggest help. I should have done this last year. We read all three books aloud and the kids shared in the reading. There were parts of The Search Trilogy book I didn't follow and many parts I did. Michael Clay Thompson had a section about Vocabulary prestudy - I didn't really go over that part with the kids. The Strategies and Activities sect
  15. Has anyone used any of the language arts books for 9th, 10th, 11th, or 12th grade? Does the student use them independently? We are on our third go around with MCT. We are currently using Level 4 (Literature). I notice that this level is shorter than the others. We plan to use Magic Lens I midyear. Would one level, minus the writing book, be considered 1 credit English? I am trying EIW for the first time in conjunction with MCT. I'm guessing it's 1 credit with EIW and MCT (minus Academic Writing I). Would love any feedback about the high school levels and how it works for you and/or
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