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  1. My kids are 15, 13, and 8. We are working our way through the Little House books, but occasionally we have to wait on one from the library, so we've added others. Johnny Tremain Carry On, Mr. Bowditch The Great Trouble: A Mystery of London, the Blue Death and a Boy Called Eel Jefferson Son's We're a history bunch if you can't tell. :laugh:
  2. Homeschool Connections live courses show the instructor, but not the students (their questions show up in the chat box and the teacher typically reads them aloud). HSC is Catholic based.
  3. If your kids are STEM kids, I think it wouldn't be enough for middle school. My middle schoolers aren't science-y kids. I cannot picture either of them going into any type of science related field AT ALL!!! I think it is enough of the nuts and bolts for them. I do require extra reading from library books and an extra experiment with each chapter (in addition to the one in the lab book). Now, my first grader is following right along. He is definitely more science minded. I doubt I will get away with using them again when he is closer to middle school. He will probably be tagging along in whatever high school science courses the girls are taking at the time.
  4. Can you please tell me about blogs you read regularly? I am looking specifically for blogs on homeschooling and parenting preschoolers. My goal is to ask a few bloggers if they would review my craft kits and perhaps do a giveaway on their blog. Thanks for you help.
  5. I feel like we are slacking after reading most of these lists, but here's ours. For DD11 Math: Saxon 7/6 Grammar: Intermediate Language Lessons Writing: Homeschool Connections Class online class Simplified Writing for Middle School, An All Encompassing Foundational Middle School Writing Course Spelling: All About Spelling (starting at the beginning and seeing how far we can get--her spelling is atrocious) History: RC History: Volume 3 - 1066-1699 Geography: Map Trek to go along with History and also MCP's Maps, Charts and Graphs Eastern Hemisphere Science: RS4K Chemistry followed by Biology (we'll start Chem this summer since we were woefully lacking during this school year) Latin: Prima Latina Religion: Faith and Life 6, Altar Server Art at the local Catholic school and on the volleyball, basketball, and archery teams. Soccer with the Y Homeschool orchestra, violin, and a homemade club called Liberty Ladies (focus on oral presentations and learning about strong women in American history) Most literature will come from history or readings for Liberty Ladies. If I find it lacking, I have the books that go with LLATL tan (which I purchased thinking we would go that route). We'll use the study guides if needed.
  6. http://www.kristinscraftsforkids.blogspot.com Prepackaged craft kits for preschoolers. Each craft comes with a book suggestion (or two) and an extra activity that you could do to enrich the experience. It's not really "school-y" but would give your younger DD something special to do without the formal schooling aspect.
  7. This makes me teary-eyed, :crying: in a good way! Not only are you a charter member, you are the reason I'm doing this. :hurray: I am so happy that the crafts are meeting your needs. Would it be ok if I quoted your post (from above) and put it on my blog/FB page? I don't have many reviews other than the generic "we love these!" which is nice but it doesn't really give parents a good idea as to why they should purchase, KWIM? I'm putting the March kits together in the morning and getting them shipped hopefully either tomorrow night or Tuesday morning.
  8. It's going really well. Thank you for asking. You can order through the blog, but I just checked and you can't see the buttons, only the post. I guess that means you need a computer. Or send me a FB message, and I can pm you my pp address. That would work too. :)
  9. There is something about the "&" in my username that won't allow pm's. Why I could choose it in my username to begin with is beyond me, but whatever. I have so many better things to gripe about. :tongue_smilie: Anyway, yes, we cut two or three apples and dug out the seeds. Then for the days after, I would just let him get whatever he grabbed and we would put them in the middle of the table. I would tell him to count them. So let's say there were 9. Then I would tell him to choose some for me (he gave me 3) and he got the rest. Then we counted his plus mine equaled 9. Put them back and do it again, but this time, I would just check to make sure that he didn't get the same number. We did this a few times until we had three or four different facts for 9. Sometimes I wrote the different problems on our lap-sized white board and sometimes not. We did this through play for a week or so before we moved to the paper work. By that point, he had enough concrete example that he was able to just draw x number of seeds on one side and then figure out how many should go on the other. HTH I still scribe math for my 11yo DD. Writing out long division becomes overwhelming and she breaks down. She can tell me exactly what to write and where, so I figure she knows how to do it. Plus, I make sure that I'm "occupied" for a few each lesson so she does write some. :thumbup1:
  10. I have a ker who is doing Saxon 1 (he did Saxon K in his preschool program). Thread jack: :) With the apple seeds, I used actual apple seeds and DS and I took turns dividing them. Say we had 6 seeds. He would go first and take 4 and then that left me with 2. Then I would go. I always made sure that we didn't end up with the same problem. It helped him to understand. And I scribe for him. The writing would be too much for my guy!
  11. Thank you so much! I picked them up last time they were free, but then forgot to download them and the link expired! Now, I'm going home and downloading them first thing.
  12. Mother of Divine Grace may be an option as well. It is Charlotte Mason meets Classical meets Catholic.
  13. I plan it so that 3-5 yo could do the crafts with parental assistance (help cutting and following directions depending on the child), but I think that most of the things I planned would work up to 8 yo and maybe even older if the child wanted to embellish the original craft. I plan on my soon-to-be 11 yo doing the crafts and helping 6 yo DS do them as well. Examples: tissue paper mosaic of Mary, Mother of God playdough and popsicle sticks for St. Peter Paper plate craft for conversion of St. Paul Handprint dove for Baptism of the Lord
  14. Sent you a pm. I think I got everything up to snuff this morning. Let me know if you have trouble. :) If anyone is interested, I finished a Jan-Mar saints and feast days craft kit as well. The order tab is also on the blog. Have a blessed day!
  15. It will probably vary month to month, but I plan on posting a list of themes each time on my blog/FB page. That way you could decide if it would suit your needs or not. January's themes are New Years Chinese New Years Martin Luther King Jr. (crafts are along the cultural acceptance/we are unique line) Winter Mittens I plan on doing Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, etc. but for these boxes, I will probably try to stick with hearts, shamrocks and leprechauns and not focus on the saint aspect/history. I do plan on doing saint packs, but that is something entirely different. :)
  16. Thank you. I signed up to get the reading a couple years ago, but then forgot to download it before the code expired. I WILL do better this time.
  17. After doing a little checking, I think that I could ship to Canada for an extra $5 shipping charge. That may make the package too cost prohibitive to our Canadians, but it looks like it will cost $10-$11 to ship. I don't know what the options are to purchase something similar in Canada, so I'll definitely offer it and if it suits someone to pay the extra, then I'll mail it! :)
  18. I've given up trying to link anything. Sorry to burden you with cutting and pasting. :) www.facebook.com/kristinscraftsforkids www.kristinscraftsforkids.blogspot.com
  19. I've closed December, but I'm putting the final touches on January. I'll get the FB page up to snuff and will pm you with details. Thank you everyone!
  20. That's funny. For whatever reason, I still cannot attach photos. I'll try to send one to your email tonight when I get home from work. Too funny about the angel. I was having a hard time describing it, but my kids did it fine. It's probably because they "know" my language. LOL!
  21. OK, so I can't get the pics on here. I've tried hyperlinking, attaching, cutting and pasting my photobucket link and it's just not working. I think my exhaustion is taking over. You will most definitely see pictures when I get that FB page going. Sorry for the delay. I'm headed to bed and I'll be up early in the am working on it.
  22. Sorry that I haven't checked WTM all day. I've been getting the orders I have out. I will pm those that can't reach me in a few minutes. I do want to address a couple of questions... I think the activities would be appropriate for any child in the 3-5 range. The color/shape theme is just some open-ended crafts using a particular shape or color. Even if the child knows the information, they should still enjoy the craft (and book list and activities if you choose to do them). Early 3s may have trouble with some of the cutting, but I sort of figured that a parent or adult would be close enough to help out if needed. I do plan on starting a FB page. I really have just been bombarded with getting everything ready and out the door that I haven't planned that out yet. I hope to do that this weekend (may be limited by my mother's dial-up connection speed :lol:). I wasn't able to get picks of the finished crafts sent with the packages today, but I just got them uploaded so I'll post them here. My kids did them completely on their own. I wanted to see if the directions were clear enough for them to follow. The only one that isn't shown are the Goldilocks & the 3 Bears stick puppets. DD10 got tired of coloring and the one that was finished got eaten by my crazy daycare kid. :glare: Pics forthcoming-right after pm's.
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