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  1. I would like to find tests to go with the dragonfly edition, too. Anyone . . . ? :lurk5:
  2. Thank you all so much for the great ideas! You've brought to my attention several items of interest that I simply would not have known about otherwise. Off to continue my research and start booking . . .
  3. Thank you all so much for the great ideas! You've brought to my attention several items of interest that I simply would not have known about otherwise. Off to continue my research and start booking . . .
  4. Thank you all so much - this is great! I would definitely not ride bikes in Boston; that sounds very dangerous to me. I meant to ask if there was an established path to ride between Lexington and Concord, or if riding in the Lexington/Concord area would involve riding on regular roads with cars. I'm not sure I even want to drive in Boston. (D.C. was nerve-wracking enough for me. I can do it, but I don't enjoy it.) Maybe there's a way to stay on the outskirts and then take public transportation or some type of shuttle into town? Would that cause us to eat up too much time going bac
  5. Thank you for the helpful suggestions. We like biking - are there designated paths? (And I'll need to ride extra to work off the cannolis!)
  6. I'd like to take my teenagers to see the historic sites in Boston. I'm in Virginia and I guess we'd drive. Please post your tips and suggestions to help me do this one-time trip well. Is there a "best" time of year to visit? Where to stay? How to get around? I've heard of the Freedom Trail, but I don't understand how to fit the tour (guided by a costumed interpreter) together with getting to go inside places like Paul Revere's house, the Old North Church, etc. Also, while I plan to emphasize Revolutionary War history on this trip, I'd like to sprinkle in some other "lighte
  7. I'm partial to Williamsburg, VA (W&M); Fredericksburg, VA (Univ of Mary Wash.); and Chapel Hill, NC (UNC).
  8. I've almost always taken my kids with me to the polls. It seems quite normal to me to take them with me on errands, etc.
  9. We bought a Thule Apex 4-bike hitch rack at REI during a sale, and we're pleased with it. As part of this project, we also had a hitch installed on our vehicle by a local mechanic we know. I think we paid about $200. You might find that you also need a crossbar to fit onto your bike(s), depending on what type they are.
  10. One level = one credit, but I do supplement w/extra grammar work, reading, culture, etc.
  11. I actually would like to buy a coffee table! For now, we pull the piano bench over and use it like a coffee table on occasion.
  12. I was thinking we should do something like that, too! I'd be game to try it (but I don't happen to have any bee stickers).
  13. I'm going. I've been every year for a decade or so. I'm going to stop by the info booth and try to meet you. I'd like to meet some fellow Virginians who frequent the boards. My advice to the person who was hesitant to meet people: Try asking a brief question such as, "This [curriculum} looks interesting . . . have you used it before?" You can also notice from name tags where people are from and make chit chat about that. "I see you're from [whatever town], I used to live there" or "my family lives there." I have found most other convention attendees to be very friendly. Hope you
  14. Yes, and it's one of my very favorite things! I remember admiring my grandmother's ring when I was a little girl, and I've always thought they were neat. Mine has the name of my older child engraved, then his birthstone, then the name of my younger child, then her birthstone. They have the same birthstone. It was a gift to me - I didn't design it, but I love it!
  15. Sugar and some grains (especially wheat) seem to be an appetite stimlulant for a lot of people. Myself included. Eliminating them, even for a short time, helps with weight loss. I also had a major pasta/bread/sweets addiction. Reducing them did not help, I had to completely eliminate them ... A very small serving of rice on rare occasions, but only in the evening and only if I can be careful to not go nuts that night or the next morning, otherwise all the cravings come crashing back. :iagree: I think I've been able to manage something similar with my postponing strategy.
  16. Ultimately, I think it's a matter of calories in/calories out as you mentioned. I'm using an app called "Lose It" to track my calorie budget for each day, and I have found that really easy and quick to use. For me, writing down what I eat (or logging it in on the app) makes a world of difference. I've lost 15 pounds in 4 months (trying to lose it at a sensible rate while developing habits I hope to be able to maintain). Yes - exercise. (Then you can "afford" to eat more!) :) Yes - fiber/whole grains/produce will fill you up and give you needed nutrients. And I tend to save a l
  17. Homeschooling made the front page of the Richmond Times-Dispatch this morning. http://www2.timesdispatch.com/news/news/2012/apr/29/tdmain01-out-of-the-home-into-world-to-learn-ar-1877021/ Nice article. What I find most notable about it is that it's on the front page of the Sunday paper - and at a time when there's not a homeschooling convention in town or homeschool legislation being discussed in the General Assembly.
  18. Thanks for posting. I've been thinking about signing ds up for this for next fall. Do you have an opinion on whether it would be more helpful to do the lab intensive before or after having completed most of your Apologia bio course? Also, what prior lab experiences had your son had? Does this intensive take the place of the experiments in the Apologia text? (Some of them - dissecting a cat, for example - go beyond what I had expected we would encounter in a first-year biology course.)
  19. When my children were in the preschool/early elementary stage, I made a point to do Spanish with them. Honestly, I wanted them to become fluent, and I was trying to catch that early window for learning languages, etc. Even though my experience had been with French, I chose Spanish because of the availability of resources for it in my community. In addition to occasional Spanish co-op classes and workbooks, I noticed that our public library had a section of children's picture books written in Spanish (i.e. "Goodnight Moon" and "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?") I began checking
  20. I think it would be interesting to hear your mother's observations since she's been involved in homeschooling for a long time. I hope you'll ask her and tell us what she says.
  21. Maybe you could get a college catalog from a school that offers a degree in environmental science and look at the requirements. That might give you an idea. I like science and was certified to teach it at the high school level. I would say I do like math. However, I was terrible at calculus. At the college I attended (in the '80s), and it was a selective one, the only math I had to take for a geology major was calculus, and I would have had to take that anyway, even if I had chosen to major in literature. For a psychology major, I had to take statistics. Hope that helps.
  22. :iagree: I've used Apologia (and still am using sections of it sometimes). I told myself I would just pre-read and skip sections I felt were too "editorial" or controversial. I also have supplemented some topics with secular information. That ends up being a lot of trouble to do, and it can still backfire on you. Dd (now 11) seems turned off by the religious talk and just dismisses it with a "here she [the author] goes again . . ." attitude and asks if she can skip that part, etc. I'm almost at the point now where I would rather use a secular text and talk with my children about wh
  23. We're doing French, but I think this will still apply. First of all, I do like to supplement (Breaking the Barrier, some cultural activities, and some opportunities to practice conversation with others). As for the worksheets, quizzes, and tests, I find it works better to let ds get a little farther ahead on the computer work he does independently before having him do the "paperwork." For example, he just finished up Unit 2, lesson 4 on the computer, but he was only on Unit 1, lesson 4 worksheets. Having this lag time between the computer practice and the worksheet practice seems to
  24. Ds 15 is using Rosetta Stone French. I have mixed feelings about it. Here's our situation: He chose French as the language he wanted to learn. We bought all five levels at once. He is on track with it, currently a little over half way through the second year of it. Particularly at the beginning, I felt the need to go over vocabulary with him, make him write down conjugations of verbs in his notebook, and explain a few "mysteries" of the grammar to him. I also chose to supplement with Breaking the Barrier and the French in Action videos at learner.org. I felt he needed to spend mor
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