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  1. The last time my family had the flu, only two of us tested positive. DH and DD were the two that tested negative and both received a flu shot.
  2. Great update! I find it odd that they can replace the blue ball with a pumpkin but cannot be bothered to put the ladder away.
  3. Reading nonfiction is also a skill. You could teach textmapping and then use materials such as this.
  4. We quit spelling in 5th grade, and DS was using a keyboard with spell check in the 6th grade. I kinda regret that now. If I could wave a magic wand and go back in time, I would use a morphology and roots based spelling program, and I would implement it after VT and reflex work. The issue with stopping spelling is that it feels nice to not have that fight over it every day, so you may be sorely tempted to not pick it up again later.
  5. This is such junk to me. Why bother with an IEP that is a legally binding agreement and then allow a minor with social thinking deficits to decide what helps they will receive on the spot, in the moment, and in a classroom? Of course he doesn’t want the notes or to do the work. What teenaged boy with ASD is fully compliant? Whether your child wants the notes isn’t relevant; however, the teacher is legally obliged to hand them over or provide them by email. ETA: One of my biggest beefs with educators is their total lack of understanding about EF issues and the cognitive delays they are actually dealing with.
  6. So the testing is not on the same day? Which means he could rewatch the short videos at home and study for the tests. In spite of knowing his social delays, the teacher is giving him the option to reject notes that would be helpful? All of this is so weird to me. Does your son care that he is earning a D in the classroom?
  7. I’m not sure I understand the question. During ACT registration, we selected the testing location that provided the necessary accommodations. The testing locations were the local university and a handful of public high schools. I’m thinking you need to call ACT and speak with them directly.
  8. So the student watches a video, takes notes, and is tested on the same day? What purpose does that assignment serve? I guess I would expect the teacher to provide the notes prior to the video so that your student could read along while watching the video and then annotate them. I’ve seen some teachers hand out fill-in-the-blank variety notes prior to lecture/videos, but then I must have wrongly assumed that teaching was happening. Please update us. My tummy hurts from reading this. Eta: I think the teacher is making this much harder than it needs to be.
  9. It’s really colorful. I started to type it and it’s too much. DH and I restrict our association with my extended family for my mental health and the wellness of our marriage and children. Plz don’t quote me.... I’ll drop one hint. When she quit working as a waitress to stay home full-time with my now deceased and severely handicapped sister, she started making custom break away clothing for male and female strippers. My younger sister and she sewed stripper clothing and when I was on leave from the USN, they’d make me try that crap on to check for fit. Don’t ask...
  10. About 30 years ago Sally Jessy Raphael somehow heard about my mother and begged her to fly out and be on her show. My sister contacted the show because she hated her MIL. Apparently, the producers thought my mom’s story was more interesting. Thankfully, my mom declined.
  11. We love it and are the only group that meets on Saturday. We are serious and all show up unless there is an illness or something planned in advance. Prior to formalizing the group, we associated with one another socially on purpose anyways. My particular small group is not ingrown and most of us serve in leadership in some way.
  12. DH and I participate in a small group with several close friends and an elder. We organized ourselves and started eating dinner, praying, and studying the Bible. We try to meet once per month on Saturday. There are no bad feelings when people attend and decide our group isn’t a good fit. Our main issue is that we have grown too big and can longer accommodate the large numbers of people in a private residence plus provide childcare. We range in age from 28 to early 60s. We are comprised of young couples, single professional women, and older adults like DH and me with college aged kiddos. We studied the Psalms last and are currently working our way through Fools Talk by Oz Guinness.
  13. OP, PLEASE keep up updated. Does he use audio books at all?
  14. I’m sold on the Bosch mini and the hand tool that Prairie recommended. I kinda want to buy the stand mixer now because we will be on break next week. She could use it then and verify that it works properly. I need to see if if we could purchase it locally. DH and I gave her a German made hand mixer two years ago for her b-day. Thank-you, everyone.
  15. DD wants to make Swiss rolls, cakes, banana bread, and icing...She is about to be 12 yo and loves Mary Berry. Which mixer would you recommend?
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