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  1. Hmmm a few ?s and comments: What if DH loses his current job? How secure is it? Any promotion possibilities? Would dh keep his current job if you moved to the city? If not, Do you think dh could get a job in the city to support you all during nursing school? Is there ANY possibility of living with family for a few years to get back on your feet(after selling the farm)? It is so far from ideal...but you have sick dd, crazy debt, unpredictable schedule, dh who has not held steady employment etc etc. If I were you...I would be considering going back to school too. I am voting for "JUST DO IT" we don't get "do overs" Kris
  2. I took my teen daughter to the dr for these symptoms: apparent depression(not "her" at all), fatigue, sleeping more, hair loss. She ran tons of bloodwork including comprehensive thyroid panels. She told me everything was normal except for low Vit.D and a *tiny* increase in thyroid antibodies. Just wants to retest in three months. I got a printout the other day....sensing that something really is wrong. Here is what I read: T4 1.1 nrmal range 0.9-1.4 normal Tsh 1.11 nrml range not listed T3 free 3.1 normal range 3.4-4.8 ABNORMAL LOW Iodine serum/plasma 50 normal range: 52-109 ABNORMAL LOW Thy antibodies 21 normal range <20 ABNORMAL HIGH PLEASE help me to decipher this. Her doctor says that her thyroid is fine, but her numbers are off and she is having a hard time with fatigue/depression.
  3. My child has had both asthma related cough and reflux cough. In both instances she had no other symptoms of either. When then dr wrote a script for inhaler, I thought he was mad, but one puff and she was all better. We now keep one around bc she will get this"inflamed lung" cough whenever she has allergies or a bad cold. Pepcid ac over th counter for a few days to rule out reflux.
  4. This alone could make many people have a hard time finding the motivation to change on their own. It is hard when a partnership isn't balanced. What do you mean by this? What does he want to be doing instead?
  5. generally the orange ones have a bit of a tropical flare :)
  6. They sell wart remover PADS just for feet. They come with a little donut shape cushion that stops the pain when walking.....and they work :)
  7. Could be allergy induced asthma. Mine is allergy and stress induced, and presents as a mild but persistant cough. In the morning there will be a bit of mucous, but it's mostly dry. If I yell I go right into a coughing fit!
  8. We have the 2011 maytag with the freezer on the bottom, french doors on top. Ours has an alarm that goes off if the doors arent completely shut. We opted for the water dispenser and it cuts down space, but I can fit TONS of produce in mine, and I love all of the space. I believe we got the largest model, as we always have a whole lot of veggies in our fridge. hth
  9. Yes, remove it. The garlic would have been fine without the extra mulch, too. HTH
  10. This isn't true everywhere, though. In fact, when my son stepped on a nail--the ER didn't even have a tetanus booster for his sixe(4 at that time) because they assume that all kids that small are vaxed.
  11. Meant to add: After washing, a rinse of ACV will make it very soft/tangle-free. Just rinse it out and the scent won't linger.
  12. I am super sensitive to scents AND I have lots of oily hair! Pantene is good for my hair, but gives me a head ache. I have found that pert plus works for my hair, and the scent doesn't bother me.
  13. Now is the time to plant! I agree about the compost, though. Could be too hot and or too rich.
  14. I, to, am doing a juice fast and transitioning to mostly vegan after(hopefully). ~~Those cheeseburgers are calling my naaaame!!!~~ I'm 5 days of mostly juice with one meal or snack per day, and on my third day of only juice(about 3 1/2-4 quarts per day. I'm down 7 pounds and feel good. I have energy and the hunger is getting better. I think I need to add in psylium husk bc I was already dealing with medication induced consti[ation(sorry). I'm eager to hear how everyone does!
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