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  1. We are in a CC community and use FLL. I sub the CC definitions into the FLL lessons. Works well for us.
  2. We use it here! I use it in conjunction with OPGTR. It reinforces phonics concepts for us and is our handwriting/beginning spelling. Very clean, simple, effective.
  3. I will have a second grader doing CC next year. My plan is to work through http://www.amazon.com/Plant-Parts-The-Life-Plants/dp/1432915061first semester and http://www.amazon.com/Childs-Geography-Explore-His-Earth/dp/1932786325/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1429963840&sr=1-1&keywords=childs+geography+voskamp second semester. I am only going to do these books once a week so we can have a nature study once a week as well. I'm thinking of doing a leaf collection first semester and a rock collection second semester.
  4. I agree with RootAnn. MP customer service is superior. Call and talk to them about all your concerns. Personally I would do level 1 and let the little one listen to the enrichment stories.
  5. I aim to do one science narration (my first grader copies one sentence of his oral narration) and one history narration (done the same way) a week. We have not done any written work for literature. Any more would be too much for us.
  6. It looks like Kfamily is reworking her website. Would anyone be able to share those plans with me?She wouldn't mind would she? I looked at her suggested botany books, and I think we would really enjoy them. Thanks!
  7. Here's our tentative plan: Bible: Catherine Vos Story Bible, scripture memory, catechism LA: WWE 2, FLL 2, MP and VP lit lists, New American Cursive Math: Saxon 3 History: SOTW 1, re-organizing for a more unit study approach Science: DIY for free at the library Beginning piano, art classes at local museum, and hopefully martial arts ETA: also Spelling Workout
  8. Thank you for sharing your re-organization with me, Homeschool Mom in AZ. This is helpful.
  9. I am thinking of doing this next year when we start SOTW for the same reason. I want us to rest in one culture and enjoy it before moving on. Would you be willing to share your groupings with me?
  10. We enjoy Gail Gibbons as well. Check The Planets, The Moon Book and Stargazers.
  11. Well, I spread out small blankets for my 4 and 6 year olds. They are supposed to stay on the blankets. If we are having silliness issues, the guilty party has to run to the back of the yard and back a couple of times (we have a deep yard). I finish up with the other one and then redo the memory work with the guilty party after he returns from his sprint. Running really helps my 6 year old boy.
  12. My girls, 2 and 4, play in their room for 45- 60 minutes while I get the bulk of teaching done with my first grader. A baby gate goes across the hallway so they have access to two rooms. I have found that containment is the key for us. We didn't start off with this length of time, but worked slowly up to it. They still occasionally fuss, but they know I am not budging and they usually get over it pretty quickly. If they are having a particularly bad day, I put on a leapfrog video.
  13. We like OPG here. I use the whiteboard a lot. We do a quick 15 min of it in the morning and then in the afternoon I have him read to me for another 15-20 minutes. He also does 2 pages of ETC semi-independently.
  14. Can I just say that I have loved reading these posts? I listened to the Perrin series, including multum non multa and school as schole, and I have been thinking through this as well. Thank you for your blog posts, Chelli.
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