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  1. No thanks. I'm not going to go on a 20-minute copy/paste rampage then spend another hour arguing. Not worth the time. Good day. :)
  2. I don't agree with the girl's at fault, guy can't control his impulses mindset either. I never have. It isn't anything I'd ever teach my sons or daughter. I DO teach them to be secure enough that they don't have to attract attention in that way and to have respect for people around them and at church. I do like and appreciate modesty on both sides. I won't apologize for thinking it is a great thing when people who 'could' choose to flaunt everything or reveal themselves just choose not to. Honestly, this topic isn't a hot topic for me for the most part, but I just wanted to agree with those that say there is a whole bunch of judgment of thoughts, motives, etc., of the woman who wrote the blog... It has a real mob feel to it.
  3. Yes, this!! I will join the others and say that I find a LOT of judgment from those who are calling her judgmental. The vitriol held by many on these boards towards people with a conservative Christian belief system always amazes me! I could almost guarantee that if there was someone from a completely different religion who had a blog about modesty, it wouldn't even get a glance. Oddly enough, it doesn't really make me angry...it is just a truth I've seen, like the sky being blue, grass being green...
  4. I wouldn't have gone into all that she did were I her, but I liked it. I agree with a lot of it! We always encouraged our kids to consider boys/girls as their brothers and sisters in Christ and to consider how they dressed and treated them.
  5. I would go if I lived there. I like him. We utilize a lot of his resources!! :)
  6. [quote name="GeorgiaGirl160" post="5895953" timestamp=" After several painful volunteering experiences, this has become my mantra: you can't make good relationships with bad people. Boundary busters never, ever, ever change. Once you identify them, run fast in the opposite direction. You say the cause is important to you, but the person asking is miserable to be involved with. So, find another way to be involved with the cause that doesn't involve her. Whatever you want to do (minstry, educations, charity, teaching, whatever), I seriously doubt this one woman is the only gatekeeper to your involvement. Good luck, GA Cub Mom Yes, this!! The boundary thing...I just don't like dealing with it and it is best for my family that I not. Thanks everyone for the advice. I do need to say no. And I think there are other opportunities that I can involve myself with, on my terms, that won't involve this person at all.
  7. I have been asked to help with an opportunity that I agree with and have a heart for. The problem is that I do not trust the person heading it up. The person is a notorious boundary crosser, allows these types of serving opportunities to completely take over their own life while pushing family to the side (so they expect others to so the same), manipulates others into seeing things/doing things their way , etc. I'm just struggling with feeling I "should" do this but having anxiety at the very thought of dealing with this person regularly. Were it you, would you just go with your gut or try to lay self down and help?
  8. There is nothing in the world to apologize for. There are evil people doing insanely, barbarically evil things. There is nothing remotely wrong with saying that stirs fear!! I would so appreciate more people, political leaders speaking out against this rather than worrying about offending!! It is all mind boggling to me.
  9. I agree with you. I can't watch the news without feeling deeply grieved at what is going on and upset that more has not been done to put a stop to it all. I saw a news article today about Britain. I'm praying for them and us.
  10. I wish it had been available when my daughter was that age. We did Faith Keepers, but from friends who are involved, American Heritage sounds much better. From the descriptions here, it is exactly what we would have loved! Do they have something like it for boys?
  11. We are using Latina Christiana 1. I have used this in the past with my olders, and we hated it. I own it and didn't want to go out and purchase a new program, so I decided to try again with the youngers. This time, to make it work, I purchased the dvds. I should have done that way, way back, because those are the key that are making Latin enjoyable. My boys are getting it and loving it. Also, I'd have to find it, but someone created DVD study sheets to go along with the lessons. They have been a great addition. There are about 3-4 pages per lesson with blanks to fill in, and they are really helping to firm up what they are learning from the DVD. They then use those study sheets to answer the workbook page.
  12. It's okay. I wanted to explain that since it could have looked like more than it was. I didn't want to give off an idea that we were doing some great thing when we aren't. It's been a great opportunity to work on spelling and remind, remind, remind about those WWE tools we have in our toolbox. I'm wading through some changes and am NO expert. When I said less grammar, I also meant using less sit-down, grammar-book grammar and more taking our grammar into our writing and learning grammar a lot more through Latin. I really have no reason to clarify that...just felt like it. :lol:
  13. 4-6 sentences. Not a paper paper. I didn't clarify. We used WWE up until now and made the switch to CAP so I could utilize it with both of them. I'm trying to continue with what was learned in WWE. I'm taking a less grammar, more Latin, more writing approach this year. We use TOG, so I'm requiring him to write 4-6 sentences on a specific thread or person twice per week, more of a notebooking page. Then he is doing interest-led science with library books, and I'm asking that he write once per week, 4-6 sentences for that. It's working so far, but if we get bogged down, I'll cut back. I took a leap this year and changed some things up, so I'm still in the trial-and-error part of it all. :)
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