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  1. We lived in Chiang Mai for 3 years. I loved it! We had already gotten all the vaccines for our time in Papua New Guinea, but most people we knew who lived there had Hep A vaccines done. They did them in-country though because it is so much cheaper there and the medical care is good. I don't think I would get them just for a visit, and none of our visitors (parents, friends, sister) got them. I think it would be more of an issue if you were planning on doing village living like in the hilltribes regions.
  2. Thanks everyone! I knew the hive would be able to help me out with this!
  3. oh my goodness, thank you so much for taking the time to craft this response. Yes we are in the DFW area, which I just found out is zone 8a. This all gives me a great starting point to figure out how to get her started!
  4. DD9 is very interested in plants and desperately wants a garden of her own to grow veggies and such. Several of my prep bowls are sitting in our window sill to hold her plants. She is growing an onion (from a bit she rescued that had sprouted), a basil plant we got from the grocery store, a couple random weeds she transplanted from the yard, and now am amarillys we just got her from Aldi. I am decidedly NOT a gardener. I regularly buy basil plants and never keep them alive past the first time we harvest some. Flowers die no matter how much I try to follow the instructions. Anyway, all that to say we would like to give DD9 a Christmas gift of whatever supplies she needs to start a container garden or square foot garden or something in the backyard. Maybe to start in the spring, or maybe she could plant some kind of winter flowers and then trade out for veggies in the spring? Any ideas? Suggestions? Should we get little boxes or build a wooden frame of some sort? What kind of plants do you reccomend for a beginner? Tools? fertilizer or special soil? Thanks in advance for any help!
  5. I chose mine. We knew we were headed toward marriage and I knew he would choose something I didn't like. I hate big rings; they get in the way and scratch people. It took me a long time to fin what I wanted and I knew immediately it was the one. Tiny but complex rather than a plain band. The wedding band just added an extra little line around the side and is now attached. I would post a picture but i can't figure out how to make the file small enough on my phone.
  6. The law that was linked very clearly only applies to a dwelling, residence, or vehicle. It would not apply in this case.
  7. I thought it used to be that department stores would give you a free makeover to help you choose good colors, etc. in hopes that you would end up buying some makeup there. Do they still do that? Does anywhere? I'm hoping to take my young teen somewhere that would do a nice classy makeover and sell me some decent-but-not-horribly-expensive makeup basics for her. Any recommendations? My sister suggested Ulta, but they charge $30 for a "makeup lesson." If that's the only option, I might need to just find a friend with a lot of makeup to experiment with lol. I could teach her how to do it myself, but I just don't have much makeup to play with and try colors, plus she is much fairer skinned than I am.
  8. DD12 just started swimming on a team this summer, and she is in the middle of puberty. I have always told her she could start shaving whenever she wanted but that I recommend waiting as long as possible lol. She has decided she wants to start as she is getting self conscious about it and others her age are shaving. That's no problem and I am going to get her a razor and help her learn how to shave her legs and underarms. However...she is also concerned about her bikini area as hair is visible on the sides of the high-cut racing suits. What do your swimmers use? Shaving there is so susceptible to razor burn, but she is opposed to the idea of waxing, and I had heard that Nair, etc. weren't supposed to be used in the bikini area. I am an au natural type girl so I have no relevant experience. I'd love any suggestions as I want her to feel comfortable and confident!
  9. I don' think there is any benefit to doing the blood test now because as others said, she will have to test every year anyway. In regards to the vaccine, it leaves a very obvious scar so it should be easy to tell if she got it or not.
  10. :( no cable so we had to watch downhill skiing instead of figure skating. I only got to see 2 skaters before the slopes took over. :(
  11. Yeah we took our van in today to replace the bushing on the rear shocks because it was falling apart and making noise. Turns out besides needing an oil change, we also need new tires (one is good enough to keep as a spare, the rest are totally bald), a brake job, spark plugs changed, an open CV joint taken care of, and probably a new timing belt. And this is a trusted mechanic and friend who always lets us know when things are needed and when they are not.
  12. I got stuck on this comment. You use a dust mop at home? How big is your house? I have only ever seen them used in gyms.
  13. We called them blanket sleepers.
  14. I am lookinh specifically at Qustodio and Norton Family but open to hearing about others. This is what I want: 1. Content filter to keep a kid frpm accidentally stumbling across porn. 2. Time limits that let you set a curfew (blocked 9pm to 7am) as well as a maximum time per day. 3. The ability to allow calling and texting even when the time limit is reached, up until curfew. 4. The ability to set "parent" or "emergency" contacts that can be called/texted any time no matter what. Can your parental control app do all that?
  15. If she is never going to be allowed to invite friends, you will need to either make that clear to the leaders and ask for an exception or pull her out of AWANA. It is not fair to a kid (esp a kid w/autism) to have them in that program and not allow them to invite friends. If they don't invite friends they can't finish their books and receive the awards, they are left out of a lot of drawings and prizes, and they have to stand up to a LOT of pressure from the organization.
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