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  1. So..is FFL and WWE good for someone, like me, who is very weak in grammar and writing skills? Good for the parent? At this time in my life I am wanting "no brainer stuff"!
  2. Okay..how does WWE and FFL 1 work together, this is for an 8 year old girl but we have done NO formal grammar or writing, I mainly help her write LOTS of letters but am wanting something more formal. Can I start them both at the same time? Can I just use the WWE workbook w/out the te text? Thanks! Kim
  3. I was wondering this also....I have 0 feedback and i had 100% positive before with a lot of sales :confused1: Would be nice to have that back??? I count on feedback a lot when purchasing.
  4. Okay..weird question, do your eyes hurt when you try to watch a show on the Kindle Fire? I watch shows on our computer all the time, just downloaded a show and it seemed hard to watch, maybe it is just my eyes right now..ha!
  5. Hmmm....speakers would be an issue BUT I have some speakers that we use for our computer that work great, I imagine I could hook those into the Kindle Fire. I am not sure about space, this would probably be used more for games and children's books, maybe some kid movies, checking emails etc..streaming videos. By the way, thank you for helping me think this through..I just am not sure how much space something takes up, I have a Kindle that I really don't use a whole lot but it can be used for books etc.. Mainly wanted this to take on car trips, for streaming videos, loading hopefully some educational games on it...
  6. Okay..now..my Kindle, just bought it, has the parental control thing, I have the new 2nd generation Kindle Fire...so..should I just keep it? You can also set it up for each child so they can only view certain books/games!
  7. Okay..I am new to all of these tablet things. I got a regular Kindle Fire because it was $30 off, then I read where the HD gets so much better streaming etc.. I will mainly be using for kids books, kids shows and games probably. Streaming videos on occassion. We live in the country and get pretty good reception, we are wireless but sometimes the computer gets slow and the streaming will be interrupted, not for a long time, like it used to. I used to not be able to stream at all, then we upgraded but we are still in the country and it can cut out some. Would the HD be better to get or not? Thanks! Kim
  8. I have another question....do you find it limiting, just using the AAR readers or do you venture off into other books, helping them with words/phonograms not yet covered???
  9. Oh thank you all again! This is one of those things.....I love WRTR, I do but I only have two more to teach reading... I really NEED something more "do this, do that" AND, I want it to be enjoyable. I have FINALLY come to the conclusion..(ha)...that no matter how good the program is, if it isn't getting done...well...nuff said :bored:
  10. Oh sweet, thought for sure I would be missing something. Thank you!! :hurray:
  11. Okay, if we do Easy Grammar, AAS and use Progeny Press guides for literature and comprehension, what else am I missing for Language Arts, this is for like upper Grammar stage, not quite High School. Oh...will probably do IEW SWI B also... Thanks! Does this sound like a good combination of things? I am trying to keep things simple..ha!
  12. Oh...thank you so much! Right now I am wanting "effective" and easy to teach!!! Thank you so much for the posts!
  13. Hi, I have been using WRTR for my older kids, spelling. I really struggle with the lack of "daily" instructions but LOVE, LOVE the way things are presented. I did PR for awhile but watching the videos...well, that wasn't working real well. I am thinking about using AAR for my young one just starting out, he will be 5 in Feb. and for my beginning reader who is 7. Maybe do AAR Pre 1 for my 5 year old and AAR 1 with my 7 year old, but he is ready to move pretty fast, will it go to slow? Starting to wish I hadn't sold my PR...geesh! Thanks, Kim
  14. Okay..what would be your opinions on the I See Sam readers with this, we are doing the phonograms, my younger son almost has oh..the first 36 to where he can say and write them. We drill them and then I say them, he writes them. We had done the I See Sam readers and he loved reading them but....I didn't feel like I just wanted to use that and I love Spalding so...here we are. I would NOT do sight words. We would learn any "new" words with the sounds of the phonograms etc.. Kim
  15. So...I have a question, do you think I can use WRTR (4th Edition) with the readers? I have phonogram cards etc... Kim
  16. I am just planning to do PR BUT...I am reading WRTR because well...if I decide PR is too expensive or I just can't get to the dvd's I want to know what I am doing. Someone who used PR told me she read WRTR and everything made more sense so...I like the PR and DVD's but....I have heard many, many times that WRTR was the best. I have tried Spell to Write and Read and that manual made me want to cry...couldn't wrap my head around it. So...for now, PR because it is getting done! I need that structure but also want to know and understand WRTR. I liked reading in it was Romalda Spalding said herself and ...oh...it is sort of my way of double checking things..ha!
  17. I do love PR. I am remediating w/ 2 of my older kids and we just watch the DVD together, I pause when she says the word, they spell it, makes it simple. AS I am going through with them I am marking in my TE Manual so when I use w/ my younger 2 I won't have to watch the DVD's again unless I need to go back and check something.....but...I definitely benefit from the DVD's!! I tend to over-think things and PR keeps it simple for me.
  18. You know...one of the main reasons I want PR to work is for the Language Arts...I don't feel like I could pull it together, very weak area for me!! But....I am loving reading WRTR....what all do you use for WRTR? Is the marking system hard to learn?
  19. Thank you so much for all the information you provided! We are doing PR but I am reading through WRTR 4th Edition, really liking what I am reading!! My son is getting anxious to read books and we are just starting the spelling lists, I do have the I See Sam readers, he loves them so...not sure what to use.
  20. Has or is anyone using these? What do you think?
  21. Oh..you guys are so nice! I don't think we have a gamestop around here, sort of out in the middle of nowhere ville..ha! I will try the sensor thing...although...I just asked my 6 year old to let me try the monster trucks...well....he kept saying "mom...please...can I have it back" ..ha! That was kinda fun. So..it must be sort of working ok. I was using the remote with the nunchuck or whatever it is called.
  22. Ok...so..we put the sensor bar on top of the tv, I put tape on the bottom to secure it to the top of the tv because we just got a new flat screen tv and well...it won't just sit up on top. When you say to check the settings what do I do, to make sure the remote is set up for where the sensor bar is? ALSO...FORGIVE ALL THE QUESTIONS..HA! I am NOT up on all the games etc...we don't have any. The last time I played Mario Bro was like in 1992 w/ an old Nintendo and it was a blast. I have no users manual, you can find them online but I can't print them, they all print so small I can't even read it. How do you play "the old fashioned" way..ha! Thanks a bunch...very helpful!! Trying to figure this out by going online is about to drive me nuts!
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