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  1. So..., thank you Bill... If I were to get an ipad 3 would it be dumb to save $80 and get a referbished? I understand about the older models becoming obsolete and this is a one time for along time purchase. This is not something I can buy every two years so..perhaps a good option would be 3 or shoudl I do 2?
  2. So..., thank you Bill... If I were to get an ipad 3 would it be dumb to save $80 and get a referbished? I understand about the older models becoming obsolete and this is a one time for along time purchase. This is not something I can buy every two years so..perhaps a good option would be 3 or shoudl I do 2?
  3. Thank you!! What about the ipad, which one? Save money and get a refurn 2 or 3 or get the 4 for sure? If there isn't a lot of difference I would like to save a few $. I don't need the newest and greatest, kwim?
  4. Hello, I am new to the tablet word and smartphone. I have been told by apple to get the refurb ipad 2 to save money, others have said to get ipad 4 or 3..geesh, am mainly wanting it for around the house for myself and educational apps for the kids. Would like it to have a decent camera (although the phone I get is really what I want to have a good camera). I am not going to get cellular on my ipad as I will have a smartphone, trying to keep costs manageable. I want it mainly for helping me to get organized, maybe stream a show here and there, apps, calendars, like a mini computer for when mine is in use. Also..what phone? I can get iphone 4 for free, iphone 4s for $99, iphone 5 is out..too much. I can also get a Droid Razr M free or one of the Windows phones, Odyssey or something? I have been reading review and review after review, geesh, my brain. I don't understand half of what I read ha! Anyone care to let me know what would be best to get. I also have a used Kindle Fire I got for the kids as I love their Free Time, where I can set time limits but did not like it as far as accessing the web etc.. PLEASE LET ME KNOW....HELP!
  5. Hi, What is the best way to get in English Credits for HS, my son has not had formal Grammar, I waited, which I kinda now regret but..nonetheless.... We need 4 Credits in English, His history includes Literature, we will be doing IEW for Writing and/or Essentials in Writing. Should we do Easy Grammar Plus or Annalytical Grammar? What else would we need? I wanted to do Latin Vocabulary through Critical Thinking also... Thanks for your help, time has snuck up on me and we are now needing to get a lot done in a little amount of time. Kim
  6. Okay..so if I do 1A and 1B in the US what could I get for extra practice and what are the best "manipulatives"
  7. Hi, I am going to go with Alpha Phonics for reading for my 7 year old, we are doing AAR1 and it just is moving too slow for us. He likes some of the games but...I decided instead of spending another $100 on Level 2 to just finish Level 1 and do Alpha Phonics. I was going to get PAL to use but thought that is silly, I am really just wanting a few "game" ideas. Is there something to purchase for just phonetic games? Thanks!
  8. Hi, I want to do Singapore 1A and 1B but would like to switch to TT3 when they are ready. Should I use the Standards versions or US Editions? Thanks! Kim
  9. Just curious..I have a son that is picking up math very quickly and think he would do well in Singapore, just from how he learns Math so easily. I think he would love it. However..he is not liking the MUS blocks or using them. Can we do Singapore w/out using the rods? Thanks! Kim
  10. I would like to say though...I have several children all doing school, several who need my help with this or that, a 5 year old doing AAR Pre (which I like)...if I had one child or just one who NEEDED more help with reading I would absolutely use AAR!! So..for the person wanting to use it my thing is the time thing not the program itself!! I am wanting to get him really reading good and he doesn't seem to struggle and also is using Reading Eggs online soo.... Thanks everyone!
  11. Well...I think the part I don't like is I dread getting it out, I dread the fluency sheets (although these have gotten better by letting him highlight the ones he does and only doing so many word/sentences on each page). Going over the word cards etc... It is just starting to feel like a LOT. What we did today is went through a few lessons of Alpha Phonics, which was a really good match, actually, just for something different. I think maybe I need to just skip some things every once in a while. Of course the Alpha Phonics probably worked so well because of the work we have done in AAR 1 though :) I think I will just modify for now and not do everything until he really needs to.
  12. Ok..hmmm...I guess since I already have AAR 1 and 2 I will just keep going, and maybe eventually throw in some other books. I just can't see doing AAR and AAS both and I know for sure I want to do AAS!
  13. Now..I am using this with a 7 year old who is reading but not real good yet. We are going through Level 1 pretty quickly, half way done. I just am wondering if this is going too slow? I will be using AAS so I wonder if we would do better to go through something like Alpha Phonics and then use AAS for spelling? Thanks, Kim
  14. Okay...I am needing an online spelling program for a 13 year old boy who struggles with spelling but really wants to do school work on his own? ideas? Kim
  15. I have a question about Winston Grammar. I heard it does not cover punctuation...do you use something different for that??? Do you have to "add" anything else? Thanks!!
  16. Thank you for your posts. I am needing a beginning writing and grammar program for both kids, middle school because we have done no formal grammar or writing. So...I do have SWI B and TWSS from IEW. I freeze, I think, because I don't have the slightest clue about grading their writing. What is Essentials? I don't think I have heard of that? I have Easy Grammar Plus also... I don't think an "all in one" like Hake 5 would work, just don't..... But..we have some "catching up" to do so I don't want to start with a workbook series, have to go back a grade and be playing catch up. I know with Grammar and Writing there are programs that we can do now and they will be good to go.
  17. Okay..here I am again...geesh. I decided to go with HAKE Grammar because I wanted easier and all in one. I do not like the looks of it and think it would be a disaster for the two children I am wanting to do it with. I have one more question.... trying to decide between Analytical Grammar, since she has the DVD's to go with it now or Easy Grammar. This is hard because it is for a son who really is reluctant and writing and grammar etc.. He has a hard time concentrating and I have let some things slide but we now NEED to get moving but having him sit down and do HAKE would be a disaster and for my daughter. Not for sure just me looking at it sort of made me want to scream..ha! I really need things simply explained and something we can start out a bit slow etc.. I had actually thought about Junior AG because she has DVD's for those. I also thought about Writing Strands, looked at a sample and found his humor funny and would fit my kids well but...again, I am not proficient in this area at all so..need lots of good instructions, preferrable stuff written to the children etc.. Why is this so hard, too many components to a good LA area, children who are not at grade level in the area of "writing and grammar" , which I don't really care about because those things can be learned, we have time....ALSO...an area I lack much confidence in teaching!!!
  18. Is there something out there that has a daily reading schedule of great books for like 3rd through 7th grade, maybe with daily reading schedules and comprehension questions. I don't want a full blown curriculum but just a way to keep everyone reading good books. Kim
  19. Okay..just want to see if anyone else has ?on what to get and not get. Do I need the teachers books?
  20. Awesome...feeling some relief! I think I will get the lower level stuff, do you just get like all level 1 stuff? Since I will use as a supplement when I can I really want literature and vocabulary, knowing I would not use everything, which ones should I get and what should I "do without"? Thanks you guys!!
  21. So..if I were using it with a 7 and 9 year old, maybe having my 11 year old read some things aloud?? What all would I get. I am doing AAR and AAS (reading and spelling). I have FFL 1, have not gotten WWE yet.... I am not sure how it all works!
  22. Well I have a almost 5 year old, 7 and 8 year olds. Remedial work with an older son so he wouldn't use these so mainly for my 7 and 8 year old I guess? Had decided on Hake for my 5th grader and 7th grader for grammar. Had decided on FFL/WWE for my daughter (oops..she just turned 9, not 8..ha). I said "had" decided..ha! I just love the look of some of these but, my days are pretty overwhelming.
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