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  1. If using this mainly for spelling/reading remediation for three levels, what are the absolute necessary must haves? I always love the idea of games it honestly never do them
  2. I can't remember...have a daughter doing Saxon Writing. I would love to be able to "turn in" her papers for someone to look at and offer her help as this is a foreign area for me. I can't remember who offers those services Thanks!
  3. I have another question PLEASE. I am sort of stuck in the WRTR mode of teaching handwriting as they learn the letters sounds. Start with a, c, g. o etc... Now...I AM using AAR, that is not a debate. I am just really struggling with the handwriting and if I get a book like Reason for Handwriting then they are learning to write letters that they aren't using for reading etc... Is this an issue for anyone. I know a lot of this is they way I am thinking etc... I really really want a handwriting book, it just seems to get "done" that way! Thanks! Kim
  4. We are doing AAR....what is a good choice for handwriting? Thanks! Kim
  5. That actually is helpful thank you! I know one thing about myself, we, up to this point, have been more of a relaxed version of homeschooling. Wanting to bump things up but NOT going to do 3 different things, won't work in this house I know that for sure!
  6. Okay, I am using CTC with my 13 year old. That is a for sure. my younger 3 are 1st, 4th and 6th. I really want to use TGTL but am wondering how that will work for my 6th grader if we do all three of the American history ones?? I had thought doing Preparing but just am not sure. I am not going to do a separate program for my 1st grader, he is not at Preparing level at all or TGTL but can sit in on read alouds etc..
  7. UGH! Thought I was going with Trail Guide to Learning POE. I am wanting something very well laid out with all the book selections etc...I want the planning done for me. I am tyring to think ahead. I have a daughter do Creation to Christ but by 3 youngest, 1st, 4th and 6th, trying to fit in together, loosely with my 1st grader. I just can't decide, the older one would be needing HS level by the time we are done with the 3 levels of American history but would be too old to start creation to Christ? Anyway...just wanting a good plan for them. I am going with one of these programs so if you have use one with seven kiddos or have suggestions please let me know. I am staying with either HOD Preparing or TGTL POE. Thanks, Kim
  8. I am coming in on this not having read a lot of this but have been looking at Saxon Grammar/Writing for a child in HS who has had very little of this. Would the 5th-8th books be enough to finish HS with these days?
  9. Honestly, that is one of my concerns in looking at samples of AAR 2 and 3 etc...the phonograms that are not being taught until level 3 seems like it would greatly diminish the about of books that can be read, however...the learning to read fluently is huge. One issue my older son had was with the fluency sheets, those were like torture to him but....I wouldn't want to get it and try to move quickly and miss the great benefits of the program....ugh! Sometimes I wish there weren't so many options. I think I am learning lots about myself, tend to be a curriculum junkie and I want to stop, with my last one teaching to read I want to get a good program and stick with it! But..in starting later I don't want it holding him back too much either.
  10. Well...I am really wanting to use AAR for my son, he is 7 and needing to start in AAR 1. My question/concern. Does AAR move too slowly, I used it for an older son and we quit and went to Alpha Phonics because I felt like it was taking forever to get moving forward. I feel like AAR is very good and I am desperately wanting the structured lesson plans, books, I just don't like that they are tied to controlled readers for so long?? Or am I way off base???? Ugh, just exhausted, teaching my last one to read, the girls just sort of took off with reading, my boys have been more of a challenge, just want something a bit "funner" than Alpha Phonics, it is effective but they dreaded seeing that red book..ha! I should also say I have LLATL Blue book I am considering....
  11. Okay..so if I do that what would I do that would cover required "English"? I am terrible at grammar and composition so...not sure what all I would neeed! Thank you for the input, lots going on in my family and I am just tired right now! Ugh!
  12. Thank you for all the information. My husband is not sure he wants to accept the position.....I GREATLY appreciate this so if we do I won't feel lost..ha!
  13. trying hard once again to simplify my life, I tend to complicate things. Teaching a 1st, 3rd, 6th and 9th grader. Thinking about Konos 1-3 and Konos HIgh School or POE and Konos High School. Ugh...I am not a real crafty, lets have fun all day building and making things, person. I need things simplified, really not sure what all needs to be added to Konos, other than Math and HS Science? Just tired of pulling in from all different sources and needing HS to be complete. Just not sure what to do...I have been homeschooing for 12 years and I am feeling very tired, honestly! I don't like the way I have done things in the past, feel like I am scrambling too much in HS to make sure we have the necessary things and I just want it all complete. Does this make sense? Kim
  14. This would be near Kingston, TN. So..what do you do to file under an umbrella school? I do not understand what this means? Do you still get to pick curriculum? I have never liked the idea of testing...
  15. We are considering a move to Tennessee.....from Kansas. Kansas is very low regulations in regards to homeschooling. What is TN like?
  16. I am needing to find an online long distance learning class. I want someone who can assess where she is at an individualize a program for her so we can get going in the right direction. I left too much to chance with my older son and I want to make sure this daughter is getting what she needs. Thank you, Kim
  17. What I meant was on Foundations, ALL the different phonemic awareness exercises etc..etc..feel like too much for this child, I LOVE LOE but skip a lot of stuff because he is ready to get reading and don't feel like I need all of that, just want to get to the phonograms, writing them and spelling lists but want to make sure it is a good solid program, which I know Foundations is. UGH! Does that make sense?
  18. Thank you! I have Foundations but it really feels like it is TOO much. I love the idea of learning the phonograms, used SWR long ago but it completely overwhelmed me, need more of a "this is what you do now" Teachers book. In Foundations ALL the segmenting and blends and all the different steps feels like it is too much, unless you have a child that needs that. Does this make sense?
  19. Curious as to opinions on a beginning reading program? I like aspects of both, would love to hear what others think. Kim
  20. Okay, my daughter just finished Math 6, TT. She really doesn't like the spiral, and is wanting something that more covers topics and mastery. Any suggestions on something after TT 6? Thanks!
  21. Okay..here is what I am finding hard so maybe I am not doing it right. as he is writing, saying the strokes, feels like it creates jerky...I don't know, maybe it is just different, I love the program thought!
  22. Okay, thank you for your opinion. We will keep going. I guess it doesn't but me horribly, honestly, one thought....if you want them to have continuous stroke then would it make it "jerky" for them to think, like for a "a", curve, then swing, then straight line. Just sort of thinking out loud here, not ready to ditch it all. It is just different from what I have taught before so curious if people found it helpful or not. Kim
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