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  1. Okay...one more question, is Math In Focus more open and go than Singapore. Well...I know Singapore is fairly open and go, what I would LIKE for myself is something that combines daily teaching in math facts along with the way Singapore teaches concepts etc... I know Rightstart has upgraded their books to be more teacher friendly but....
  2. Okay. I am confused, I thought Beast academy was something you do online??? What is it?
  3. I had never heard of beast Academy. My son is going faster in math than in reading at the moment. I will ck out Beast Academy, sounds interesting.
  4. Okay.now, one thing I won't do well is trying to mix and match or adding this or that. Honestly we are usually behind in Math a bit until we found TT and the kids have loved it. However, this is my first that has just been "quick" to get it. Is CLE something I should go to? I would like to just stick to one thing for now, or Rightstart, but..he likes doing the workbook pages on his own.
  5. Hi, We are doing Singapore 1B right now and he just gets it quick. I was considering going to Teaching Textbooks as that is what all my other kids use and I love it but..... I don't know this guy has just picked up math concepts easy, he doesn't like "manipulatives" and I really just explain the page and he takes off, lesson after lesson, should I just keep with Singapore??? Thanks, Kim
  6. Hi, I know this is an older thread but do you all know what version of the McGuffey readers they use with this curriculum? If it is the 1879, some of you mentioned the small print, this wonderful company sells a large print version of the 1879, in paperback. Here is the link ...well...it won't let me paste the link but if you go to www.alphaphonics.com and look under the McGuffey Readers he sells a large print copy. They are nice. The people who own this company are so sweet and helpful. Anyway...let me know on the version because I am really interested in using this but have the hardback mott media version of McGuffeys. Thanks!
  7. Do you recommend cursive first, this has been an issue with me, just can't decide. Cursive "SEEMS" harder to me for beginners but, I have had my boys struggle with the b d reversals, one took quite a while to get them correct. I have been told cursive helps them to not have the reversal issues. Thank you so much for your time, by the way!
  8. Oh yeah...figured out the samples, just had to click on "preview"...ha! Wow, this looks great, do you do cursive or manuscript?
  9. Wow..this sounds really good. I love Spalding but can't seem to wrap my head around WRTR. I have tried Spell to Write and Read, way too complicated for me. I know it is a great program but for me, personally, and the way my brain works, I NEED, NEED, NEED open and go. Have done AAS but felt like it moved to slow. I love the approach. I have some of Logic of English but what caught my eye about your program is the Elson readers, honestly.
  10. I have questions :) Do you use the Language with the Reading? I can't find good samples of how the Reading works. I have a 5 year old, almost 6, I want to start lessons with. I also have two older children that have not had formal grammar and would love to do the language but where to start? One reads at a 3rd grade level, one a 1st grade. Also..how "open and go" are these programs? I am needing/wanting something I can open and it is well laid out for me, no need for lots of planning everyday. Thanks! Kim
  11. Okay...so on the dramatized Bible, what about Your Story Hour? Also...there are several Winnie the Pooh, I will look....sounds great, thank you for your suggestions, I can spend WAY too much time trying to decide!
  12. Okay..I am trying this out and get 2 free books. This is for kids not used to listening to audio books, ages 5-10, what would be two really great books for them to listen to. Also..thought about the Bible Comes Alive but ???? Thanks! Kim
  13. Thank you all so much for the options, I am going to check these out!!! What great ideas!
  14. Hi, I am wanting a curriculum for K-7th grade. I am tired of "Bible" being the thing we do NOT do because I don't have a good plan for it. Just want the kids to know the word, learn memory verses etc.... I am so scattererd right now. We are reformed in views but just want one that will really teach the Word that won't be a challenge to teach, easy for mom ;) Thanks! Kim
  15. Wow..really, the lady from WS made it sound like there were major differences.
  16. I heard back from someone at Writing Strands today and she said you want to get something within the last 5 years. She said the spiral books are REALLY old and she would not recommend them as a lot has changed. Just thought I would post incase anyone else has this question! Kim
  17. I am looking at getting Writing Strands for my VERY reluctant writing son. Are the older versions, spiral ones, the same as the newer looking books?
  18. Ok...very good to know, so ...are you all pleased with what they learn in Essentials/Foundations? I am going to be doing Essentials with a 9 year old, great reader but we have not done "formal" spelling. She writes letters and things and really spells well, and an 8 year old, not really struggling reader, he does well but is a bit behind...no major issues, we just started later. We are going through Alpha Phonics and he does well, I just have always wanted to use Spell to Write and Read and couldn't, I could not implement it. I need a structured book with "lesson" plans or I just don't do well, went to AAS but it really moves to slow for me, I couldn't see doing 7 or 8 levels. So...same with AAR. Kim
  19. Rigid...that is the word I was trying to think of earlier, it is very rigid and she is going "what?!!!?" So..yeah she has a writing center she is utilizing so... She explained to me what they are doing and I understood NONE of it :)
  20. No, he has listened in on some things but does not know the sounds for A-Z..so...we will start with Foundations A. Thank you!!
  21. Thank you ALL for your input! It is funny because I was talking to my daughter earlier and told her I think with the younger kids we are going to do things a bit different..ha! It is hard because it is so different from what I had her do. She loved to write books and movies and this is very, very different but they do have a writing center she is going to for help. She just said she feels like she doesn't know anything and I told her it is because we did things differently. She has decided to get through it the best she can, no other choice ha! Thank you all for you input and support! Kim
  22. Which one would you use for a beginning 5 1/2 year old reader? I have Essentials that I am going to be using for spelling for my 9 year old but really am wondering if it is worth getting Foundations for a gentler beginning? Kim
  23. What can I offer her as help. The class is very structured and she has been a very "creative" writer, loved writing. She is NOT liking this, picking apart her papers, too many words, grammar not right etc... This is where I struggled in homeschooling, I wish I had her do IEW or something in High School. We did not do a lot of formal writing. Kim
  24. Sounds great, thank you very much everyone! Whew! Decision made, now for ALL THE OTHERS..HA!
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