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  1. I haven't been there myself, however I did see that the Maine Lobster Festival is going on July 30 - August 3.
  2. I agree with leaving early so they will sleep the first part of the trip.
  3. My son played soccer in a rec league as well as at a private school. He volunteered in the community. He would hang out with kids in the neighborhood, soccer leagues and youth group. He went on various mission trips including Guatemala his senior year.
  4. How about a silver coin dated the year y'all were married? Also a big Hershey kiss or fill a container with different candies wrapped in silver. I can only think of Hershey kisses, York peppermint patties, and 3 musketeers. Congratulations!
  5. Help! Would anyone be willing to show me their reading list for 9th grade? Thanks.
  6. I would say put up flyers offering to sew for people. Check with laundramats. We paid $3-4 each to have my husband's work pants hemmed.
  7. Would anyone be willing to share their 9th grade plan with me? This is all I have decide for certain: Grammar: Analytical Grammar Literature: Writing: IEW Student Writing Intensive C Vocab: Math: Teaching Textbooks Algebra 1 History: Science: Apologia Physical Science (required in my state) PE: Football at Local Christian School Thank you in advance.
  8. I would say hamburgers, and meatloaf, chicken tacos, baked fish and chicken n dumplings.
  9. Dishes not done! Cleaning off school shelves. (Working on it)
  10. My son used Fractions and Decimals a couple of years ago however he didn't care for them. He didn't find them challenging whatsoever and thought them childish. I did think they were great for review.
  11. I would also recommend a Kindle for reading to your children. There are a lot of classics that are free.
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