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  1. I suspect it'll be OK if you supplement it with a prep book at the end. Our dc read Campbell's high school level book (with lizard's eye on the cover), made notes, did some experiments, and went through Princeton for a month, and scored well enough. There were a few things Campbell's book didn't cover, so she concentrated on those in the prep book, and consulted with Daddy Campbell when needed. Your mileage might vary, but if you are aiming for mid-700s, I feel that your plan (along with a prep book) will be sufficient. HTH, Midori
  2. I used to have both, and I prefer (and kept) WEM. For self study, I think WEM is far more user-friendly and just plain good reading. If you liked Susan's humor in the little footnotes in "The History of the Ancient World", you'd like WEM. I love it that WEM gives me an excellent array of questions for each genre and level. Not only do they serve as great conversation starters, but I can also choose the type of questions according to the student's level of comprehension. (One cannot always reach the rhetoric level of understanding of every single book…) When one of the questions sparks interesting responses or observations, I ask my student to write a short essay on them. HTRAB might be good as a reference, but certainly not as a tool for self-study. As with any how-to book we tweaked it after going through one book her way, so I feel like a cheater for saying this, but it is a gem! You might want to do a search and find what Nan in Mass did with it. Her posts are inspirational, and will give you a clearer idea as to what WEM can offer. HTH, Midori
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