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  1. Was this previously free? I just found this thread while searching and I see that it is a couple of years old. Currently HomeEdExpert is charging $14.99 for a one year student subscription, purchased through the HSLDA. https://store.hslda.org/homeed-expert-subscription-p292.aspx I don't believe this is affiliated with Cathy Duffy. She is a Catholic I believe.
  2. A friend is looking for this. If you know anything about the Math Mammoth next sales, please share! Thanks
  3. Is there a (ideally, free) tool for calculating measures of readability/reading levels? I'm familiar with Flesh, a java tool that determines Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease and Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level of a file (PDF): http://flesh.sourceforge.net Are there any others? Looking for various measurements, such as as Lexile, Fountas & Pinnell, Guided, DRA, Accelerated Reader Reading Levels, Grade Level Equivalents... I know that these are not final grade recommendations, only suggestions, and that electronic tools can only do so much to decide how hard a reading book is for a child. But it would be helpful to know if there is anything out there to help in making these kinds of determinations. Helping out a homeschooling group to evaluate a virtual library of books that they have, that are not on typical reading lists, which they are using as part of their curriculum, to figure out at what reading level these kinds of books would be appropriate. Thanks!
  4. I'm sorry, TLCI School is based in Columbia, MD, not Baltimore, MD. Regardless, the school is online and you have live counselors who can help you whether you are in the States or in any country around the world.
  5. IGCSE is generally considered IN THE UK as equivalent to a American High School Diploma. American students who come to study in the UK CANNOT go to university without furthermore completing A-levels or the equivalent. AP exams and, for some universities, SAT Subject Tests will satisfy that requirement, although frankly SAT Subject Tests are quite easier than AP exams. However SAT Subject Tests DO NOT award UCAS points (university admissions points) that many UK universities require for their undergraduate admissions. However AP exams do award UCAS points. IB Diploma is also accepted as equivalent to A-levels and does award UCAS points. IGCSE at Year 10 and Year 11 sounds like the school is using the UK designations rather than the US grade designations. A-levels are studied at Year 12 and Year 13 in the UK. Year 13 completes at age 18 which is in America at the end of Grade 12. IN THE US however, most major universities are quite familiar with the UK system and will expect applying students on the British system to have completed A-levels or the IB diploma or some equivalent to that. Sometimes they do award college credit to A-level students just like they do with AP exams, but that depends on the university and not all of them do. A-levels can be studied from home and taken at a test center locally (but that would be homeschooling or self-study essentially) so that may be another option if your child is up to the task. There are online schools (usually UK based) that can help you to prepare for it. Another option, for that matter, is to just take up study with an online school. A highly recommended American online school is The Learning Community International School based in Baltimore, Maryland. They have several international students from all over the world and they try to help you plan an individualized approach to your child's education. There are others, for example the Calvert Virtual School and the K12 schools that simply use a standardized curriculum. There are secular and also faith-based options. Make sure that whatever option you are going for is accredited. Then you will be awarded a full high school diploma at the end of your study.
  6. Hi, is there a 'generic' literature curriculum or a literary analysis study with a set of 'generic' questions, activities, essay topics and things to do that would be suitable for practically any (or, at least, many) literature books or novels used in literature classes? The idea being that you can choose any book, not just a book on a pre-determined literature book list with a ready made study guide, and then just use the curriculum questions, activities, and essay topics with it? I know that Connect the Thoughts does have a 'generic' Reading curriculum, but it's pretty basic, not quite the same as what I am looking for although it is a good start. What the CTT curriculum mainly is a way to track and give credit for independent reading, with a credit system to rate each book based on difficulty level, along with a very limited way of keeping track of the child's reading (just a record of pages read when and a short book report) to make sure that the child actually reads. Here is the direct link to Connect the Thoughts verision if anyone is interested in that: http://www.connectthethoughts.net/upper--reading.php However I really want something more than that - something that incorporates literary analysis as would be done in a high school or college level (university) literature class. But not just with a ready made book list and a study guide for each book, I want this to be useable with any book. Is there anything like that? Preferably something that is at level AP / IB / A-level / college prep, but adaptable. Thank you!
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